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Beautiful Japanese Maple Tree in Austin, Texas
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No, I didn't take this photo. A friend sent it to me who knows how much I love these trees.
Well. Sad to report I did some research and it looks like it doesn't have a history. There is talk its fake and not from Austin. Some say it's from Zilker Park and enhanced but I don't see evidence of either yea or nay.

Most photos are enhanced so I don't know how fake this would be.

Oh well...ignorance is bliss right lol!
I like pretty pictures. I guess in this instance I'd appreciate it as if it were a painting.
Yeah, none the less its a beautiful picture
wow that is so pritty!!!
Bob Yau
Wow this looks unreal!
i wish my backyard looked like this
Where these tree's in the movie, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? I always thought that the director used a filter to get that colour. Simply amazing. Thanks for posting Krystyn. Hello from Canada!
is that cherry blossom's?
All I saw was RED hmmm.
I reckon I like sum more them french fried taters.
Guys, I am not a tree expert, but I think it is a fake. I love Japanese maple trees, and I have never seen one get this big in Texas. It is very hot here. In Austin, you are going to see a lot of live oak trees, and I think that is what we are looking at here with some kind of tinted filter on the leaves.
cool story bro. wanna put it in the cool story basket?
Wow, I didn't think you could grow Japanese cherries in the Hill Country. I've been telling Bren that one of the things I'm going to miss when we move back is the cherry trees. Maybe I can have them after all. :-)
Stunning. If that's Texas, that's the first good reason I've known to visit Texas.
I llve this photo. it's one of the best I've seen all week and I scour Google+ to find some of the best. The color scheme and the centering of your object makes the photo come alive. But I also has an air of lonliness and desertedness to it. Like it is in a area that has been forgotten about. But beauty exists all around!
I'ts a beautiful picture <3
Lucy L
WOW...! amazingly beautiful..! Thanks so much for sharing such beauty!!
krazy awesome, where is this place at?
wtf?? it reminds me of summin that i 1ce ate :D but its beautiful neverthles!
I would so love to just sit under that beautiful tree
pink is like the sexiest color ever PERIOD.
It's a Beautiful Picture! Thank you for the post.
I live in Portland Oregon and I believe that there are many beautiful sites as such which if you are there at the right time of the year and know photography, you can capture them.
Even nicer than the ones in Brooklyn at the Botanical Gardens.
mAi Hou
I wanna be there .
I think this is Photo-Shoped, explains red grass
Wow, I need to go check it out. I live in Houston and will definitely make a trip over. Thanks for sharing +Krystyn Chong
That color is outstanding.
That's lovely. Beautiful share. 
wow. i have never seen something like this in my life. thank you for sharing. this is what g+ is all about
Grass is pink. I would guess it's been altered. Trees look like oaks & most tables in parks in Austin look like that so I wouldn't be surprised if it was Zilker Park.
Nice place and beautiful scenery!
I LOVE THOSE your profile picture is so beutiful
Mother nature take time to meet all our needs. AOL
Gorgeous. I would love to have a picnic there.
Sun Rae
its so beautiful!!!!! :D
Gorgeous. I would love to be there in person!
That's a beautiful tree! I would so love to have one.
Hate to rain on the party but, I live in Austin and even though everything is bigger in Texas this aint no Japanese Maple they are either a bunch of Live Oaks or Pecan Trees. Yep the HSL sliders in Lightroom can do the impossible.
WOW!!! I've never seen anything like it!!!
It's like a fantasy-land of pink!!! That's so cool! (and I'm not a big fan of pink)
wow it looks like cotton candy!! thats pretty beast :)
How Breath taking this is &Gorgeous .Always,Lori H-Smith 5th. May.2012
Nice, but that is not Austin if it's real. Good filter though!
Absolutely stuning,I was there in 1976 for a framton concert!
Fake. Unless it's japanese maple grass which happens to be pink as well.
didn't know they got that big, but everything is bigger in texas. i miss u texas.
Wow, I have to look for that next time I'm there :0))
WOW SOOO PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Quan C
That's very red/pink. Me like!
Oh Wow, That is beautiful, Mother Nature has really out done herself!! great picture by the way have a great one "T"
suPer like this phoTo.!!
hope too see this in persOn!!!
PINK......TREES......I never thought I would ever see any other than a cherry tree....
Reminds me of the beauty of the movie "Hero".
Just bought a pair of Japanese Maple Trees yesterday! Can't wait to watch them grow with me, at my city condominium roof-top.
What is that? A tree? never seen one of those before. Thanks for sharing.
Its real peaceful looking...
Ed Daly
Amazing picture.
That is so beautiful. I wish they can grow trees like that in the city
those are not maples, those are Japanese flower cherry trees
Omg..."might be fake". No wonder Trey Ratcliff and the braindead zombies following in his tracks have become so successful. NO WONDER AT ALL.
That is one beautiful picture. Kudos to the photographer.
absolutely gorgeous! this is what it must look like living inside a gallon of raspberry fudge torte ice cream.
so lovely that maple tree wish i was under that lovely tree
This photo was taken through an Infrared Lens. That is why the colors are all off.
Is it a maple tree
Have people in this thread, except the few ones pointing out the picture is fake, suffered some kind of collective, debilitating stroke? A red tree and pink grass? This is not just fake, it's stupid. It's not photography, it's not digital art, a 5 year old kid could do this over the course of seconds. Look up the word stupid if it appears to any of you as "FANTASTIC". Does anyone here walk around with pink glasses all day long because everything automatically looks "awesome" that way? You'd think so.
Not a fan of pink, but this is beautiful. :o
Where is this at? I live In Austin.
good photographic performance,coufeld with the beautiful models who
i used the DANKAM app to see the pink and can now confirm, that is PINK. and stunning. and a feat of wonder.
I fill in love with those trees, close my eyes and imagine my self on the floor watching the sky on pink, with my arms open for such a beauty with little sun shine getting throw those cloudy branches representing the lungs of the place breathing deeply and invading my body & mind.
Kanal Y
Natural beauty!
+Hans J. Furfjord - people find beauty in many things; all of which are not burdened with what one perceives as what's real or what's fake.

Is a painting less value because it's someone's interpretation?

Beautiful. I haven't seen it while since I left Japan. 
Where is that Japanese Maple? I live in Austin and would love to go see it!
a picture of serene beauty within nature, this is as close to Summerland as one will get on Earth. Terrific eye you have there +Krystyn Chong
Oh great -- this burnt out my red-receptors!
nice so beautifull
looks very nice, but they should have trimmed the grass growing in front of the concrete pad that the picnic tables are on and taken a second shot to color adjust.
1) japanese maples != japanese cherry
2) grass is not red :P
3) japanese maple are a much darker red and when the leaves fall off they are a very deep maroon.

it looks like someone removed all of the green from the image.
still pretty though and would probably look even better (although not as pink :P) if all of the green hadn't been removed.
edit: this is all to say it's a good photo but certainly not a japanese maple.
+Krystyn Chong Yes, a painting is of less value if it requires the one watching it to either be 1) 5 years old to enjoy it because of its pointlessness, simplicity and plain stupidity, or 2) 20 years old and completely, utterly, shamefully robbed of all conceivable taste to a degree only comprehensible if he/she haven't seen a picture before in his/her life. Everyone else identifies this picture as the kind of "art" you find on soap bar wrappings in hotel rooms, or on cloth pictures for little girls' pink bedrooms. If I saw that picture on a wall in the home of someone above 20, I think there had to be some kind of stunted development involved, someone stuck at a stage in their development in a way that can't be mended. Someone walking in pink underwear until they're 90 and singing little girls' songs just as long, because "art is a matter of interpretation". Art is first a matter of context, then it's a matter of interpretation. If you ever grow out of your pink phase, you'll understand.
There is more gullible ignorance in the comments here than true pixels in that image!
that's a whole lotta pink
photoshop, good but photoshop none the less
1. open any tree image in photoshop
2. CTRL + U
3. switch master to green
4. set hue value to -100
5. now switch green to yellow
6. set hue value to -100
7. OK
how would they clean that up!
Mina Wu
surrounded by pink leaves
This looks like infrared photography.
very nice tree........
i cant say more than this wow
very cool pic but teres new tech called editing not one of my likes
Grr. All red! It looks like a retouched photo!
+Hans J. Furfjord I'll leave you with Confucius:

The Superior Man is all-embracing and not partial. The inferior man is partial and not all-embracing.

To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous.

The silent treasuring up of knowledge; learning without satiety; and instructing others without being wearied: which one of these things belongs to me?

its amazing how nature can take up the majority of our lives
Where was this Japanese Maple Tree in Austin, Texas? This photo looks like it was taken in Zilker Park.
That looks like the best place to go in a date or get married:)
Omygod. It"s like someone watered those trees with Pepto Bismal. :D I LIKE. It's pertyyyyyyy..
It is so pretty that I have ever seen and waiting for more from you.
+Krystyn Chong Confucius wasn't talking about pink glitter, he was talking about experiences, people and ideas. If you test the logic of your interpretation, the word no should be removed from the vocabulary, and rejecting a meal of bird droppings would be the act of an "inferior man". Children tend to interpret everything literally, the way you just interpreted Confucius, and they tend to look pictures with pink grass and believe it's real. I'll leave you with figuring out the conclusion to what I just said.
Japanese Maple Tree change color in the fall. This tree get a head start on the season !! I like it ♪♪♪
beautiful picture
WOW. that picture is so Amazing. I have never seen anything like it.
its real????? i dont believe
Krystyn, super! I am jealous of the abilities of natures, color portraying as well You your click.
like a warm blanket on a summers eve.
wow that's awesome pic hey:..!
wonder what it smells like,we can smell our forest,ocean.animals.
i like it~
Those bomb as eva
wow!awesome.i wish i could see it real in my life
i like this place. really beautiful /
This is so beautiful! If I were there, I would be dancing around the trees! Where is this place?
Sara S
Do have more images from this tree?
This is fake, I live in Austin Texas. This is photo enhanced. Notice the purple picnic tables? This is Zilker park. I can point out each of these trees and they sure aren't as beautiful as this. Sorry to disappoint!
People can make purple tables ya know....... And even if it is fake, its still pretty cool and beautiful
wow i just absolutely HATE it when some lil immature girl thinks she knows everything lmao
This photo is lovely. Just like glitter unicorns. Both fake but lovely.
Breathtaking image! I can imagine myself there.
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