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TONIGHT! The weekly show-and-tell is SATURDAY NIGHT 5/26/12 at 9:30pm ET!

To be on the show and tell -- Post a message/comment on THIS post on Google+ and say you want to show off a project and I will add you the “Show and Tell” circle. Then just look for the hangout announcement on the very same page later for your invite. There’s an 8 to 10 (at the same time) people limit per hangout, so if it’s full try later or just pop by next week same time. Some weeks are packed!

See you soon!
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I don't know whether I'll be awake to show it, but the drawdio inspired me to a simple mod of an existing piezo kit, when my son was looking for something to solder. I'd love to show it and my gratitude.
I have a couple of quick things to show. I'm hoping I can make it back from my errands in time and you see this in time to add me to the circle.
I've got nothing to show :-( but I want to let you know, the yogurt maker is making good yogurt. We are trying different temperatures and trying different ingredients, like adding some non-fat dry milk. By the way, thanks for hosting Show and Tell and Ask an Engineer. You are very inspiring.
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