Maker Camp Week Five

Hello campers! #makercamp  

Join me here at 3pm ET:

I'm Limor Fried, a lot of makers know me as "Ladyada". I am founder and engineer of an open-source hardware company called Adafruit. My goal is to help create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels (more about adafruit here -

Today I'm doing a special "Theoretical Thursday" with +MAKE  . I'll be talking about many concepts from electronics to writing computer code.

One example will be a LED throwie:

If you want to follow along for that portion try to get the following, you can always watch later and do this too (they camps are recorded).

LED, 10mm diffused, any color(s)
Tape, strapping, 1" One roll will make many throwies.
Batteries, CR2032 3V lithium

*magnet not needed.

I'll also be showing a DC motor:

And a solar panel for some of the demonstrations:

cc: +Nick Raymond 
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