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Kings take Game One, 4-2 over Canucks.
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Should have been like 7-2 with all the quality chances we had, but Ill take the W away from Vancooooooova at their very own Arena, in the playoffs!
True true, definitely a good game. I'm gonna be there Sunday :)!!!
Kings are going to win it this yr its there turn <3 Kings
Best game of the night, the Kings played incredible and really should have won by a lot more; Hoping more of those shots start to find the back of the net! GO KINGS GO!
they could have won like 7-2 or more, we dominated the whole 3rd. great game, cant wait til Sunday, Will be there live!
Thank you from every other team in hockey......
So happy my boys kicked some butt! Now, we just gotta find a way to "cleanly" get rid of Burrows and I'll be happy :)
2:0 Kings!!!!! Go Kings GOOOOO!!!!!!
Sunday at the staples center will be chaotic! And I will be the there with my QUICK Jersey :)
cant wait to get to staples, it gonna be rocking....go kings go.......
3:0 Kings!!!! Yea baby!!!!! GKG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my wife hates the playoff beard that im rockin but i cant help screeming GO KINGS GO!!!!!!
haha I tried growing one but it took too long :( so my support is going to the games and talking smack to the opposite team fans lol "Ca-Sucks"
I've been growing my beard since elementary school and I'm 35 now, Hows that for devotion lol.....
I am not shaving till we get the cup. GO KINGS
Guess Kings will have to beat them in Vancouver! GKG!!!!!!!!
uggg i just lost a bet to a red wings fan for 20 pushups i am a fat kid the only thing i push is myself away from the table lol lets take it cu-sucksville GO KINGS GO!!!!!!
damn! well his punishment is that he's a red wings fan lol We'll get them over in Canadia! GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye #1 seed Canucks! :)
Finally........kings on to the second round, bring on the blues.......
Canucks will not be missed.
Kings social media team should perhaps update their G+ stream.
Game 3 baby! I can't wait to see the chaos again at the Staples Center vs the Blues
Congrats to all the Fans. Hope you will add me and follow me on Twitter @nhlfanchat we follow all back. Thank you
YES the playoff beard STAYS damn what the wife says no sex till the beard is gone i will gladly give it up for a cup now talk about dedication GO KINGS GO!!!! ps and i really like having sex with my wife lol
wow! now that's dedication lol well lets hope for the kings sake you dont have sex for a while then lol ;)
its ok in overtime i had a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old screamming at the top of there lungs GO KINGS GO and after stolie scored the game winner they went to my wife and said THE KINGS WON HIGH 5 my wife looked at them and rolled her eyes i now have to little girls wanting to rock a playoff beard too lol
lol!!! nice!!! you're wife sounds like shes "thrilled" haha getting the whole family involved is awesome!!! yeah man I screamed when Stoll scored! scared the hell out of my dog
I jumped off the couch when Stoll scored! It was awesome!
I wish the NHL would release the schedule already, i think game one is going to be either Friday or Saturday, this is going to be a low scoring high defense overtime series, if you didny bite your nails the last series you'll deff will be for this one. I call kings in 6 GKG!........
2-1 kings after 2, quick is on his game, lets finish this boys....
Hmmmm can't watch it. Gonna watch the galaxy game soon. Could it be possible leave there with 1 away win at least :)
Green on a rebound from brown, another short handed goal for the kings, 3 and counting.
Wow pinch me are we really up 1-0!!!!.....stfu all you people giving the edge to th blues.....its our year GKG!.........
Heellllooo kings google+ profile person update your post already, we are we still posting things on this canucks update?!
Lol.....i made mistake above, i meant to say penner with an empty netter and an assist, greener scored an short handed goal......
Hello everyone lol I still say FU Facebook since apparently everyone is on there
congrats to Kings!!!! :))) GKG....btw, are ppl responsible for G+ at LA kings too drunk to write a new post about the game???
im still here and so is the playoff beard !!!! all i got 2 say is sat night was a great night the Kings won and my wife caved in and gave me some BOOTY playoff beard and all lol GO KINGS GO !!!!!!!
lol "she caved in" lol Come on Kings keep winning so that Richard can keep getting playoff booty! lol
thanks Gerson I just wish that they would update this friggin page were still posting on game one of the CU-SUCKS series and its getting OLD
:p yeah its pretty annoying but I bet their facebook page is up to date....another reason to hate facebook lol
Lol...there's like only 4 active members on here, that's OK its our own private Kings update chat board.......can't wait for tonights game, if we can pull another one out of St.luis we'll be in great shape, deff possible GKG!.....
I think were the moderators for this profile lol quick will come up big again!
no doubt about that one Quickers has been the man all year for the kings and if he dont win the vezna im burning down vancuover lol
The general managers already voted and we'll know by June 5 i believe........hopefully the east conf biass didn't affect the voting on this one or lundquist will take it.
you mean the east coast conf biass on how everyone was saying the kings would get swept...
i am less then 2 hours away from Vegas and my birthday is june 24th if quick dont win and get it in the 20th i just might go and get all mob crazy and blow up vegas lol
lmao!!! do it!, but make sure to be wearing a kings jersey
lol......we have been and will continue to be the under dog in every series from here on, i actually feel its been an advantage in our part cause it puts more pressure on the favorite to live up to the expectations.
when the wife and i go on trips i pack acordinly the last time we went to Vegas it was Kings gear the last time we went to OC it was just after the kings beat up the ducks it was like 90 degrees outside did not care the kings jersey was out and on just darring someone to say something lol
Plus being an 8 seed has helped too since we are much better on the road then at home, no matter who we play next round and finals, we are starting on the road.
Go, as much as i want to rep the jersey every where i go, i try not to wear it too much, i would have to stain it or ruin it some how, i know....i know.....I'm being too causes, but i love it too much.......
when in san deigo its always Dodgers gear just love the looks and under there breath comments when u go to another city and represent i just tell them dont get beat like that Giants fan lol
you're an instigator lol just like me lol, after we beat the cannucks in game 3 at home, my brother and cousin and i walked out talking so much shit lol!
Lol....i doubt they'll take that threat seriously unless you're walking around with a couple of shaved heads.....
naw who me never lol just an asshole dont care what people say i dont have beef with anyone untill they open their stupid ass mouth im not bugging them so they need to shut the F up, and yes i am to white for them to take me seriouse about that lol
Yuuuppp....yyuuuupppp, remember that Vancouver fan that 5 security had berricated in a section and he was yelling some crap to people walking by, we taunted him up as we walked by, so hilarious......
lol!! yeah what a bitch, cry baby, he wouldnt be talking all that shit if it wasnt for thsoe 6 security standing around protecting him lol
lol time to get to work guys will contiune this tomorrow GO KINGS GO 2-0 coming back to LA with home ice
Go kings go!!!! Fucking update this profile already "Los Angeles kings" google+ profile moderator! Lol
Gargle my balls biatch lol go kings go! I heard you're spotting me for the next kings home game
Wtf?! Hmmm I'm missing it stuck on the bus, with ESPN ALERTS coming in late...
dude....brown gave kopitar a nice pass down the middle and he put the nicest move in the playoff in my opinion so far on blues golie, deff on the highlight reel....
Kopitar scores second....dam....i can't keep track anymore lol.....
All the guys that we have been waiting for to come alive in the playoff, have scored so far.
All the guys that we have been waiting for to come alive in the playoff, have scored so far.
game is far from over thou, if it was 4-0 in the 3rd i would feel better, still allot of hockey left to play.
its goon time, this game is over, well it was actually over in the 1st lol.....
hell yea!!! What a win!!!!! Keep it going!!!! GKG!!!
whats up fellas been gone for a couple days and i have been cheking on ESPN scorecenters 140 and all i read is the B luse fans still crying about kings hit on there douch bag Dman give it up already the NHL saw nothing King is still playing stop ur fucking whineing this is playoff hockey not figure skating
Yup.....the funny thing is that after the nhl said it wasnt going to suspend King for the hit, lapiers(i think thats his name)injury status changed from head injury to lower body injury lol.....and they say we're dirty......
Allllriiightttt!......Kings beat Vancouver game 1, 4-2 good job time is here, my brother, nephew and I will be there screaming and yelling all night, can't wait......GKG!......
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