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Happy Hour

Have a great #starwarstuesday

#beero #nomimase #beer!
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And he's clearly having a pint of Guinness!
May the Guinness froth be with you!

The big guy only drinks the dark stuff!!
Luke Skywalker, come to the DARK side! Extra Stout is where its at! Put down the pale ale and claim your destiny.

..hairy knuckles and fuzzy peaches
Nice one +Zubair Ghaffar, no better way to get friends and circled than demanding it, you old smooth charmer.
jai matajike!thats rajput way to cheers
The ultimate Guinness salesman =)
More like...May be beer be with you, always... LOL or Come join me and together we can drink as father and son...Brilliant!!!
Tae Kim
destroy the rebels!  Empire forever! 
ha but they didn't dead evry body are fare....
Tae Kim
No Vader killed them all
Hehe I like the "dark" beers. Guinness is my favorite. Cheers!
How's he gonna drink with his mask on?
Tae Kim
Can i add you on my google talk darth vader?
Tae Kim
Were gonna crush those rebels right han solo? Yessiree. Right chewbaca? Argggggggggh aeeeeeekkkkkk erghkkkkkkkkkk
Better be a Guinness! .... Or be force choked....
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