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"It feels great to be back in L.A...It feels great to be back in a Clipper uniform. It's like deja vu all over again." - Lamar Odom

The Clippers officially introduced Mr. Odom today as a member of the organization...for the second time! READ MORE >>
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Looks like a steal and serious step towards NBA Title hunt.. Congrats!
Seems like a good move. Let's see how it plays out this season. 
I wish he could play basketball with his heart.......
Jj Sabu
well he hates dallas
+Jj Sabu He was lucky not to get traded to Bobcats.. Mavs could've been much better with him. Idiot...
Bad sign. He begged for a try out with coach K for the olympic team. Coach K said yes. Then at the last minute, thru his agent said "no thanks". If his heart and mind is into it great addition. If 1 is missing serious problem
Jj Sabu
the big 3 for lac might be odom cp3 and griifin
Clips are well balanced now in starting 5. If they get back Billups and a good PF from bench then they are in good shape.
Nash goes to Lakers... wow LA got two great teams now..
+Matt Rucker I'd prefer they get Billups back...  both can hit 3s.. but I like Billups' leadership more..
Crawford and Billups sign with Clippers!!!! Wow... 
Glad he is back as well, just wish he never left the Lakers
Clippers looking very, very good.  Need my Lakers to figure it out before it's too late.  Big game on Jan 4th.
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