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Next week is the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts. In its honor, Adafruit Industries is launching DIY merit awards. Release a high-altitude balloon? Here's your badge. Read this blog post by Daniel Te...
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Somehow I had a funny feeling you guys were working on something like this! :-)
if i get kids I will have them use this program. It will get them interested in learning and probably help them gain a wide array of skills. It sounds extremely useful
I will not use bad language, but that is funny as poo.
Don't Forget 4H I spent time with both the Boy Scouts of America and 4H as a youth, and while the Boy Scouts taught me how to put up a tent, shoot a bow and build a fire 4H taught me to cook, sew, work leather and gave me skills that I use every day I'm not saying one is better than the other I'm just saying that Adafruit might want include the original DIY youth development program that reaches out to its members to help develop what they offer to the youth of the future.
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