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The SHOW-AND-TELL is tonight at 9:30pm ET, please post a comment if you'd like to be on the show! At 9:30pm you'll see an invite to be on the show!
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Lemmie in! I need my "fix"!
Looking forward to being on tonight to show & tell my brand new NeuroDreamer sleep mask (that I've been working on for 7 years)!
meh, doesnt look like I'll be ready tonight. Stayed up all night on this project and now its not working > < I need sleep and I wont have enough time to fix it.
I'd like to join! I'll be showing off the learn to solder kit I designed that CCCKC will be using for the Kansas City Maker Faire next weekend.
I would also like to join in. project: EveryCook. The most intelligent cooking machine. I have a opamp board for loadcells and a induction heater board and a mechanical prototype to show...
I'd like to be on Show & Tell. I haven't gotten to work on this particular project for more than two years, now it's show time!
I would like to be on showing off a biohacking project we call thinking cap. If you still have room.
I was curious if I could get an invite if I hangout from the inside of my DARPA Unmanned Vehicle.
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