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Adafruit Industries hung out with 7 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Justin Shaw, Kevin Osborn, Nathan Duprey, Tyler Cooper, Victor Frost, james w, and Kris Kortright
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Which Red Bull Creation team was interviewed in the beginning of this Show And Tell hangout?
The name of the wifi plugin James used?
+Victor Frost  I would try compressed air to keep the dust off first. We use to take dust off metal cases by shooting them with Ionized air first and then blasting it off with clean stream of air.
Sam G
Shoot! I was hoping to catch it this week!
+Kevin Groce I don't think you intended that advice for me..
+Victor Frost I am so bad with names! :( All the awesome things on the Show and Tell I might have picked up the wrong  name. :) I was thinking it was you who was looking to blow the dust off of cars with a stream of water. Also, low voltage sprinkler valves are good if you want to go with water or air. We used them to make handheld soda bottle rocket launchers with spent fire extinguishers as the air tanks. Fun. 
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