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lol I know!

(I didn't make this)
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I used to do this everyday, but I used my finger. Making tapes was my friend since I couldn't go out.

tom ruggi
if i mentioned 8 tracks will that make you feel younger??
Tai Hairs
both made of plastic?
That brings back memories
Did anyone destroy some of their cassettes in the attempt to imitate McGyver in one of his episodes?  No! Just me again!   Figures!   
+Randy Sagoo the first and last 3 to 5 seconds of any cassette tape are not part of the recordable tape so you needed to push to tape fwd when taping.

This was done with records - vinyl. When you'd have a song to record it'd start right when the needle hit the record so you'd have to have the tape ready or the first few seconds of your song would be cut off. Same with ending. 
+Krystyn Chong I still have a working Nakamichi Dragon deck with about 300 tapes that every now and then I will play.....My 19 year old thinks I crazy
+Krystyn Chong  was only joking!!!  Also quite well versed with the 8 track and reel-to-reel.
Marty D
I used my finger at one time. But soon I discovered the power of the pen and pencil
Marty D
Hated it when that happened
I had to do that trick so I could save my code on my old VIC-20. Oh how I long for the days of 16k of memory (yeah not really)
+Butch Hirsch Bad ass! Nakamichi always.

Is the Dragon the one that the tape comes out and turns itself around? 
No telling how many times I went looking for a bic pen.
absolutely awesome!! haven't thought about that in ages instantly got a giggle from me
During desperate moments I ended up using my pinky finger.
I fail the test
I'm in my early twenties but I always just used my pinky.
I'm 22 and I understand it. But I was very young pup.
am i missing out on something here?
People, you use the pen to wind the tape. God. Whipper Snappers!
Pen you can write something down and keep it there : Old way
Recorder You have to hit Record : Modern Way
Lol! You used the pen(biro) to rewind or wind the tape! Damn i'm old :-)

Anyone ever get the pen stuck in the tape? Stuff of nightmares... remember losing a few power ballads over that.
Ah, the magic of meshing six sides into six.
see back in the day it was the corded drill none of this cordless nonscense
you can rewind or forward the tape using this pen.
pen use to rewind tape, that what i always did
pen is used to wind loose tape and write titles on it.
I'm old, trying to explain this is kinda funny though
you use the pen to rewind the forbidden object 
I aint seen 1 of these in about 20 years
oh. well im not old enough to have used tapes in my life
I don't miss the ca-chunk in the middle of 8 track songs.
Yes, remember doing that as well, | guess that means were getting old!!
you use the cap end of the pend to help wind the tape?
Age test, if the resolution of the picture seems good/normal, you probably used cassette tapes.
Pen used to rewind the tape.... Been there-done that...
You use the pen to advance the tape and repair it with scotch tape if it breaks.
Le Tan
rãnh quá, mang hàng lên khoe
your the most beautyfull girl i have ever seen!!!!!!!
+Vont Wright As a kid when the tape became loose, the pen cap would fit inside the circular teeth of the tape to rewind or fast forward the tape - that's why it is called the age check.
umm.... I have no idea what that is... I must be young. :p
LOL: my 80's..., owh damn!! the player  is still on my garage....
the magnet in the pen tip can screw up your tape....the pen was used to to stick in the hole to rewind the tape or take up the slack.. couldn't have a tape in your car without a bic pen...that brought back memories :)
+tom ruggi I remember using a reel to reel and an 8 track and a Lloyd's record player set up to pretend I was a DJ. Now I feel very old. Lol... Ahhh... The mix tape days. :)
I'm still doin' that on some oldies!!! lmao!
Bic pen and crazy clue!
In my world, that picture requires a third item. A drill. 
I know someone who had no idea what a cassette tape even was. Lol
omg! back to my childhood. each time my tape stuck in the radio, i always use pen to roll it back. even i use tape to dub my favourite song. ahaha.
It was was of the original ways to get carpal tunnel, before they even called it that!
The overspeed wrecking the tape using a power drill method. You only tried it once. heheh
YEAH!!  Bring them both back!!!  Who remembers Beta?  before VHS tapes?
Rob G
back in the day,I  had a stuck tape or two.
Oh bloody hell! I'm embarrassed to say I was thinking about writing on the tape. My memory just came back. Wind the tape back. Lol... I had forgotten all about that.
Winding and Re-winding the tape... damm it was fun... :)
eraser tips from pencils worked great as well.
+Erick Smith I well remember beta. I actually hated beta because it was harder to wind them back like a cassette. Lol
Use pen to write on tape case ;-)
That image explains why I refused to upgrade my beautiful 8-tracks. :)
And who else used that method to save code stored on cassette that got partially eaten by the player? 
Have to love that we had to stick the labels on ourselves.
And yes I am old enough really.
i dont know the connection b/w, can u tell?
Man oh man making tapes was a fav pastime back then. But i dont feel old. Just knowledgeable. 
Manual rewind or untangle it, after it got ate up by your cheap walkman!!
LMAO with a touch of "Oh crap...I am old"!!!
To pop the tab out for write protecting the tape.
Ahhh yes making mix tapes....then playing them so much, the sound turns muddy then.....well then you need the pen :)
Apparently 20 is old going by this age test...
It's what you use to rewind your tangle tape, of course.
Im 14 and I know the connection, so don't feel old.
thanks for making me realize how old I am.. now get off my lawn
That's the rewind button on bottom.
+Blaise Mibeck that's a good one too. Of course a small piece of tissue rolled and stuffed into slot where tab was allowed one to record over. :)
Why think old? Never got a chance to use the firsr-generation telephone invented by Bell does not mean that you are old. It's just something stored in your memory.
Yeah we youngsters know what thing are.
Wow it should read: Reality check son!
always use a pencil not a pen... so you can change the label when you re-record your songs off the radio.  
you twist the pen in the tape and you rewind the 'tape' back into the cassette. I'm only 24 and I know that
Wow, that takes me back to my youth.
Oh this image brings back memories :'(
I sometimes had issues with tapes getting unwound, sometimes you'd have to tighten them, and one of these old pens worked like a charm for that purpose. Funny thing is, these pen designs are still around after all these years.
When your tape gets caught in a tape deck and you lucky enough to remove it without breaking it, you stick the pen in one of the spools and roll the tape back into the cassette.
Being 15 I'm proud to understand this. I would play around with cassettes when I was little :D
Looks like a Bic Pen and BASF 90min. recording tape.
1. Write the title on the tape with the pen.
2. If the tape tangles, then insert the pen top inside the tape hole and unwind it by twisting the pen.
3. If no pen is available, then use your finger.
this doesnt work cuz i am 13 and apearently im old.
YES!!!!! Done that many a times!! HA!
Ken D..
+bryan not just back into the case, but full rewinds too :) after sticking pen in hole, hold cassette in the air with the pen and start spinning it around the pen. WheeeeEeEEeeee :)
Fingers were just too slow...
I DO know, but I refuse to share because I don't want people to know how old I am...
You use the pen to turn on the tape, right?
This was before my time, but I've heard of it.
+Kaitlyn Herb: try to think in 3D. The pen goes perpendicular to the cassette. Can you now guess how they interconnect and why? 
Pshaw! This is new-fagled-gibber-dee-doo! Lets get back to wire recorders and editing with cigarettes!
Ki Wi
+Kevin Fokkema has me beat, but I'm 20 and I know the connection. I always used a pencil, though.
you use the pen to wind the tape btw Im 12
well  i know the connection as i used it quite a few times!!!!
I feel so out of date cuz i have no clue what this messenger thing is haha
The beginning of a world full of disposable products and ripping off music...sigh...
I was pretty good at spinning it real fast :)
The pen is used to rewind tape after either the tape player eat it and you managed to get it out. and the pen was is used to write a label I still have a tape player and a pen.
+Krystyn Chong yes, i do used my fingers at times and it hurts a bit. having a pen is the fastest and painless way to do it. 😄
Yes I did rewind my cassettes with the pen!!!!!
OMG this is sad, IM OLD!!!
This is a thing now?  "Hit share if you X/Y/Z"?  That's right up there with the Facebook "Hit like if you X/Y/Z" crap that I thought would be a thing of the past here.
90's kids will know wht 2 do with this  :) like me :P
No sillies, you use the pen to re wrap loose coils or fix a pulled out tape.
+Corey Tate The pen is a capacitive stylus you use on the touchscreen you see there in the middle of the cassette housing.  You can tap on the window to select any point in the timeline.  

BASF says it's not upgradeable due to hardware limitations but folks on the XDA forums got it to boot CyanogenMOD ICS. 
with pen you can write what ever you want to on it..
pen can use for rewind and fastforword
^^More like, the mechanical flaw with tapes and tape players that makes a legitimate connection between tapes and bic pens.  Guess I just passed the age test, however vaguely!
Ki Wi
yes i got the answer! pen can be used in both of these holes...and the reason is obvious
How to unjam a jammed up cassette that keeps setting off the auto-stop in your Sony cassette walkman!
This is for manual processing;);)
They're old like in the 1980

That makes me feel old - it doesn't help that some of the toys and music I had when I was I kid are now being labeled as "classics" - when did we get older? I don't feel any different. 
Did anyone mention using the pen (cap) to bust out the record-protect tab[s] on the top edge?    Or using the clip portion of the cap to pull out the tape to splice out damage or to undo a loop?
why is that videotape so small? don´t get it
Wow , only JUST turned legal && the age test results are telling me I've lived life with that generation . Then again , I've always had an aged spirit .
A cassette was what I used for storage on my first computer. 
Maxell metal cassettes recording in Dolby-S.
Did you ever twirl it around the pen like a noise maker?
Where's my dual cassette deck? I need to dub cassette to cassette. #MixedTapesOffRadio
you use the pen to wind the tape back in, lmmfao
Gosh, those internet Haters are unstoppable! Lol 
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Both are made of plastic and both are still made to this day although
they are almost never used........
I'd sometimes use my #2 pencil LoL!
i think you circle the tape with pen to forward!
please +1 my comment above if you like the site...I want to get +30 likes for once in my life.
Had to be BASF ... and BIC! ><
Thats how you fix it you forgot the tape scotch version
Bob B
Better yet would be a matchbook and an 8 track tape :P
hey i knw the relation b/w 17
Using the bic pen to wind the tape back in, and all those dumb loops the tape made, then when you finally finish winding, you look in the little window and see a crinked piece! NOOOOOOOO! pull it out and start over...
Writing the recorded contents on the label?
that's how you revwind if the player cannot handle the tention
A real slow rewind and to pull the magnetic tape back in the housing, a bad tape player can make a cassette spill its guts man! Geez im so old.
Improvisation in the earlier dates, It worked
im 13 and know what the connection is
it was the Megadeath, Metallica and Slick Rick tapes where Bic came in handy haha those were the days lol
Ah, yes the old manual rewind tool. I remember it well...
ow, you mean to rewind it XD; I always used my fingers
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
More like spinning the tape while you stab it with the pen
This took me to the 70's & 80's when we used to listen to songs on tape and winding the loose tapes with pen / pencil!
It blew my mind when I saw this.  Didn't expect to see one of these up close ever again.  Thanks for a blast from the past.  You Rock, Krystyn
Yes, ok I admit it I'm old! Also I told a couple teenagers today that I felt like She-ra, then had to ask if they knew who that was. They of course said NO 
That is so funny (until you start thinking age) Yep real funny.
I know what it is , and i used to do this regular
Tick d
I usually used hexagonal pencils, but those pens had angles on them like one of those pencils so they worked pretty well too.
 ah.... bring back some old memories....
I used to record songs fron the radio to the tape deck.
the mix tape. The perfect gift for first love.
I never use a pen with those thing! I always reminded cassette using my finger! I was too young to realize pen could help, and when I was that young, I was not using any pen exept for pencil and all round pen! Not pen with 5-6 flat sides! ;-P
Will someone please tell me? I have no idea and am curious
Pencils worked better.
pen helps to roll the reel of cassete
I used the pen to rewind the tape.
is it that one is a tape recorder and the is a pen and they both like record things...?
I remember using a pen as above to help rewiind the casette when the tape was repaired...never threw it away when you could splice
Thats original. Obviously you take the pencap off and stab the tape 37 times breaking the pen and tape. THERE IS A CONNECTION FOR YALL
they both can record stuff? DINGDINGDING! Winner!
pen is used to rotate the tape - either to forward or reverse the songs
Or if the tape comes out of the cassette, you use the pen to wind it back.
the pen is to right the artist on the cassette
Knowing the answer shows you know how to google very well.Not that your old.
Still can't figure it out....what's the Magic there?
Or you use the pen to tighten the tape.
A person born in 2012 won't know what that is. Lol
Neither are made anymore?
please put bottle of thinner (nail polish remover along with this) :)   
... I'm not givin away my age...-:) X 1000
lol... the tape always comes with a pen... that is something I always place together XD
Make hash pipe out of pen, listen to crappy recording of "Dark Side Of The Moon" you made by putting a mic in between your friends stereo speakers. When tape makes funny garbled sound and is eaten by $15 car tape deck you bought out of strangers trunk, pull tape out and rewind with pinky cause there is still hash resin in the tin-foil bowl.
Be kind, rewind. LOL. I was fortunate to have double deck with separate motors, so I could remind while still listen on the other deck. Didn't have to do the pen thing unless I was away from home.
Ohhh you insert the pen in one of the 2 holes to role it forward or backward... Correct me if i am wrong...
use the pen to manually rewind by inserting the pen into the sprocket?
pen for winding or rewinding the tape manually
Blimey! I thought I was the only one doing it! :D
If you know, then you are oldy!!!! Like me!
They're both made of hard plastic (and metal), they're both mass/globally manufacturered/consumed (and both end up in landfills), pen can be used to rewind cassette, both record stuff, both have a limited amount of recording medium, both are now obsolete, both have bits that can be exposed to the environment if not protected over years and then make the device worthless, you could buy about 20 pens for the price of one pre-recorded cassette in 80s, both have been used to circumvent copyright mechanisms
Lol...!!...The pen goes into the tape hole and twist it to make the tape role..Hahaha..Use to do this when I was a kid..
I knew this instantly before reading the meme, ;) hehe...
ahh...mix tapes.  i miss those.
I was just talking about this subject.. Except i used the if you remember putting scotch tape on the corners to turn a regulare tape into a recordable blank tape then you are old.
I even remember doing this when I was little. :)))
It took me a second. But tightening tape is one thing you never forget.
I was spinning with my fingers.
I don't miss cassettes at all.
I thought that it is among the people of my country
Pencil works better to rewind the tape. 
Oh yes.  Two must-haves for any trip in an old Dodge Caravan.
i do . All the mixed tapes my friends and i made over the years...Good Times and  Great memories
You need the pen to tighten the spool.
the pen is using for rolling the tape
I bet today's kids don't know what actually that is..
The pen was used to fix the cassette if it got unraveled. That is very old school.
Put ballpoint in the hole.
Just for rewinding the tape or strighlining the messy tape
i loved this post when i saw it 10 months ago....great job 
Are we so old to understand what to do or how to save battery
Write the name of the album on the tape , please!
if the tape pulls out we use the pen to re roll to the correct posistion LOL
Break the cassette with the pen and then break the pen with the broken cassette 
pen was used for writing !! aha! I know, I used it a lot, can also use pencil...
You would use the pen to roll the tape up when it started to come out of the cassette. Damn. Now I feel old.
this day was very good for picnic but i donot go because of hot you have same problem so ok connet with me
Well you needed the pen so you could write "Electric Light Orchestra" on one side of the label, and "Deep Purple" on the other.
I'm 17 and I still don't get it. How long ago was this?
you will have our child and you are eternal. bible said same thing.
use to do this allllll the time lol
Tape is like a paper ( off course a magnetic one ) on which we write using pen.
My childhood favourite thing to do to kill time lol
The BIC pen was perfect for the job! Pencils tended to wear down.
we use that pen to scroll the tape

(I had 344 +1 in this coment and i still counting)
Hi Gorgeous,

Oh, those were the days....
Am missin it,or uv got better pharmacutal drugs than me,any spare?
ohhhhh they both record! i get it. well if thatis the correct answer.
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