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Does anyone else read this as "I'm a boring lay"?
Does that mean she goes about the fucking with no real passion or that she is a zombie you idiot!
You were this in public ? I suppose the answer is yes ?
Jay K.
Lol... Nothing wrong with that :)
Leo Sam
if it is a zombie , god spread them all over the world.
That honesty is a turn on...almost makes up for the fact you are a flesh eating monster. Almost
Looks like we already lost the war.
I want the shirt that says "She got me! Right Here!"  
I'm? are........
Thank god for these shirts I was beginning to worry about how we'd tell the difference.
Seems appropriate attire for Monday mornings... :-D
Not a good shirt to wear if I'm totting an AR-15.  Not good at all! XD  And remember rule #2, very very important!
Who says zombies don`t have sex !
Move the "a" to just before "zombie".  Then duck when your spouse see's it!
and i am the thread
I'm zombie. Could you get rid of that letter A? 
little confused! is she a fucking Zombie or just a fucking Zombie?  sorry couldn't resist.
Is that you modeling that shirt ? Hhmmmm...........
Ki Wi
+Alex Goodwin nice and catchy interpretation..and thats what the real meaning of her saying zombie....hahahaha
nice t-shirt...... with beautiful smile.....
Ki Wi
+ 1 for this girl
what is the meaning of zombie?
a fuckin pros""" sexy....
I need to give those to two cab drivers, a shuttle bus driver, several people I have had to deal with in airports over the last few weeks, and Adam the shop supervisor at Austin Trailer Repair in Fort Worth, TX ; )
oh you know what I meant. bad.
+vaughan fisher.

don't make me eat your brainz. Er

I just noticed that zombies are all full of innuendo. Head Shot Eat Ceiling Guard Railing. And keep this clean please. There are kiddos within hearing distance. :)

oh sexybaby younice so like you
Expression poooozzzz friend
i like your t shirt dear ??????????????????
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