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Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous Mom's here. This one is for you.

have a hashtag that represents your #mom or a mom you know?

#MoanLisa #inspiring #Mothersday

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I am from Iran and I love you more familiar with the
It is amazing! Happy mother's day to all mothers in the whole world.
i salute to all the mothers of the world.
yet when in law is added, it is her behavior mystrious
wht an opt discription for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is true, but for all 365 days of the year :)
You couldn't find two words that start with the same letter?
From one , I thank you. Very well said.
And to all the other Mothers out there!
Very nice ....
Heart touching thought
That's cool happy mothers day to all the moms
happy mother's day to all lovely mohers..:)
HAPpi mothers day 2 all da mothers in da whole wide world
happy mothers day to all the lovely mothers out there ^__^
happy mothers day to all the angle mothers
Happy mothers day to All Lovely the world<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Hapi mothers day to all mothers in d worldwide baptist conventions and conferences
mom i luv u nd miz u so much...........happy mothers day
wht r u doing ,,,,,,,,,at this time
nthing m sitting in office miss u a lot dear
mom is all over the world is need
Thank u sweet heart.
may God always bless you.
may ALLAH bless all
Smart person who wrote that, Mothers are the most important people in most people's life's.
Very well chosen words that are attributes of a mother.
Thanks mom, but you are not that Intelligent for thinking that Amazing and Marvelous have two different meanings.
happy mother'sday my all friend
To the most beautiful girl in the whole universe.. My mother.. Happy Mother's day!! I will love you till i die..
Very very Happy Mother's Day.
happy all mothers day
I wish all mothers a very Happy Mother's Day.
I love you Mama. We've both been through the turbulent times, now is time for us to rejoice and have fun.
Thanks for all mothers (for the current and for future ones) for their continuous care...Happy Mother's Day...
it's true....but what did FATHERS do Wrong.....?
+Sarita Mehra I agree with you, Fathers DON't get as much coverage as the mothers DO !!! Wonder WHY ????
happy mothers day to the mum around the world,and specially to my mummy,,,,,,,,,,,,
ngauuu hhas :L mah mum is soo relatinq tah ths hhas :L <3
When I was born..!!

A Great Woman was there To hold me.. MYMOTHER..!!
When I grew as a child..!!
A Woman was there to Care for Me & play with me.. MY SISTER.. !!

When I went to School..!!
A Woman was there To help me learn.. MYTEACHER.. !!
When I became depressed & whenever I lost..!!
A Woman was there to offer a shoulder.. MYFRIEND.. !!

When I needed company, compatibility & love..!!
A great woman was there for Me.. MY WIFE..!!
When I became tough..!!
A Woman was there To melt me.. MYDAUGHTER.. !!

And.. When I Die..
A Woman is there to absorb me In MYMOTHERLAND.. !!
If you are a Man Value Every Woman.. !!
If you are a Woman.. Be proud to be the One.. !!
.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`^^^^^^Anil Bedre^^^^^^
i love my mom bunches and bunches
Awesome~ should've thought of that lol
very nice.........................................
hi ..mum all over the world....I LOVE YOU
yes i love mother . i like mother 'i put down in mother BADY '....
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