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Adafruit Industries hung out with 5 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>james w, Kevin Osborn, John Tarbox, michael gregg, and Phillip Burgess
Limor Fried and 5 others participated
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I do MES at a manufacturer that converts paper and having a low cost temperature/humidity sensor that sends data we can record is a good industrial use too
CarDuino incar DVR.  Great for auto accidents proof when connected to multiple cameras. 
Horse emergency tonight :( The heat has us praying down horses to keep them cool - will show my pool project, "RiderLight" next week
+james w you're api_key was showing. You might want to invalidate that one and create a new one. Or someone might make messing up your data into his/her rainy sunday afternoon project.
Seems I forgot to put I was going and posted in the wrong place. I'll just do some more work on my library (like adding adafruit LCD backpack support) and show it off next week. is made for networked microcontrollers and is free (within the 12 second update rule) with a great API: 

While you can't query the data (only display), if you have the triggers set to post to twitter you will be able to query for subsets of the data using twitters API.  My sensor (using triggers on Cosm) posts to this twitter account:
+John Sullivan send me a message if you want to discuss how I did it, I'd love to test this in something other than my office.
James, I'm new to the Google+ interface.  I can't even find where to message you at...and I was on your page too!  Hints?
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