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Threw Together a compilation post of some of the Yoon-Suin related material I've put together over the years.

This one also includes a handy names list, and some pages from an adventure I need to get back to finishing some day :)

Let me know if you find any of it useful!

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Novelty twitter account of the day:

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Here are a few Character Sheets I made after a quick read-through.

Let me know if I missed/misinterpreted anything glaring or what you would change.


Sans background:

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And it's Friday to boot!

Just picked up Further Afield and am liking it quite a bit so far. Had a quick question for everyone though, on page 35, it lists six Playbooks I'm not familiar with (under The Elders): The Dungeon Delver, The Dwarven Mentor, The Initiated Magician, The Landless Noble, The Learned Tutor, and The Retired Veteran. 
Did I miss these somewhere? Are they just not out yet? They're naturally pretty relevant to my interests :)

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Salutations! Time for another new Playbook: The Dabbling Diabolist

I'm calling this one an "Advanced Initial Playbook" as a convenient shorthand disclaimer for "may be disruptive," "not recommended for initial players," and "may not be suitable for all tables, players, and settings."

This also usually means that a given Playbook might be appropriate for Project Monster Mash :).

I was going to make this a "newcomer/join later" Playbook initially, but I just couldn't shake the appealing idea of the young kid that fools around with power he doesn't understand, so I ended up making it as an Initial Playbook.

This is also the first Playbook that features a "cohort" type feature. I'd put most of the familiar's actions firmly under the GM's domain (or maybe hand over the familiar to a late-joiner), but if the player wants to use the familiar for combat, etc, adjudicating this should likely fall to the Command with True Name rules, because in this case the cohort might seem cooperative but in actuality, it only has it's own goals and selfish skin in mind :).

I'll probably need to PDF this one to get the layout to play nice. Google Docs doesn't like those icon positions :(

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Today's a doubleheader. I humbly present:

The Reluctant Lycanthrope.

Yep. I whipped up a Werewolf PC Playbook :)

This one is actually a starter Playbook (meaning, character generation gels with other initial generation in the traditional standard Playbook fashion) with some minor devious remixing of the "familiar" steps we all know and love to make things a bit darker and tinged with some pathos (I try to keep things scary PG/PG--13 wherever possible), so it may not be a good fit for all players, tables, or settings.

If you're still looking for a Ravenloft-style Playbook, this might be up that darkened alley. Thanks to +Anders Hedenbjörk Lager for the initial germ of an idea, and +Jack Shear, master of all things Gothic and Grotesque, whose blog is seriously nourishing brainfood.

Suggestions, as always, are welcome! I especially am curious about how the New Class Ability comes across. Too tough? Too lean? Too un-balanced? Too stingy? How would you do it? :)

Hope it brings you fun, or at least some minor amusement with all the Easter Eggs I laid within. I just couldn't help myself :)

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My muse has been too kind! Time for yet another playbook, submitted for your consideration. 

This time I decided to tackle some ideas for the Virtuous Bandit (if you find yourself in need of a way to integrate a leveled player into the party after the first few adventures, or just love Robin-Hood-type folk heroes, this could be for you!) This one was incredibly fun to write, and I can't wait to see what happens if/when a player chooses it. Always eager to hear if anyone ends up using any of these and how they work out (or don't) :)

Thank yous to everyone for the feedback and encouraging words. Hopefully these will continue to come to me, and you don't find my constant flood of new playbooks into the community to be too annoying :)

Eventually, I do plan on PDFing the lot and tidying up some of the layouts, maybe adding some of the Lorc iconography. Don't want to step on the hems of any trade-dresses though, so if this isn't cool let me know :)

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Hello Again! Here's another Playbook. This time, I decided to tackle "The Occupying Force" the first of a series of playbooks designed with "late-comers" in mind. Let me know what you think! Suggestions and feedback are both always welcome :)

Some Design Notes: This is a somewhat bleaker playbook that is designed for players that join an existing game after mutual character generation has already been completed. It purposefully impacts the Town Map and previous Player Generated NPCs in order to tie this new character to the group (for good or ill), and could be used between sessions (preferably when the other players are off on adventures of their own).

The outcome is a bit biased to generate a player with a more “Barbarian” archetype (a few existing playbooks have features referencing barbarians/outland raiders, etc which could dovetail nicely if other player's paths have crossed). This was one of the niches that I was intentionally trying to fill with this one, but this could just as easily be downplayed/re-imagined to have them just be soldiers from a Local Lord to fit a more feudal world. You could even do something like Vikings with a few modifications. Reading tribe as “troop” or “troops” seems to do this for the most part in the early steps, but feel free to season to taste.

I'm still debating about the use of Frenzy as a Skill (it seems like it would fit better as a Knack), but I like the idea of using the Margin of Success on an Ability Check to determine the number of combat rounds it is applicable. I don't really see it as imparting a hit or damage bonus, maybe something more akin to temporary Hit Points.

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Hello Everyone! I'm sharing a work-in-progress/almost-finished Playbook: The Neophyte Druid. It's another Mage Class, and based a little bit on the Prentice Witch, but with a slightly different spin. Feedback and Suggestions are welcome. I'm doing a bit of brainstorming on the last two sections now, but any interesting ideas would be appreciated. Special thanks to +Joel Priddy for his blank playbook, and +Jack Shear for his spell list (both made things a ton easier).

Other ideas/playbooks in the pipeline:

Some playbooks for late joiners (players that missed group Chargen, but can show up at the village later, these Playbooks tend to have an impact on previously established Village locations/buildings/NPCs during chargen, good for in between sessions or when the original characters are off adventuring). I can't wait to see how this is handled in Further Afield :)

The Dabbling Diabolist (Mage, playing off the "Failed" ability check when casting a Ritual backfire)
The Itinerant Alchemist (Mage/Rogue, "Travelling Medicine Show" mountebank type)
The Prodigal Preacher (Mage, arrived recently to evangelize and convert)
The Virtuous Bandit (Rogue, Robin hood type)
The Occupying Force (Fighter, while you were out: the Village was invaded!)

Also in the works: The Genius Loci playbook (You are the village!), and three more Dwarf-themed Playbooks to start an all dwarf party off together as members of different clans defending a small underground Delve from the howling darkness of the under-deep (you add rooms/corridors for your "village" on Graph Paper)!
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