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Limor Fried hung out with 8 people.Jason Webb, Scott Gustafson, Kevin Osborn, john de cristofaro, Kris Kortright, Eric Hall, Jeremy Saglimbeni, and Sam Wilkinson
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Limor Fried was in a video call with 8 others
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I really dig what your doing. Maybe I'll come on show and tell ... I've modified there products and made one thing into another ... well maybe sometime
All of this looks very interesting. I'm a student of Electronics Engineering watching you from Argentina. I've just discovered this by sheer luck. Thanks for the show!
Thanks for the link Chris! I'm watching you right now!
Sorry I kept going in and out of the hangout. Apparently something has changed with OS X Lion compatibility and my Hangout Video stopped working. Nobody could see me. Hopefully I can get this working again.
It was so awesome that I was left speechless...
Google Hangout has about 20-25% dropout here during your show. The UStream part works perfectly. Hangout apparently requires a lot more bandwidth for a smaller window.
That was a really nice hang-out. :) I regret my microphone was broken, I had a few things to show! Oh well, perhaps next week Limor and Phil can show off my project for me. ;)
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