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Sweep, y'all.
Blues vs. Kings - 05/06/2012 - Recap
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real hockey back in l.a.! (teams based on emilio estevez movies and daffy duck don't count)
YeAh what a game !!! I think they might make it this year.
Like our cap said..."we're only half way there"
Congratulations to the Kings and to all the fans that have stuck with them throughout high and low...
Come on, where are all the fans at? Go kings!
That felt really good to watch. The only disappointment was that Bob Miller was not calling it. The Kings need to put up an internet feed of Bob and Jim so I don't have to listen to that jackass Brian Hayward. Having him there instead of Miller is a slap in the face to all Kings fans.
^I couldn't agree more. Miller and Fox are the best. Anything less is a disservice to the game.
Hey Kings!!!! :))))) amazing win tonite!!!! Keep it going!!!!! GKG!!!!!!
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