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Kings drop a tough one 2-1 in New Jersey and we'll head back to LA for Game 6 as the Kings look to close out the series for a third time.
Kings vs. Devils - 06/09/2012 - Recap
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Like i said NJ is just stalling, this ends in LA, honestly i did not want to see them win it in stinkville NJ, cute that they are fighting back but at the end lol to them, GO #LAKings.....forget this game and win it at home.....
This had better end in L.A. I do NOT want a game 7 in N.J.
To be honest, even though I am a Jersey fan, the fact is, well...I kind of really need to shave...!!!
The Game 6 and CUP will come to home!!! LA need that...
Let's go!!! Enough toyin around. U gotta wrap against nj!
Well I guess doing it at home is better but still
Quit fuckin around and close this thing #GoKingsGo
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