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With the win over the Lakers, the Clippers clinched the franchise's first ever Pacific Division Championship. READ: 
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Congratulations Clippers!!!!All day, every day...
we finally did it!!!!! hip to clips
Leo T
No doubt who runs L.A. in 2013
that rite clippers I been fan since the danny manning days when the use play sport area now lets get this nba title go clippers
Leo T
^ me too, I was a Michael Cage fan!!!
yea that was along time ago hope this is the year clippers get that ring
Leo T
clippers and heats in finals clippers win in 7
Way to sweep the Lakers on top of it!
Can't hate the Clips, awesome they swept the Lakers. 
Hopefully they can keep playing hard. I really don't like how much talk there is of Deandre and Blake slacking and resenting Chris Paul for pushing too hard. 
my lakers friends are hateing they tell me 16 - 0
You've gotta start some where; first division champs, then NBA champs. 
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