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Kings win! Now have a 3-0 series lead -- for the third time in these playoffs.
Coyotes vs. Kings - 05/17/2012 - Recap
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Awesome game tonight... Keep it up. Dream playoffs for me, an OG LAKings fan. ;)
Great game, slow start but once Kopitar tied it up it started to feel like it was all Kings.
i officially lost my voice from yelling so hard, omg we are one win away from the Stanley cup finals, GKG!......
Kudos L.A
You guys are playing unreal.

From a Canucks fan
Staying up to watch my boys get it done!!!! lets hope the lakers figure it out....L.A SWAGG
Woohoo what a game, LA wasnt doing quite as well but Quick was sure quick and they didnt let Pheonix score
Were gonna win this series
Kings played like crap and we still won the game and that's all it matters, GKG!......
The more I think about it, the more I am in awe of the last few minutes. They did the same thing to the Blues, kept the pressure up so the goalie can't be pulled for as long as possible.
Im dreaming and i don't want it to end, this is Unreal to say the least! Go Kings Go!
Sweeeet!!!!!!! 1 to go!!! keep it going!!! GKG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Kings are playing like true professionals--not making stupid penalties, not retaliating, not taking dives. They're just playing the game and not letting up pressure on anyone. And Quick is the number one every game--MVP, all the way. Their performance is exemplary! I'm getting married this August, and you know what would make a nice wedding present--the CUP, in LA! Keep going Kings, all the way!!!
So happy.... Want you to win the cup
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