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I've never even seen a pic like this before, thats awesome
Is this for real? It's incredible!
Man - I had no idea they could do that!
Photoshoped or real? 
never new that could happen or existed...surreal
If this is real, then I think they would only do this to escape a predator. It will not be pretty when they get back into the water.
Yes, those flying Mantas are common on Europa. I know because I've been there.
So long... and thanks for all the fish.
They're escaping again!
That's something you don't see everyday (not that I normally see stingrays on a daily basis though)...
so long and thanks for all the fish... almost
Wow just beutiful, what exactly is this?
Now, this is something to see for real.
It's wonderfully photos thank for your kind taste .
I like more the photo of you than the photo that you posted.
Matt V
I was on a wave runner in Key West, FL when two of these attached to each other were flying in & out of the water in front of me. It was probably a once in a lifetime thing to witness. 
Let me guess they flew out of the earth leaving behind a last message that read: "So long, and thanks for all the fish"
Seriously, this is an incredible picture!
i didnt know sting rays did that
Great shot, never knew they broke the surface like that, you always think of Manta's as being so regal and docile.
The Abyss, anyone?
Wooooooooow...this is BEAUTIFUL. For the first time in my life I am getting an inferiority complex and feel reluctant to pose my own photos now. Krystyn Chong, you are amazing...
This is the End pretty soon sharks and whales will walk the Earth we are done
Manta rays actually lay their eggs while midair, for some reason
How does one post on what's hot section for Google plus?
that is the coolest thing eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe I can flyyyyyyyyy!
I recently saw an episode of Strange and Curious Deaths where a girl on a sailboat died from head trauma when one of these things jumped out of the water and smashed her in the face.
This is what happens when Chuck Norris goes snorkling.
What?!! That's crazy cool!
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
They have been watching too many birds!

(this is amazing!)
J Perry
Awesome photo Krystyn. Where did you take the pic?
Let's flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Up up you go go...
krystyn, eres fabulosa , sensual y exitante. Espero ser un admirador más pero te dédico este pequeño poema:

Este es tu poema.
Podría escribir mil poemas
pero tu eres única
wow didnt know they jump out of water is this for real
i luv you plz rply i m watng .............and wts you online tming on G +
i belive i can fly
Thats a hell of a picture. Good going :)
I beleve i can fly i belive i van touch the sky!!!! lol
holy i just did a project on north and south korea
:O ohmygodzilla!! thats E-P-I-C-A-L!! <.< see, i'm so awesome i can make up my own words :D
WoW! That's a first I've seen stingray's fly. o.0
Mergulho a um bom tempo mas,nunca vi algo parecido é fantástico
For a brief moment, they leave their own world behind and prove to themselves.. they can FLY!.. I get that.
Have seen them off the coast of Cabo, in the Sea of Cortez flying like this.
now is the time for some swimming lessons in d 'air'
Yes, they actually can jump like that... and can glide slightly. They have been known on rare occasions to jump over sailing vessels.
Incredible, didn't think Rays would do that :)
ching chong bing bang bink bink chang wang
wow!!!!!!! awsome
wonders of nature..its nice..
I had no idea! Amazing.
That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome
Manta rays or sting rays. does anyone know?... they look like mantas to me.
my brother would be so scared of them!
What a great picture, thank you.
Heard of flying fish...but this is a new one to me...nice photograph.....
every time i see this i just want to say STEVE IRWIN WATCH OUT!!!
Looks like either evolution, or Photoshop.
each coin has 2 sides
it depend from where u watching
This is a great pic! I've seen them do this, but it was from a distance..they are pretty amazing creatures :) 
They are not dolphins :/ they are penguins!!:)
We have some called Eagle rays because they fly.
High jump bet he has some sweet kicks
Person was seriously injured last year in cocoa beach when ray jumped into their boat!
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