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I don't know about this one, the sex initiator gland is soo tiny. What's up with that?
Driving skills is obsolete!? lol please. I object 
its oohh.. i am going to post a picture just for you. check my feed in a moment
That infographic was drawn by an extremely embittered man. He gives his age away with the "memory centre". (Melrose Place? Really? Sheesh.) Never mind the gold digging and sniffing out of diamonds.

Basically, "women are annoying, superficial, and incapable of any real skill or accomplishment". I'm surprised there isn't a "barefoot and pregnant" gland on the chart.
*I told you so* should be bigger, bc I am always saying that
I'm telling you, I keep seeing these anti-women charts. I want to see a Man Chart
the man chart wouldn't be a break down of the brain...
wait for the moment, i ll post the man's brain
I am trying to locate the actual brain in it......Is it lost or in backside?
most of the guy brain ones are rather simple...WE are rather simple.
Simpletons you might say.
good idea krystyn............congratulation
+Krystyn Chong
Allan + Barbara Pease
"Why men don't listen and women can't read maps"
that's the name of the book..... you can learn lot of things from that book
headache generator should be bit more bigger
krystyn am glad this came from a lady...if it came from a guy yall would have caused major damage to his wall!
hey guys did you read the fine print hahaha,I LOVE IT LMAO
Just think of Agatha Christie, George Eliot, Pearl Buck, Ivana Kobilica and many others.
I know some guys who fit this better.
 “The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing''
― Cher
The point being that this is a gross exaggeration on women. We all know that women initiate sex just as much as men.
A scientist sat between famous actress and Madame de Staël. He said: "I am between the beauty and wisdom." Madame de Staël said: "Not having either." 
Except that females hardly ever (~10%) initiate sexy time. They have to hold onto their image as a good girl therefore they use very vague signals. 
Kristyn lets see if they are many times have you walked in a mall wanting to buy something like curtains and you ended up buying shoes?
here as we see that the section of sex initator will we clearly understand it?
wow this like a female labyrinth
How do I use Google Plus? I need budd.
The God has chosen her to be a believer with hem & to be the best sorse of the Gseos
I would also wonder but i don't know
it's intresting a woman tell this
This is one of the most moronically sexist things I've ever seen. It's not even funny sexism, it's just stupid, brainless stereotyping.
Extremely complicated machine...!!
Oh my God...!!!
Once trapped, cant return back even...
It's got to be more, I think those are just the tip of the iceberg!
Sky Net
this image had been significantly enlarged. ;-)
This really seems to be true....
lmao that females brain map is quite accurate from my pov
Women need to initiate sex more often. That might be true most if the time. I know I'm always the aggressor
Female brain indeed!!!!
Man G+ is a ghost town if this crap is what's hot.....and it's quiet not quite.
Damn.... I did not learn this even after marrying to her 25 years... I am amazed...thanks ms +Krystyn Chong 
And think all together put in one body of a lady, MAN has to deal with lot of tolerance.
I always knew there had too be something causing all the headaches lol
I. R woman......more shoes ...more sex...more good sex..oh can... can you manage that?
headache generator- i think it generates headache in every other mind except itself!
very nice........ crazy mind..........ha ha ha !!!!
That is so so so so so so so so so so so so so sexist especially the driving bit but the I told you so bit is right 
cool, i definatley have the headache generator, only it also covers the shoes section, not big on shoes
The male brain has just one thing "sex"
Sexist and ignorant. Thank you for sharing the Jersey Shore and adding to the downgrade of American intelligence. HAHA its so funny...
female brain doesn't work much........u can see the proof in this picture........!!!
Oh thats cool! I love that
Haw haw haw....... Love woman God bless u abundance🎁 
Aref Sn
just can say ha ha ha ha.
Aref Sn
just can say ha ha ha ha.
E Walk
Ok I am NOT a gold digger. If I were I'd live somewhere much nicer. Also, I'm from Massachusetts, my driving skills are fanfuckingtastic. The brain of a #ginger  is much more sophisticated.
i really hope a guy made this because i would hope women would think better  of them selves when making something like this...
Lame, twaddle.
I guess that the male one is similarly sexist and stereotypical.
Ha Krystyn, I like it, kind regards.
I'm obviously not a female judging by this...!!
I'm not a female but i think its true
Of course, this is just stereotyping females. I am quite sure you can make up a similar graphic about the male brain. But if you don't take it too seriously then you can actually laugh about it.
Really now...............Did he forget that a Woman gave birth to him!
what about the male brain?  Bigger?  Better?
Can't wait for the diagram.
My wife's frontal shoe lobe is much larger than the photo depicts. In fact she has probably picked up telepathically that I am discussing shoes right now. I have probably said to much already. 
500% True  .... But Gents Brain Allways thinking Good Thoughts!!!! 
Mast hai yar, kya imagination hai, really nice...:)
صحيح الى حد ما
LOL yep very much detail in that HAHA XD
greate event of the girl mind
Wouldn't you all like it to be true? Off course you do..... :)
I though they didn't have no brain at all
that sex initiator gland should be MUCH bigger
The mans brain only has 3 compartments. Food/Sex/Sport
I cant find where are the BOYS section
Hello babe u right thats 2 small but it Will grow with practice. 
The real PET Scan analysis...
Thank you Krystyn Chong for sharing this information with us, it certainly enlightened me.
I mean I get the Humor in this, but It sort of borderlines on insensitive. We (men) have our club and we discuss women in many lights there but we try to keep it private in that it does not insult them. We know women like shopping, and well we know that most of the stuff on this diagram can fit. But is that what a woman really is? If you can get enough people to agree on something does that make it true. Americans are really stuck in the Victorian age. I think it has its humor but i am very cautious about this.
hey my name is ben how you going 
My Goodness! I
This is is terrible it's not funny.
People need to stop for a moment at these things and think of the consequences (and what caused it).
This only perpetuates the stereotypes and the objectification of people.
It also promotes the hidden hate that people have for the opposite sex, the unspoken one, that is given by this false knowledge (men thinking women are just annoying walking holes, and women thinking men are a bunch of brainless penises).
By doing this, people will also be less inclined to trust in others and open themselves, and will be more inclined of being content with the first person they find that seems to pay the minimal attention that maybe only an object would deserve, at least in romantic relationships.
In terms of friendship, this only contributes in making people more and more superficial in judgement.
These things have consequences, and you should study them people.
Because we live in this society all together.
This is hilarious because there is some truth to it.
Sooooo true. That being said I wanna see male brain 
No thats wrong. They have the headache generator and talk, talk and more talk glands mixed up..
very true, the driving skills might be too big though 
hahaha it may not be entirely true but really funny 
having a  gud knwledge abt less than me.....because i m fcing it.............
hahaha..... woman won't like this. :)
and fighting with in-laws .. that part is missed in this picture.
I have amazing driving skills! I scored 72 points on the way home just the other day... Incidentally, kickball is MUCH more dangerous then people say.
for the shoes it's real ; but for the sex it's a little abused nop ?
You just made women worldwide look like retards.
Dont want to appear like i have no respect to wemen , but .. LOL
This is a little true of my wife's brain.
That "Shoes" area is way too small if you are talking about my wife. :)
Wonder what the male brain looks like?
What about male brain?
Haha ......haha I liked it that's funny for more than 1 reason
AJ Nix
Mapping the problem ... is the first step toward fixing it.
+Scott Schultz and so many other white knights of the internet overreact to everything.
I agree!!! women always find a way to spend money, shopping!!!

Is there no emotional part for LOVE at all???
+Dennis Pinner I totally agree with you..don't stick labels on females....we are different in mindset...thanks for being so considerate Dennis....
Sahihe are lage raho sabko batao.....
"be quite"?? Lol. Apart from that footnote mistake, this looks like a genuine MRI scan.
They totally overlooked the Nag gland. This takes up 90% I'm sure. Everything else is a reflux to appease that. Mainly justification for shopping and what not. 
female brains want to do everything in one time
it is difficult to understand a female brain than male brain..
so who gonna draw a male brain now?
i am also medical so female brain having more sensory receptors which work in rgulation of female hormones.
i am also medical so female brain having more sensory receptors which work in rgulation of female hormones.
The point is not to take offence to it! Who ever created this image created it as a joke and to see how woman will react to it. If you react negatively towards it, then he has won. Life is too short to let petty things like this bother you! Just some advice to all the ladies taking offence.
sorry to say we r making sick ourselves by criticizing the beautiful gift of god says woman. see god and write good then u feel good
at least females have a brain and not just 2 heads
Women are in need of many things but have very good memories
+Christopher Jones There's funny, ironic, satirical, and then there's mysoginist. Would you print this and hang it up at work? Would you put it on the fridge at home for you wife or girlfriend to laugh at? Would you give it to your daughter so she could enjoy the joke?

If "no" then I submit that it's really not that funny.
how about we the man, are they have place for us on their brain?
its not brain... its box of Evil thoughts
I realy can't say any thing at all about the post as any thing I may say could be held against me in the future not had a date for a good while now I did not see the post or make this comment 
This is hilarious how do i get this on my facebook or may i?
Its low and lame. If a woman created this, then she is pissing all over women's liberation. If a man created it, then he will be a sad lonely little man forever, whom wouldn't know a good woman if she bit him in the ass.
The thing to bear in mind is women can also control those areas. Men have, like, three. Sex, food, and sleep. Which fire randomly and sometimes all at once.
richard watch the comment that makes you look a little gay
+Scott Schultz I will surely share this post with my fiance' she will point out how dumb men van be just like everyone else we will laugh and that will be that. There are many things that are funny but not appropriate for work. If my daughter ends up being that easily manipulated I have failed as a parent.
....and guys will still never understand how it works lol
They forgot the "knowledge related to cooking" gland...and for this gland, they should put a footnote saying "Size may vary"
female brain creats nursery of world
Does anyone besides me think this is VERY sexist? Read whole chart before answering... & Nike is being sued by making a shirt that says gold digger saying its sexist! 
Hehe, thats me to a t, except for the sex gland, hehe... :)
This is very very sexist!... Nike is being sued over making a TV saying gold digger! & this whole chart is much worse!!
Lol @ suing for a shirt you can choose not to buy and has not sexual orientation.
Why is the Gossip Control Center so big? I thought it would be the smallest thing in there considering gossip never gets controlled :p
@ Christie Brown: Just because it's sexist doesn't mean it's not true.
I know absolutely no girls that this graphic would be valid for, and that makes me happy
Does anyone else think this is very sexist?? whole chart before answering...& Nike is being sued over making a girls t- shirt that says simply " gold digger!"...which I kinda liked & thought was OK but this really ticked me off!!
"Be Quite"?  At least learn how to spell before putting together such a stereotypical chart.  
oh it's not true in reality 
You forgot a huge chunk: "Blaming men for everything bad".  
That is so not trur well some of it is but most of it is lies we have different thing on our minds not true!
You should show man brain and then compare!!
ya... us mans brain :)
In Life failure is not The real End ,But it can B the Real Begining of Success " Have a nice Day.
Erik z.
big quote, hahahah
+manda ae thanks for the +1'd on my comment......
If you like to read a book about this please let me know.......
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