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+Catherine Braiding is in the last stretch. With just 10 hours to go, it might be something worth supporting.
One last plug before the end! Help us do some amazing science, and get some awesome rewards!
Catherine Braiding is raising funds for #TeamMopra - Save the Mopra Telescope & Map the Milky Way on Kickstarter! Come and join us on a voyage of interstellar exploration as we chart the least known part of the Milky Way – its Delta Quadrant.
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Prof. Iain Stewart tells the stunning story of how plants are key to life on Earth. Highly recommended.
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Traffic on way back from a meeting. Notice the artistic angle made by bad smartphone handling :P
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rofl! Mega pixels..... hehehehe :) Well played my friend, well played.
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Resharing +Brant Oglevie's work, because he's kinda fun to talk to. What's to not like? A Heist story in a Science Fiction setting.

I started a crowdfunding campaign to publish my book! When this campaign is successful, my book will be available around December/January!  Check out the link to learn more about my book. I can guarantee you'll love it so much you'll want to read it!
To protect her mentor, a young cybernetic-enhanced thief is forced to steal from the world's most powerful technology company.
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This is an amazing documentary about the mutualism displayed by fig trees and the fig wasp. Watch it, you won't regret it.
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+SciFi Author: Lacerant Plainer
Yes exactly that.
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Had posted about this earlier, but +YouTube doesn't have the video. Its on dailymotion now. If you want to know more, my post here has the information -
Watch the video «BBC.Our.Secret.Universe.The.Hidden.Life.of.the.Cell.720p.HDTV» uploaded by Unco Sin Kar Poh Drama on Dailymotion.
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This is Ep 3.... youtube or vimeo will throw up the other two eps. Prof Jim Al Khalili is one of the best science communicators of our times.
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Some of Bombay's old architecture. Clearly a hangover from British times.....
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+Chad Haney you must must must :-)
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Loved this documentary on Human Migration and Genetics. A longer post with some links is here...
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This video makes you wonder. How big is the Universe? Or how small is it...? Which is more valid.
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+SciFi Author: Lacerant Plainer
Thank you for that.
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Fascinating lecture by Dr. Amanda Peet on 'String theory for the scientifically curious.' While it does not actually tackle String theory, the lecture is wonderful to listen to.
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+Charles Strebor :) In some ways I'm posting this for myself. The stuff I loved. Documentaries which were kind of precious!
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Down to the Earth's Core is a fascinating journey. It answers a lot of questions, while bringing up new ones! Worth watching.
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I am a SF writer; post about Science and geeky stuff. I write about transhumanism, near as well as distant futures, and like to dream of the possibilities that face us. We are uniquely poised to take advantage, or face the consequences of our actions in the near term and this fascinates me.

Love to write, and sometimes manage to do that, but not very often. I have a few Science Fiction stories called 'The Final Colony' and  'Orange Rock' on as well as 'The Judgement Conundrum', a version of which is free on Smashwords ( Would love for you to read my books and comment on your experience. Look for the ebooks in the links.

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