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Wall of Knowledge, Stockholm Library

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And I bet it can all be stored digitally on my 32 GB flash drive, with room to spare.
Wow... What happens if you do not return the book in time? I guess they through you over the rail.
I wonder if they have any duplicates. I know in my modest library in Skyrim, I sometimes pick up a book or two here and there that I'd forgotten I already had. :\ Had to run to the general goods store to sell it. :P
This is really awesome though now the book readers are considerably very less.
This is pretty much how I imagined the Library of Babel in Borges' story of the same name. Except extending vertically up and down infinitely!
Will be visiting my son there in August. Will have to take pictures
Aw man, I googled to get some more images of the library... the image above is an archviz render of a concept :(
+Teck Lee Tan So it's not even fucking real. PFFT! Oh well, that would have been a huge pain in the ass to maintain anyway. :P
Watch out for the Vashta Narada! Count your shadows....
Jim Eagan there is no shadows
ya but more like a super duper waist of time that would take your whole entire life to read all of that. im so thankfull technoogy was invented.
Stupid people make fake things.
I am not saying its not real
At a glance, I thought it was a brick wall then I see the ladders and books.
+Tony Ramos , I'd be willing to bet that it's in Stockholm, since it's the Stockholm Library. ;)
Why the moat? Are they afraid the books will attack the patrons?
so i guess random stupid shit just happens to pop up on my page now, and i can comment on google? wtf
Yes people read books, wait till the world ends and all we have are books.
It's the "Hot On Google" stream, you can turn it off... it's generally pretty lovely stuff, certainly more interesting than what your "friends" are saying!
yes books will still be here as the world ends. /sarcasm for le dummies
O my God there are more books here than cells in my brain ... ooouch
O---------M---------G!!!!! ...I bet thats what heaven looks like nods sagely
Lest us not forget the Romans burned the library of Alexandria. Hopefully we are wiser in the future;-)
Vu Tran
i can't comprehend this, mind blown?
Looks like ever book I read in one place, or like a picture of the inside of my mind. 
everybody should enter this kind of library , at least once to see , what was preserved for our next generations
Do they have zombie books?
It's like looking at one side of a Borg cube ship.
It is so beautiful, protect the information, it's for all of us
its a metaphor for a
Great construction!!
Hope one day I'll be there *)
Can I live there? Between the F's and the G's I am sure there is a little gap...
All the pics that you post are beautiful as you always look.
Now that is a lot of books, I would be glad to have a kindle at this point I could not afford the rent to store these!
Nice structure in the photo. The Intellect supporting reason, spacing, humanity, very nicely put together.
this is respect for Knowledge! :)
A library is a repository of medicine for the mind
It is computer generated image for Stockholm Library
WTF? If this came true, I'll gladly mark it as "must visit". The holy land of nerds! LOL
The librarian is really hoping there aren't any earthquakes eminent...
Cool concept, esp if they protect the books from deterioration with a barrier of some kind that can keep them archival-safe.
meh D
You are very beautiful
and to think all that knowledge could fit on a thumb drive.
Also, this is a poorly constructed mock-up; the books are about the size of a human being.
Sweet! I wounder what the first and last books are? 8)
ok, I am no architect, but there is nothing beautiful about that!
Why wasn't I told about this? Adamina Braddon
to think a handful of Bluray discs would hold that...
this place remind me to aparture science
wow, makes me wonder... what if you fall there or why they made it like this, is this in fact real?! lol
Wow - that's a hell of a building!
hope our univesity have one like this
Now if you look on the right u can see Chuck Norris' collection of martial arts dvd...
Knowledge is power, people think the world is getting dumber, it's because no one reads anymore.Epic Picture.
I'm sure there is not only plenty of interesting reads there, but plenty book of substance can be found.
wow, that's fantastic. it shows the power of knowledge
that was awesome !!
why is it the Nordic countries are enlightened enough to have these repositories, like the seed bank..??
Saw this on the Fancy App..
Looks like a great place to spend a few days...thanks for the shot
Sari Raat Na Soye Hum,
Raato Ko Uth Ke Kitna Roye Hum,
Bas Ek Baar Mera Kasur Bata De Rabba,
Itna Pyaar Karke Bhi Kyon Naa Kisi Ke Hue Hum…
+Topher White thanks for the heads up. I will do more research before posting photos. Since I'm mobile only I see a #pretty picture or a #scary one and post it.

library.......?????????? oooopps.... its gr8 .......
that's a 'Wow' !! moment.... incredible, thanks for sharing.
WOW! There is so big library and a lot of books. It is so amazing!
COT DAMN!!!! How many books are there, a million?
looks smoothy and I want to Play on that
I would love to get locked in there and read for years....
now they're just trying to imitate an episode of Doctor Who
it insists me to read I like it. but it maybe need more than 1 hour to find the book I need :).
Funny, you could place one computer at the entrance and replace the building. It is a very nice structure though, and more practical in a power outage.
thats scary and cool at the same time
start at the top and work your way down
awsome ..........................................
lets see.... i have read...1.......2...305....4982..... nope none of them.
It looks like all of that knowledge will kill ya. hahaha!!!
Whenever I see something like that, all I can think about is falling over the edge.
Pham My cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Just a great big 'The.'"
i would want to bid for a data digitization project with these guys ...;-)

If you are disabled you cannot ride the elevators to this vast well of knowledge. Therefore, you are destined to be dumb, if your inability to walk restrains you to a wheelchair.

Yes I realize there is probably an elevator or other means of accessing this. However, based on the picture, I am laughing my ass off.
amazing work...Great experience...
that's equal to 1 hard drive..Great pic though, but doesn't look all that safe.
it's good to look at
its amazing............................
Tya Raz
are you serious???WOW
hey what is this..........?
Schism. As a library-fond kid, I would have found this extremely cool. As a present-tech guy, I know we could scan the entire thing, and store it in a (much smaller) rack in our lab, with massively faster access. Translates to a monument to ancient tech.
libraries are some of the most incredible places in the world arent they.
Omg thats fucken cool. All the books u would ever need. : D. Who ever has to put the books back after using one must suck to be them.
very impressive. I can imagine a similar picture not far into the future. "kids, this is a wall of knowledge." hands them an ebook
"uh.... thanks dad."
It is unbilivable...... millions of book's are in under a roof that's amazing pls tell me the addrs. of this place........
OH tats Gr8.. Awesome library.... Is this the worlds largest one ???
what a big library..... it will take 2 hours to find a book
the worlds smartest person in the world world be so pleased
shame on me! have been here for 2 years and have not visited such an amazing place
Do we still need those books, it's 2012!! Everything is available in digital form.
an amazing library.. be very difficult to find the book you're looking for here:)
wow , i want this in my country ..
reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome
I am from new york and when I am back home I always make it a point to go to the New York Public Library, no laptop, turn off the cellphone and just find a book, open it and read. There will never be an equal for this.
miss chong i would loe to meet you n learn more from you
wow ! it will take a long time to finish reading all those books.
it wouldnt be possible in even like 2 lifetimes haha
wow...i wish to be there...!!!
You got to be kidding me if indeed this is a library, cause if it is then i suspect people are obssessed with knowledge. Either way i salute engineers and architects they really are a step ahead of technology even though it's a proven fact that we computer scientist happen to be the forefathers of technology. lol...
I wonder if it's alphabetical by author or title #bookporn #book
the scaryest library...
Wow! I love books. Also, that is so interesting!
that reminds i must take my libary book back
ooo mmyyy, wanna be there right now...
Seems great ... but on the other hand , a lot of material is used on building such a very big building ... while they could do it in another way ?
I hope they've all been scanned and saved electronically!
If they just invent a machine that can transfer all the data from books to human brain . This wall will be my first stop lol 
Ian Lim
I would soooo love to go there
Is this what you call ' The World of Knowledge ' ?
what an architecture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the smell of books, this is smelling on a grand scale, fabulous!
Digitize the whole collection, then hermetically seal them away to preserve their integrity as they are now.
WOW....I would love to see this in the real....that is quite an amazing library
That's the cool thing that I want for my own library. Having a bunch of knowledge.
How many books do you think are there, and can you check them out?
Awesome you can find the beginning here
i so what to see visit this library
guys use your head that is card board boxes not books. Looks can be deceitful at times and this is one of them.
yeah Jacob Armstrong that looks like cardboard boxes
Wall of Carboard boxes it is.
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