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Care is needed every relationship...
...thats really not how birds work. if you hold them with care, they'll hang out for a bit, and then they'll fly away again....because they get hungry, tired, or because they stopped caring. they're like cats that way.
Hold with care a large wild parrot, or a cassowary, and see where it gets ya....

really i think the image should say "hold with care in a hand with a lot of bird seed." but then that means you need to bribe the relationship to make it last.

which makes sense in some cases.
ohhhhhh hw sweet i luv it thanx 4 sharin
friendship is the name of true relationship
Papyrus, I've missed you, old chap
"If you love something let it go. If it comes back to you it's yours" If you love someone give them all the freedom they want. If they choose to stay with you it's because they love you, not because you are holding on to them.
Putting them in cages in your basement works just as well.
very cute...........................................................!
i think thats good opinion, good understanding on how relationship it works, will help many people
awww!! this is very sweet :)
thanks for sharing
I like that saying about the bird
love it! wonderful...
yeah, remain with you because they can't escape but probably want to.. What a useless analogy
y r very sweet angel........................
hi friend, very nice and superb
Very nice words and very true:-)
Nice picture by the way...
Do agree with this statement. My relationship has died because of being held it tightly. And I am stuck in my mind as don't know what I can do to improve my relationship :(
And You cannot hold it for a long time. Have to put it some time in the cage,,, at the same time keep feeding enough to keep it alive..
Birds do crap on you ya know. Just sayin.
I'm just short of teary eye'd
thanks much..
beautiful you , beautiful thinking
and if you don't concentrate, they crap in your hands.
How about Eagle, Falcon and crow. Birdom.
And sometimes they shit on you. (couldn't resist, sry).
It's unnatural and harmful for a bird to live in captivity.
Or - easier to let them go -
Nice analogy. Very apt!
Did you come up with that?
Birdie with the yellow bill, sits upon my windowsill, I coax you in with bits of bread, and then I smash your little head...
aww sweet wish i could do that
it's touches me cos i loose my girlfriend recently
oh, I like this one...I must share. so true
You've obviously never been close to a wild bird ;)
the pics too cute and the writing is nice =)
cute sparrow,I heard also relationships are like butterflies,If you hold it tightly and forcibly it will die,and if you hold it with care ,it will remain alive and continue living next to you!
relations are like birds , if you hold tightly they die, but you hold loose they fly, but you hold with care, they remain with you for ever
Sometimes.... That's not even true.. But I like it....
but if you hold with care, they shit on your hand!
Ive always like to compare relationships as a garden, you need to work at them to get the best results
The best relationship is the relationship between man and man, and man's relationship with God. relationships they form a triangle.
and they would hit your hands when they become hungry
truth about relationships
So True....this simply confirms how relationships are so Tender which can ONLY be held with care....
The bird disagrees...
aaaahhhhhh........................yep to quote jim carey
nice speach tonight mr and mrs 1st lady
Chidya Udii ...

Aab Udd bhi jaaaaa...
nice pic and also message.. 
i think he's sleepy..nice love quote!
An honest bird in the hand is worth more than two Bushes in the White House
How can I get rid of all this semi-spiritual self-indulgent, "couldn't be more obvious", amateur philosophical crap from my "what's hot" feed?
Relationship means undetstanding each other's emotions and needs
Get rid of this? You can mute it now that you've replied. If it annoys you it wasn't my intention... +Tim Lathouwers

The Simile is philosophical! Of course, every friendship is like an untamed bird. For the silliest reason we may lose it. The reason you know? Human being is absolutely an egocentric creation! So, however careful you be, one day the bird is destined to elude your grip!
and if the birds is an a**hole, it craps all over your hands.
same with a parrot too....:-p
I really love this one by you Miss chong, this is the whole truth and nothing but.. and everything i am looking for in a relationship. So thanks
awesome ...............................
Artie C
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Monogamy FTW!!
i agree.... John and the others its jst a comparison. If u dnt give yr partner space they will feel imprissoned bt if u never minded abt your partner u will loose them, and the outcome of a relationship is what you make of it. What u put in is what u get out... So grow up and see the bigger picture.......
some birds, hold tightly it bite. Hold loosly it bite. Hold carefully from bite
wow whatt a nice quote? awezm i love it
mah,veza ti je ko magla,sad je ima,pa je nema.drž se sexa,toga uvijek ima...
Keep it as you're care by your self...I like it.
i love it. bt not yet in relationship.
love to be single
awwwwwwwwwww cute bird!!! are u are bird wacher or somfink
we have an song near from this wisdom (love it )
That is soooooo true.And i love beutiful birdy.
very nice thought and picture
what if it throws up you you're hand then poops you your car?
it sounds like something i found in a fortune cookie xD but its true so i guess it dosent count
I really like this picture and saying its really the truth and i appreciate you for sharing this with the world because this is what we need... Thanks
I once held a bird with care, and it flew away. fraud
Wow that makes so much sense, now I know why if you hold onto someone really, really tight then your relationship will just die and you will wont be with them anymore. :)
Parah B
that is so cute and true
A phrase worth remembering, Thanks for posting.
if it throws up it may be wanting to feed you. Poop? car?? hmm? Marty what are you doing with a bird in your car?
Biju' s
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Not true at all : if you hold it like he does, the bird flies away. Except if you broke his winds, of course.
haha, really it is...
I just learned something today.
sweet birdie! and nice thought!
yes , i hope you care about your love ,be happy
you have written truth and you are awesome
Ya, dear it is realy fact, & it is very nice
Yes that is so true to tight they die to loose they fly just right they are yours for ever !  Nice
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