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Oh my.
Lovely Singapore, send for me!

h/t +Jason Elliott.
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looks nice - wouldn't dare to go in that though :-)
I wonder if it has a view of the GP.........if it does I'll definitely stay there when I go.
i need a singapore gal frnd ASAP 
Marty D
This is unreal. Would love to go there sometime
Stacy S
I can see my data centre from there!
Just by looking at it I got Vertigo...
Stacy S
Its not that I'm not around. I just don't comment on posts unless it can add to the quality of the post. I do, infact, read a majority of your posts.
+Stacy S cool. I enjoy your geekness and it's pretty funny seeing guys hit on you thinking you're female. 
Stacy S
I'd say I do my share of the trolls, guess the jokes on them.
that pool used to be opened, for the public ( had to pay a fee to go up) but now you have to be a guest of the hotel to enter. a bit disappointed at their decision.
Stacy S
From a business standpoint, you want your guests (The ones paying your bills) to feel welcome and enjoy their stay, in hopes they will return. If your signature pool is over crowded, then your guests are less likely to return.
If I were a paying to stay at the hotel. I wold assume I am paying for exclusivity for use of the pool too.
Id totally would be splashing ppl down below.
Very cool.  And the question it begs is: How many capsules of chlorine do they have to use per day?
Oh this is on that building that looks like a boat, SWEET!!
Anita A
The first time I saw this I was in awe and still am anytime time i see this place. #I want to go
I watched them building that place on a video.  That was impressive.
When I am independently wealthy I will def stay there
this is the worst design in architecture. it's pretty but, bad
Krys, you do know that this the Hotel that you posted before right? The one that is connected at the top.
What a "FINE" country. Due to it's stringent laws, it's the cleanest place I've ever been.
+Gershon Talla yes, that's what I keep hearing. Singapore is #1 on my list of places to see outside the US.
Wao its like like a sweet  lie....
:) Love the views from Marina Bay.... especially when there is fireworks displays in the city.
want to go there where is it?
Wow rthats creepy what ifthe glass broke
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