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I wonder why popular CMS / WYSIWYG editors cannot properly handle pasting images from clipboard and drag'n'drop. It would be a huge UX improvement (remember how many times You taught an user that he cannot do this in usual way and how frustrating it was?), and it is possible (vide Google Docs for clipboard handling, maybe more examples?)
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We have released a plugin for Wordpress that lets to paste images from clipboard. Also it supports drag & drop images from computer. You can test it here:

Also we are going to release a free edition that will provide basic features.

Hope it helps and it would be great if you provide some feedback.

Regards, Paul
Hi, it's working just great! Could You tell us which basic features will be available in free edition?
Hi, thank you for your interest.
The free edition will provide pasting from clipboard without limits just as it is in the paid version. Only the drag & drop feature will be removed. The same time the bulk insertion feature will be added to the paid version.
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