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He's the man. Astrophysicists rock!
I feel sad for those among us that don't feel the urge to explore our universe.
Man's made some very insightful points.
love this guy! did you see him on Daily show? He wrapped up by telling John Stewart that the opening of The Daily Show shows the earth spinning in the wrong direction!
Thanks for sharing.
You need high speed trains not Space travel...
@Marty Your high speed train and your motorcycle both are spinoffs of the Space travel technologies.
Oh do know trains and motorcycles came before space travel?
The technology used for high speed trains and model motorcycle suspension came from research related to space travel. Tons of our modern tech originated in the space program.
And what have we learned from Atomic research and Cern? and developing weapons...that could all be from space and doesn't better man.
Part of the trick with the space race was that NASA didn't exist when it started. It created a lot of ambition, but it also mixed together the disciplines in a new organization (not one with an entrenched bureaucracy). I have to wonder if the right thing to do is not to aggressively go for space, but rather pick a new ambitious goal.
Dr. Tyson nicely articulated what we are losing as the US government defunds NASA. I grew up just after Sputnik. We were taken out of our classrooms and assembled to watch John Glenn's flight. A wonderful achievement. The energy in that era was palpable. He mentioned dreamers. Ask not what do you think you can do. Rather ask what you want do to, then do it.
Marty, the technology that is needed for high speed trains and high speed crotch rockets came out of NASA research and development programs.
teleportation is the future , dream about it
If it wasn't for NASA teleporation would never be possible, I just had a pee and never left my desk.
They wasted generations of money 
And who knows what tech would have come out of direct high-speed train research? You get extra benefit from discoveries made in pursuit of any worthy research goal; they are not a reason to pick that over some other primary goal. Even one with direct benefits.
It is rather old technology , and very expensive to put into service and my understanding is that none in service today break even save one.
Hey I like space and space travel but I think that we should spend billions on educating millions of our youth and making sure that they can get jobs in green tech fields, rather than billions spent on sending a few space probes and astronauts into deep space. Space travel is not a requirement for innovation, but knowledge, education, hard work and imagination is. Thank You.
Yes we need to further space travel. It's given us everything we have today in this country, sadly that also includes politicians who resemble fossils.
Space travel could lead to a new home for a lot of left wing looneys that really don't seem to like Living as created beings on a created planet. @abetteridiot
And here I thought all members of the GOP came from somewhere past the asteroids......
can we use this money somewhere else? What has going to the moon done? Why is the government doing this not the private sector? the government has nothing to gain..
We need space travel more than ever, how else are we going to return back from where we came? Tyson is the man
NASA has become complacent and it has been like that for a couple of decades now. Ever since the Apollo missions were "wrapped up", there haven't really been a lot of major advancements since then. Infact, you can literally count the major accomplishments on your fingertips. Hubble, Mars rovers and ISS. All this time NASA has been receiving Billions of dollar of tax payers money to fund what? Like honestly what is NASA really spending 17 BILLION $ every year on. In the interim, the Indian Space program was able to find vast traces of water under the surface of the moon for a mere fraction of the cost that NASA would spend on it's budget. And while the China, India, Europe and even Russian are all planning the revival of manned space exploration and potential mission to Mars, NASA is sitting there thinking how it can continue justifying and wasting the billions of tax payer money it receives any given year. Just take a look at the various projects NASA is working on and ask yourself, DOES IT JUSTIFY SPENDING 17 BILLIONS $ ON THIS? Want proof, research the various projects NASA is working on. Here in fact I will make it easier for you. Check out the wikipedia page for NASA here and then check out the wikipedia page for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). Pay particular attention to the Projects and vision section . Notice anything? NASA has virtually no vision and no compelling projects now or in the future. Where as ISRO is able to do a much better job at space exploration now and in the future, and again at a fraction of the cost. A very very tiny fraction. The European Space Program gets 10B EU in funding, but the Europeans are very focused on what they want to achieve our of their space program and they have also made the right associations worldwide in order to drive their program forward. For both Scientific and Economic gains. Apart from lack of vision and general apapthy, another problem NASA faces is that of talented science and math graduates. America just isn't producing enough of these graduates to help support the "critical infrastructure" let alone a civilian space program. So while I appreciate with what Neil DeGrasse is saying, it is but a pipe dream. Even if NASA gets the funding, there isn't much that the organization would be able to accomplish with the money with the existing infrastructure, human captial and a fragmented and distorted vision of space exploration. NASA should focus on simplifying it's vision, focus on key terrestrial and outer-terrestrial exploration initiatives and work very very hard to build to get the masses to get interested in their programs again. But for that, the programs need to be visionary and compelling. Just like the Apollo missions! C'mon NASA I know you can do it!
They are more things than can be counted that were invented under the space programs. Let just toss out "satellites." That led to Google maps. Which enables Starbucks to be found, and in-and-out. Besides a lot of looneys want to be sure they can find their way back to their Scientology roots. And atheists see no purpose to life so we could launch them with abandon (like so called lifeless fetus globs) into the deep vasts of space to rejoin their star originators. Just don't ask them where the stars came from.
Kesean: that's... a false dilemma. Funding for space research doesn't come out of the education budget, nor would cuts to space funding mean that education would get a boost.
Communication satellites were launched in 1962, when the space program was still relevant.
I do not believe in going to outer space untill we clean up our oceans.Untill then we have no right to litter another planet ,moon or astroid. We are a dirty race with no respect for any esp our own' enviroment. Besiides We are not ready. You want to go to another world? go scuba diving.
Tyler I know funding for the space program doesn't come out of the education budget, I just feel that money should be reallocated. But the education budget has always been the first thing that is cut, and not until recent has the space program faced any cuts. Our children show be in school learning not having fundraisers begging for money for school supplies. The ones who should be having bake sales and car washes begging for money should be NASA. Like I said before I would rather have my tax money go towards sending millions of kids to college and not a few astronauts to the Moon or Mars. Sorry for the long post.
Well said Mark Wallin. I concur! Our species have become dejected from our surroundings and that's a huge problem. What would be interesting is an encounter with another intelligent species....wait...just an encounter with an intelligent species as our species is pretty dumb to have stock piled enough WMD to blow this planet up 500+ times and then some more. Considering the threat we could pose to the galactic federation as a result of our ignorance, lack of empathy for this planet and our own species, + the general litter problem you mentioned. I think we are probably going to see a "Humans not welcome" sign if we do end up encountering an intelligent species on another turf.
What are you guys smoking? When has education spending ever declined? Never. Destroy the earth 500+ times? We couldnt destroy it once. Spouting nonsense destroys all of your believability.
+Adeel Khan I wouldn't be surprised there are already signs posted outside of our out most points of the solar system already stating "Do Not Feed The Animals"
Kevin Clark, be careful they only speak resin or prescription fogged rhetoric in here. Reason was abandoned and deemed to truth based long ago.
Time magazine? How about omething freshly biased from other sources? Nothin from the onion? Or how about Rusia Today? Huff post? @abettetidiot
how about you stop hiding behind a fake profile Michael Dreelan. Or maybe get out a little more and actually make some friends
Kevin Clark you are being sarcastic right? You said when have they ever cut funding for education? Have you watched the news lately? It is a major political topic that effects everybody. You have never heard about schools closing down, teacher strikes, poor performing schools, and America's low ranking versus other countries in the world on education? Also Tuition hikes because colleges are in need of money (so they say). Do you remember all of those protests where students were being assaulted by campus police and pepper sprayed? If you were really being sarcastic then I applaud you. But if you forgot or you just didn't know then well I don't know what to say. Google it guess.
Kesean you are wasting your time here. Michael Dreelan and Kevin Clark are probably on NASA's payroll. That's why logical statements above are not driving in their cognition. They refer to a university funded research posted in the Time magazine as biased. LOL.
Kesean, you are also wasting your time with these guys because they clearly belive in the principles of social darwinism. Why else would they reject the comments and the case you made for public education!
Michael Dreelan Just added the Mohammed guy (above) to his buddy list. Effectively that'd Michael Dreelan's buddy # 2 on the list. And to think this couldn't be a fake profile. LOL
This puli education agreement is funny. How much money do we have to flush per lefty teacher, and million dollar gyms, to prove hat teaching half truths about faith, knowledge, morals, and justice leads to a bunch of educated blockheads? 
Theory of evolution is not a half truth u dum dum
I find it interesting that when he talks of the cost of NASA, he compares it to the money allocated towards education, and politely bypasses the ridiculous amounts of money that this country spends on foreign interests and wars to secure our petrol supplies. Other than that, I think his passion and message were sound.
he's saying right stuff buy no body is ganna listen to him, decision maker r too busy how to keep their control over rapidly changing world
Hey Joe I didn't forget about those too. I just didn't feel like typing more than I already have and plus the argument is about NASA. You can actually fill in the blank with a lot of stuff that the government spends money on and compare it to how important education is. Also I am not anti government I am pro doing better with what we have.
I do feel like not very many people dream big anymore.. I'm in high school and the only ambitious people seem to be the teachers where I live. Anyway, science brings out so many possibilities because it actually creates new fields to work in and makes the existing ones more efficient.
I agree and schools that have poorly funded science programs gets you what? Exactly.
I have always found Dr. deGrasse Tyson fascinating. Just watching this and hearing his passion for space exploration, he makes sense to me why our government should greater fund NASA.
Abdeal knucklehead your are right it's nearly all lie. That's why we never see macro evolution, and cross speciation gives us the sterile jackass (the animal not you), Darwin could not even see into the cell at his time, so with all the advances in scientific discovery "prove all things and hold fast to what is true" why are the evolutioners unable to follow the facts where the lead? One reason is they don't like where it ends. But whether or not you like something has nothing to do with its truthfulness.
+Adeel Khan You have a very narrow-minded view of what you think NASA is for. Specifically, you appear to think it is for producing giant technology projects on the order of Apollo. Let me ask you a few questions and see if you can answer them without reverting to Wikipedia. Then we can talk.

1. What does the first 'A' in NASA stand for?
(there are a whole host of questions that follow if you get this one right, like "did you ever fly on an airliner with a jet engine" or "what is a winglet and where did it come from" or "what agency created modern cockpit resource management, fly by wire aircraft, glass cockpits, and high bypass jet engines".)

2. Did you make a cell phone call today? Could you hear the other person and could they understand you? Did you ever use an analog cell phone? What was NASA's involvement in the difference between today's call and the analog one?

3. How many chips in the computer you are sitting in front of were developed as a direct result of NASA mission requirements?
The list of questions goes on and on.

I was a contractor on a couple of early Space Station programs. Yeah, NASA's bureaucracy is just as messed up as most government agencies. And the station itself is probably a huge waste of dollars. But they still excel at basic research and affiliated contractors and academic institutions still put out aeronautical and aerospace research products that are tops on the planet. That they don't pull off giant, three-ring-circus-sized technology projects is a function of our culture, the global political climate, and the increasing complexity of the problems. It's not NASA's fault any more than it's yours or mine.

Since you seem to be relatively uninformed of what the agency does in terms of aeronautics, basic research, software engineering, avionics development, electronics, materials science, and a bunch of other stuff besides launching "spam in a can", how 'bout you come back and troll us once you are better informed? Mkay?
I hope our current or next or whatever POTUS consults people like Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.
People don't understand what were the true driving forces in technology. Saying NASA is the only area that we have left for advancing any further is just lazy. I already know about the countless advancements in technology that NASA research has brought this nation, I get that. But what drove us to create NASA in the first place? It was the drive to be number one. I know I keep saying education but if we had as much passion for funding education and wanting to be number one in the world in education, science and space travel will take care of it's self. We need a better educated workforce.
Hear Hear! I like the way you think.
It is eminent that we shall reach the state of mind of limitless thinking.
Kesean Nelson - No sarcasm (though I have to plead guilty to hyperbole when I look at the "ever" in my comment... mea culpa). My point was really that education spending per pupil has gone up 250% in real terms in the USA since 1970. 250%! Given the available talent and obvious need, we should be getting more for less every year. Instead, we are getting less for more (re: your comments about school closing, strikes, etc). And I suspect from your later " I am not anti government I am pro doing better with what we have" comment, that we might agree that much of our education spend is wasted.

Listen, I passionately believe in an educated public. But Public Education has come to mean a corrupt, greedy, self-aggrandizing bureaucracy that every year demands more resources and produces less results. Most of the teachers I meet are good folks. But looking at forty years of increasing budgets and forty years of increasing failure leads me to the conclusion that increasing education spending would be the worst thing we could do.

I think we need to trash-bin the system we have and start with a completely different paradigm. Tough thing to do. Entrenched bureaucracies may suck at their missions, but are generally very good at defending perqs, benefits and waste.
Adeel Khan - NASA payroll? Cool. Actually, I'm just a small businessman schlepping furniture to support my family. Love the paranoia though. Really.
Besides, my comment wasn't meant as support for NASA funding. Although I admire their achievements in the early years, I am very uncomfortable with government taxing and spending for NASA. There is likely a justifiable roll for government funding of some basic and long-term research -- but I don't think NASA is a part of that. Saying that pains me because I share their dreams and visions. I just don't think I have the right to impose those costs on the rest of the country.
But we are in space- travelling through space on our planet! Lets concentrate on her instead. Keep our beautiful spaceship alive and healthy.
Yes but we need to confirm that we are indeed alone here and need to explore. In fact the politicians need to know they are not alone so they can get more votes.
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