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I think sometimes you have to pay to get  friends..........
Wait a second... Hugs are free? I need to have a talk with my mom. I've been overpaying.
One could make the argument that several of those are not free. For example, kisses. Let's compare that to water. I can wake up in the morning, or at any point in the day, and get me some free water. However kisses require, usually, a loved one, and probably a gf/bf/spouse, I can't just turn to anyone and say, "I'll take one of them kisses." 

Chances are that the person you are getting your "free" kiss from, you have invested hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of cash or time. You in them, or they in you.  It's no cool cup of free tap water. 

Then too, depending on how attractive you are, some of those things are freer for some people than others, 
Stacy S
Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but I'm a realist....

Hugs: Possibly free [See Love]
Smiles: Maybe free, secondary costs possible.
Friends: Not free, drinks and gas for starters.
Kisses: Not free [See Love]
Family: Defiantly not free. [alimony as proof]
Sleep: Maybe free, secondary costs likely [House/Bed/AC]
Love: Expensive. [try not buying flowers, chocolate and jewelry]
Laughter: Cheep, but not free. Stimuli generally required.
Good Memories: recollection of event free [Event likely not free]
Ridiculous! c'mon +Stacy S - That's like saying the unconditional love and joy you get from a pet isn't free because you have to pay for their food and care.

Don't get it crossed up - It doesn't cost anything if I can muster a smile from you here online.

Things that aren't free that make you smile:
a song from iTunes
+T Alexander same goes for you. :p if you put a price on kisses and hugs you are probably extremely frugal or have intimacy issues.

Srsly, tell me the last time you hugged your friend or parent and they asked for a dollar. lol

See that fellas? +Jon Emmett just smiled and it didn't cost me (or him) any money.

:) :X :D
Stacy S
+Krystyn Chong the realist in me says 'online' is 98$/mo for mobile and 115$/mo for business cable. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

On the plus side, looking at the world this way has me on track to retire by 34. :)
+Krystyn Chong You seem rather down to earth, but I do think that +Stacy S has great points. 

Being that you are pretty, it may be easier for you to muster these things from people, but for the regular people who don't fit into the matrix of popular-esque beauty, it's not free. Nothing is free it seems...even air is paid for (by higher housing rates in places with cleaner air...and higher housing rates in places with dirty air--like LA). 


Hugs: Free if you don't mind an assault charge
Smiles: Free if you're not calculating the cost of internet...or jail bonds provided by a hyper-vigilant parent
Friends: Possibly free...but how much of the population befriends homeless people? Otherwise, you're probably paying to participate in the event (e.g. bar, club, restaurant)
Kisses: Free from long as you're not calculating the time and money you spend on them or for them...
Family: See Kisses... 
Sleep: Maybe free, secondary costs likely [House/Bed/AC]; I agree with +Stacy S with a reservation for shelters...although those are paid for by someone through taxes or charity
Love: Expensive....period. Can't keep the love unless you're paying for gifts or liquor...or drugs...
Laughter: Free for those with a fully interactive mental world that plays a lot of satire...
Good Memories: recollection of event free [Event likely not free] (with +Stacy S on this one...although the recollection does involve you not being distracted by any of modern society's other expenses...)
+Stacy S hm. Interesting prospective.

Since you're investing and planning for the future you owe me 37.45 for all the smiles I'm guesstimating you induced out of me and for the smiles I instigated from you.

15 cents each smile adds up.

I think we're at 38.30 now.

SO HOT !!!!!!!!!!!! VERY VERY SEXY!!!!!!!!
+Jared Hernandnez I am as idealistic as you are. I think the "realist" point of view is simply that in society, people with the least (looks, money, whatever)--who aren't otherwise associated with others--normally receive the least  quantity of these things. That's all. 

Surely you don't think Flava Flav would otherwise have moderately attractive women flocking to be his wife on national you?
Stacy S
+Krystyn Chong As with our previous discussion, I am already making arrangements to pay off my smiles debt. Choose your new phone yet?
You gotta love the free stuff!! Especially the ones listed!
Well why in the hell people making us pay for everything. It's like people dont know how to have a good time anymore with out money. Woman arent free anymore either, they cost in my neighborhood. 
yes i believe in that, but most of them, not get chance tobe with der family
Leo Sam
yes indeed, seems little, but realized great when you lose them. 
But ur right! And those free things in this world Life gives u can greatly touch deep down in ur soul and change u!
But the sad part about it is, although they are free, yet we really dont receive them as often as we should.
TRUE....... Bt sumtymz diz thngz dne fr othrz .......doznt mean so much to dat prsn....NO VALUE......
Smiles are free. if you don't believe that you aren't fully appreciating my fail dorkness. You know, I make myself smile. When I feel stupid and embarrassed I lol bc its ONLINE. wth

It's just funny - the things that happen online where you'd think one was safe from tripping over your own feet and such.

Alas, embarrassing moments embrace me just the same
That's why people have become so miserable, and people can just close their eyes and ears too others cry for help.
Between mini-geek and +Krystyn Chong I get multiple smiles a day ... without which my day would completely suck ;)
And life itself, when lived wisely.
Yup thats a pretty good depiction of homeless and poor people alright.
what do they think i am homeless
I thnk love cnt b free . Its require sacrifice...:):):)
Sorry Guy's Im new here I need some friends on Facebook!!!! 
 i like these cute little pictures and definitely agree with them
i think it tells the truth plus its cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow I can't believe how many negative nancies are on this post.  Reminds me so much of my ex-wife.  There's a reason she's my ex.
I can only appreciate some of them now...But I will attempt to purchase the others.
Interesting how this subject spawned the impulsive desire to immediately figure monetary costs for all things listed. Clearly, the sentiment is that the things that can make you happy in life can't be found on a store shelf, or an online store (cheeky comments aside). To try to justify the fact that these things are not good in life, and that they arguably have a monetary value is arbitrary, and rather pessimistic. I hope that those who are fighting this tooth and nail try harder to find some "free" things more in your life. Maybe then, you will be able to see their TRUE value.
+Robert Partridge Not negative...just reality. I came on here gungho to +1 and say "Thanks!"... But reality is reality. Everything is being privatized...which means someone profits from everything. 

The internet costs the smiles you get from it have an inherent cost...

I explained everything else in my other post (that I fear was taken out of context, so I'll be editing it after I write this)... 

It's not negative, my friend. It's reality. It doesn't take away from the joy and warmth felt when these things are enjoyed...just an understanding that these enjoyed things actually do have a monetary cost to them in some way, shape, or form...
+Aaron L. Green wouldn't you be paying for internet anyway?  The smiles you get from a cute picture or friendly gesture from someone are the extra added free bonus
Paying for Love? You're being screwed! If there's a price tag then its not Love.
Allison Williams u are so true!! That's what it seem like now && days
+B Gallagher Well I'm not your ex and I don't punch people in the head.  The guy may be a "noob" or confused but that isn't an excuse to be rude.
I am pretty sure that tacos cost money...
+Beau Newton being able to recognize "cost" in seemingly free stuff helps avoid simplistic platitudes that make us assume that others would be as happy as us if only they woke up and saw the free stuff.

But again, kisses and love don't flow like water

It's like the attractive woman on Facebook who says, "I have over 50 people commenting every time I say "boo". Thus everyone should experience the same!".

Some roads are easier for some people, and there are reasons. 
Yes but i don't like the way talks 
+Robert Partridge Yes...but just because you're putting gas in the car anyway, doesn't make your trip to Wal-Mart free... You know? 

I'm not here to bust bubbles or anything...and as I said, I'm a pretty idealistic person; I see the good in many people who have been cast off as heathen. 

At the same time, reality is reality, and through my life, my smiles and such (provided from other people) have been less when I was down monetarily than when I was up monetarily. Of course, state of mind plays a lot in this equation, but in the end, your ability to interact in the United States defines much of your experience...and our present culture interacts more using money than anything. 

When the Supreme Court rules that money = Free can see clearly what this is all about. And much of what +Krystyn Chong presented ends up costing money...
Really they are the Precious things in our life

If kisses are free, and if everyone can dispense them, then why do you have to "know" someone to get one? Obviously kissing has some sort of string to it, a hidden cost based on relationships that involve the previous transfer of care. Care has an actual cost. 

My girlfriend might give me free kisses, but that is based on my demonstrated behavior in the past, that I respect her, buy her stuff, I communicate and's an unspoken quid pro quo. 

It's not a free good. 
Me me me I need 8 hours sleep or feel like a rag doll throughout the day.
Nope. Love and kisses usually cost me dinner and/or a movie.
true krystn but i hate to say pain is also free so watch out for it it may not be one of the best or the worst , but it is also part of life. so god bless
NO the glass is completely full...Half filled with liquid of higher density and half with a liquid of lower density (air)
what about aids?  aids are free...
smiles are only one thing we can share easily and freely without bothering to anyone
even its difficult to get hug these days
+Stacy S StacI have to completely disagree with every single one of your cost estimates :P and I can even break them down to show where they really are free. I might do that later when I'm not about to clock in to work lol and yes, therr IS such a thing as a free lunch, too.
made me smile, then laugh, then think back, then sleep... zzzzz
Hugs: Require decent hygiene. That costs. Smiles: mean you want decent teeth. That costs. Friends: That costs in beer. pizza, moving. Kisses: Again, you need decent hygiene. Family: Seriously? you don't think it costs to have kids? Sleep: decent sleep cost money. Love: Have you even been in love? Huge emotional cost. Laughter: Much of what we laugh at costs. Good memories are created by doing something that costs. Of course everything cost, to say otherwise is ignorant. The question is: Is it worth the cost? (yes, btw)
okay, but you can only "afford" to find joy in those things when you have money to keep stability and comfort in your life.
Most of those have opportunity costs.
you need good heart and good intention for all than not money got it
love don't cost a thing

Remember what JLo sang to Diddy a decade ago? ;)

But to create good memories it might cost money, to go out with friends, familiy or your love.
true kystn chong...its about fellings
+Krystyn Chong I love your posts! And don't listen to them, they are all wrong.... although I do admit that it is easier for people who have the looks to get this stuff for free
Hope c:
Unless of course your laugh box belreaks a
But... musical instruments and awesome gear cost thousands! :/
Hope c:
Unless your laugh box breaks and you need to pay 3000 dollars to get it replaced. 

You don't get any of those unless someone pays for the food, water, clothing, power and nowadays technology :)

There's the irony, the good stuff is free, the junk we we wish we didn't need costs through the nose.
For Krystyn Chong to really keep on believing this, she must have everything (or almost everything) still being paid for by others (parents, etc).  Then yes I can see her PoV of delusional thinking.  It doesnt make sense that people really think that a lot of stuff is free. 

To get to any one of those moments there is a cost, unless you just sit in one spot and smile and laugh to "yourself" all the time but then your going to need to eat and drink to keep on smiling and laughing to yourself, so dayum I guess thats not even free.  damn cost.
Maybe it is easier for some people to get smiles, hugs and friends, but if you have a genuine smile on your face you will get one back.

I promise you.

One of my favorite trite quotes:  The best things in life aren't things.
forgot one thing,     EAT EAT EAT
Krystyn Chong i send you friend resquet in Facebook my name is heriberto beto Contreras 
yeaaaaah all things in my life sooo good because i have a nice family & friends :) :) always makes me happy :)
A sweet kiss can even make my worse days better.
+John Lubonty nope. I've been on my own for over 20 years. I moved to (for a job) New York City and lived by myself while my family and friends were all on the west coast. The things I have are because I work my butt off.

I'm just like the next person. I have insecurities and relationship problems.

For me, I don't have it all dandy like most of you seem to think. I'm not anybody special. I'm not.

Can't agree with tinker fairy any more!!! Totally true!!!
But you can give them to the birds and bees.
I want money.
That's what I want.
This is so true..... and they look so adorable!
waht????????????????????????????????? chuck norris
Naw Ing
What the heck with all these damned cartoons

Your. Right all those things in are free and family is the most important thing in life but the one thing. U really. Want is to meet that one person to do all this with . Later
תדעו לכם שכל 800 תגובות לא הבנתי כלום למה אתם לא רושמים בעיברית מה אתם באנגליה או באמריקה יאללה
Smile's are free hugs are I would trade. you one beer of your choice too lay a great a kiss on you. Have a lovely day from the Midwest
I don't have to pay to get friends 
chooo chooo choooo chweeeet
true point but this image makes all those things look stupid
I have that pic n they have it on facebook. zats so kool still
Everythin is free except the stores,gas,money,cars,homes,n other stuff
Family is free? As is "free to drain my bank account"?
Nothing is free in this world & free goes boring soon . 
lol i love the ppl for friends. my fav are sleep, kisses, love, and good memories
i like 2 make friends fun with them with good memoris
-that picture is true i saved to my computer
Strippers and Exotic Dancers of the World would likely beg to differ.
i just wanna say. theres a differnce between a realist and a LITERALIST 
how are the best things free? besides family the best things cost money
Absolutely agree. You can´t buy those, or download them, just earn them, and cherish them.
for me the best thigs are hug my perants,smile to make other's happy other's ,care my frienda,kiss my mom,life happy with my family,sleep for a good day,love to get other's love and interest,laugh for a good health and at lastgood memories which i've saved in my computer,album and specially in heart......................huh
The problem is that we are all adults. I was born for free (no cost to me), I had free hugs and kisses from my mum, and free love too. My family cost me nothing either. In fact, everything was free for me when I was a kid. Growing up is what costs you money! Freedom is for kids - enjoy it while you can.
if you have money friends and relatives care about you , and you get good sleep if you can pay rent, a grils always loves a man earns enough.. well, though its true that i coudl find some people laughing without having money.
True :) Hi guys! Please follow me! I’m not the real Stephanie Scott, but im pretending to be Lexi Reed from ANT Farm! I’m going to be posting things that are happening in the show, almost like the character Lexi is real and really has a Google Plus! Thanks sooo much! <3
very ture except for me most good memories were going to places like the zoo which you have to pay for.
This reminded me of why I love the weekend,I get to do all of the things in the picture with all my loved ones. Thank you for the smile!:-)
an apache helicopter could be free... if u stole it
+Allakay Hall Wow, you've gotta a lot on your plate. :( my heart goes out to you and your baby. I can't imagine going through such an ordeal without the comfort of insurance and your man.

You are a strong woman, stronger than you know or believe. Thank you for sharing your story with us. If you need to vent or want a shoulder please don't hesitate to come back...

Take care of yourself best you can and keep your spirits up. Things have a way of working out. 
The best things in life are free so embrace every single second you can of it or them:)
Family is NOT free if you are the dad 
Some of the worst things in life are free too....
My cynical nature forced me to make this comment:
I had to pay for the gift that caused the smile, which lead to the hug, which lead to the kiss. My friends only hang out with me because I have cool stuff. The marriage license and wedding cost a fortune. The doctors and hospital charged me a small fortune for pre & post natal care, my bed cost me over a grand, not to mention the house it is stored in. It cost me $20 to see the movie that made me laugh. It cost quite a bit of money for the dates, phone calls, instant messages, trips and hotel rooms that helped to cultivate that love. And most all my good memories I had to pay to have the experience that allows me to remember them.
Oh dear. I don't have any of those free things. And because I'm unemployed, I don't have any of the nice expensive things either. :-((
It's just a meme guys. You don't have to be so serious about it. Just laugh it off and move on to the next trend. It's not that hard. :P 
One day I hope you all stop and smell the roses. I hope you find happiness, which allows you to see through loving eyes. Purity. Without cynicism.

When you experience a love that shows you more than monetary reasons for it you can embrace the simplicity of it all.
I have this on my Facebook i love this pic
A true friend is the one who is walking in when the rest of the world is walking out.
you forgot lemons. did u guys know that life just hands them to you!?!?
Your cartoon is very lovely.
But..Kisses & Love in my life are not free.
Xin Wei
Yes. They're all good!
smiles,hug,love,kisses,family,friends,laughter,sleep,GO.............OD memories
sorry bout my last comment, its true all above should be free,"u cant buy love"
Translate a little funny.....but not true...i have a 8-8'30 he comes at my house,i give him water,play with him ,laugh at him ,love him and then he goes away...when he was little i found him in a park with a broken leg,took him home and took care of he finds his food alone,and comes to me more to have the nice time that we a lot of things are free...if you have a big heart,and also..if you don't charge the other ones around you...Have a nice day..PS.This is just my oppinion!
I see posts I've done on what's hot everyday by the same people. I find it flattering. is so sweet
how nice
are with love you
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