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TONIGHT! The weekly show-and-tell is SATURDAY NIGHT 5/12/12 at 9:30pm ET!

If you want to be part of the SHOW AND TELL and have a project to share, post a message/comment and say you want to show off a project and I will add you the “Show and Tell” circle.

Then just look for the hangout announcement here for your invite. There’s an 8 to 10 (at the same time) people limit per hangout, so if it’s full try later or just pop by next week same time. Some weeks are packed!

At 9:30pm ET you will see a link to the hang out. Just keep your mics muted until we call on you and have your project ready.

For those who just want to watch, you’ll be able to watch it live on Google+ ‘s broadcast feature on this page AND it will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube automatically!
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I'd like to join the show and tell, please add me to your circle!
I can't wait! I have 4 XNP projects to show!
It is not polished, but I have put together a working Tiny Yogurt Maker I can show.
I'll try to make it - I'm working on a new version of the led t-shirt.
I will be showing off our new Arduino Gamer Shield. See you tonight!
+Limor Fried My CPU went to 100% and video stopped before my connection dropped... Happened again when I reconnected. Oh well, I'll see you guys at Maker Faire next weekend!
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