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Who wants to go back to New Jersey?
Devils vs. Kings - 06/06/2012 - Recap
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I hope the #LAKings NEVER come back ...

... without the cup! Go Kings!
they lost im so sad. i think they are goin 6 games
I already said it, the Devils would force a game or two more but the Kings WILL win it all in the end!
devils SUCK!!! KINGS will win!
We didn't have the same fire we had in game 3 or the same sense of urgency we had in games 1 or 2. We'll take the series but a sweep would have been epic. Make this the year boys..... GO KINGS GO!
YES The Kings will win!   But whats up with LA Live, once the puck dropped i figured theyd run the game on the big screen outside along with a thousand other fans without tickets that want to see the game, then forced to huddle up outside the various overpriced resturants in the square all of which were full or were not letting anyone else in, and long lines outside,  AND Then one by one they started shutting off TV's those of us outside could not see anything.  WHAT did they expect us to do come to Staples and just wait outside buying their overpriced wares only to GUESS if the Kings won or not!  what was the point of the beer garden fenced in only to be shut down once the puck dropped.   I went to staples to share in the experience of watching the game with other fans there, but i couldn't even do that.  If the point was to piss off every fan without a few thou $$ per ticket, and then make them feel light orphan children moving from restaurant window to window as they shut off tv's "Please sir may I have some more...",  well then mission accomplished, and i will never support any eating establishment at LA Live Ever!
I'm a Kings fan first... and a Vancouver fan second.... I'd really be happy if the East didn't have a repeat of last year...  Don't let it slip away Kings!  You can do it!  
PS.  My wife is mad you didn't win because I still haven't shaved.  ;)  
ughhhhh, i really need to shave. get it done please. 
they'll win game 5 and bring the cup to LA!!!! GKG!!!!
lets win it on saturday the devils have no chance
A game 5 win will give them the "Most Road Wins in the Playoffs" record on top of the already impressive "Most Consecutive Roads Wins in the Playoffs". Let's get that record!!!
What is it with game 4's and this team!?!? Anyone...Anyone!!! Geez Well I have to agree with Michael Burns...On the road is where we have made this Playoff run work for us this year and on the road it looks like we will complete the quest! Oh and Michael...Don't forget the most important part of this journey. It's not about the records or pain that is endured, It's all about the CUP! ;-) GO KINGS GO!!!
Okay check this out....its not that we didn't have the same spark, or even the same motivation. Don't forget we had 2 ring off the pipe....and the umteen breakaways that we failed to convert on. We had chances, we just didn't get that puck buried. We will come back....just as we did ever other series
Lets look at the bright side from the #LAKings lost last night, i myself was super pissed, we had a chance to win it at home and put the devils out of their missary. Now lest look at the bright side, 1)this is the beauty of being up 3-0 in a series, you have the luxury of loosing a game here a game there, 2)we only lost by one goal(i dont count the empty netter against quick), 3)the next game no matter in jersey or l.a. is the clincher, 4) the Kings have the greatest fans in the world, 5) we have not lost a game five after a loss in this playoffs, 6) we havent lost back to back games in this playoffs, if anybody else wants to add their own go ahead, im actually starting to feel better. Now you have to give it to NJ for being the spoiler and stalling, cause not matter what thats what they are doing is stalling, cause the Kings will win the cup either on in jersey or if they come back to l.a., no excuses...we lost they won and now the series is 3-1 Kings, as much as i woukd hate to see them win it in NJ at this point its prob the best thing, dont want NJ building up any more confidance, GO #LAKings!!!!!......
As much as I like the Devils...LA Kings are finally going to win the cup!! Go Kings!! 
I'm feeling allot better this morning now that the entire alcohol that i consumed on wed is completely out of my system lol, we got this tomorrow, i guess winning it in jersey may not be as bad after all, its the ultimate rubbing it in your face lol, LETS GO KINGS...WE WANT THE CUP....GO #LAKings!!!!!!!....
Having the Kings win in home ice territory for the Devils... would be simply amazing!!!  Ü
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