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People who say the least are always the smartest. 
People who can make their point in few words and also make it snarky, are genius. 
Not just stupid, we get many +1s for it, so we can know we are not alone...;-)
Well, nobody absolutely chooses to be stupid.
Why speak in third person when it comes to yourself ?
I am not stupid I am just me and that's how I like it
XDD Nice people do often possess that choice.
wow you two are ruthless that is freaking awesome dont knock it lol ^.^ humans, phf
Talk about hitting the nail on the head.
Some don't choose to be stupid, they're just born that way ;-)

Or as Ron White said, "You can't fix stupid. Stupid is foreva."

Is that overly pessimistic of me? Must be too much blood in my caffine stream...
i no sum people dont no wat to do with ther lives!!
So true I am in middle school and its so sad to see kids already ruining their lives
I was told that your only stupid if you get caught ...
Yeah, but lots of fun is there in being a stupid...
how does that make any sense +Angel Myst - so if you don't get caught your stupid if your caught your stupider I suppose?
Writting black text on a white background and saving it as an image always seemed pointless...
If they are stupid in real space can they suddenly become intelligent in cyperspace? Can the intelligent peoplein cyberspace beat the stupid people into being intelligent and thereby make real spcae more intelligent? LOL
The ones went t college r more stupid.
roflmao - I am at work at my desk chuckling out loud, good thing it is a long weekend and I am the only one here at my end of the hall.
Is it strange?
Your statement is as the internet is a place of living.
I'd say let's bring down a notch.
Some choose... others are.
There should be laws against being stupid.
omg i wonder too
Who knows why people choose to be stupid? And who knows why people are stupid enough to choose to be stupid? I mean there are people that choose to succumb to the liking of others (bad folks) who like stupid people that listen to their every command or fulfill any requests no matter how ridiculous. They want to be sell outs for temporary attention. (shrugs)
A boy was bagging groceries at a supermarket. One day the store installed a machine for squeezing fresh orange juice. Intrigued, the young man asked if he could be allowed to work the machine, but his request was denied.

Said the store manager, "Sorry, kid, but baggers can't be juicers."
in life i have a small penis, on the internet i still have a small penis.
man i've tried enzyte and everything and I still have the smallest dong around
yaa that funny to be fooling but foolish to be fooled
+keyur patel That's worst than stupid. That's messed up! But it does happen. The other day, my friend was going for this job. The employment agency said it was to make sandwiches . But when he called, the man said it was too "wash dishes" . Okay, so he got one, he'll do anything, so the man says you have to "speak English" , he's speaks English, then the man started to ask where he'd work and if he had credentials. .... =.=' You have to have credentials to wash dishes or make sandwiches?!! If that were the case, why don't he use the credential to get a better job?
I choose to be anything I want, but stupid is not one them - ;)
Ya bt they making fool himself
My opinion is that no metter hw stupid you are you wil never except the fact that you're stupid..
So veeeerrrry true. I choose to be stupid on my videos. password: hi. My friends always try to act normal but I say do it for the 20 viewers!
I am not sure that they are choosing lol
I agree. A lot of people are choosing to be stupid.
Never really thought about that!! But it's true
lol just smile :))
hey thats pretty much covering all the people i know!
guess they choose to be stupid cuz then no 1 knows who the fool really is.
hahahahahah thats so freaking true...
Why is this an image post? It's seriously just black text on a white background.
"People who can make their point in few words and also make it snarky, are genius."

Not really. But people who speak in mantras and who use commas redundantly are obnoxious.
Hey! someone comment on my posts! I'm commenting on you guy's!
It is stupid to think stupidity is a choice ;)
Maybe because they don't know Jesus Christ. . .
Well in my case I choose to be beautiful... Oh wait I already am offline too ;)
It's amazing the comments you'll see
In a thread about stupidity

(a poem by Jake Kern)

Dedicated to +Krystyn Chong, +Amanda Blain & anyone else who has to deal with hate derived from envy.
May be bcz stupids are beautiful
yo that what i told my friend she was like wow that's true.
Ништяк ) я хоть и не знаю английского, но смешно ;)
they can't really control themselves.
exactly....mostly on facebook...there are just too many fake id on it
hey that is not funny my uncle is soo stupid that he is in the hospital:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:
It's the default setting, and most never change it.
I think u should just who u r u dnt gota b actin sometin ur not unless who feel u gota b someone else to grab attencion
so true but it seems that im one of those people sometimes
Yeah...kind of like right now.
that's true STUPID LIKE YOU KRYSTYN CHONG.............
That's true about life in general. Unfortunately the masses are stupid. That's what makes them the masses.
SOOO true i'm like OMG and the person i'm talking to is like, wh'what does that mean?'
people are strange and stupid is what stupid does.. gah
Well good thing there are still normal people around. Most people try to be so cool that they end up being so dumb. They can never be themselves unless being dumb is normal for them. Haha...
Use the internet wisely..always think twice before your click or press enter :)
Who cares,,u dont know me,,,lmfao..
What's so strange about it? :) Thinking is hard, may require work, and more you try, more chances that you will end up looking stupid.

So why doing it the hard way, when you could do it simple way! Be stupid right away!

Guess, they are actually smart! It's just that not everyone can see it. :)))
but i'm not make to money about internet same as her . ok they are think good with me but don't understand and i can't explain coz i understand only even i'm not good english
Sadly, this is the inevitable truth that the world is coming to.
Though this is somehow true,so many of us chose to be themselves,yet a lot don t get it the right way :'(:'(
If ever I have heard a true comment this has to be it....well said!
I'd rather say childish and playful... "stupid" is a little too harsh! ;p
This quote is illogical. If the internet allows the choice to be anything including stupid, then so be it, hence "On the internet you can be anything you want."
I would think that the first part of this statement gives people the choice to be 'stupid'. Why would it be so strange that some choose 'stupid'?
Well ppl tht r stupid aint gotta life
haha i love a good laugh - it's so good for the soul - thanks for sharing! :-)
Wow this post has been shared/forwarded1633 time as im writing this hehe
That's because they choose to be themselves.
very much true but also kind of funny
Thank you. That is sadly true.
I'm not stupid, I just appear to be on the internet...
i dont choose to be stupid i was just raised like my brother was
i wasnt raised like my dad!!just kiddin.....
Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives :P
i guess that's because most people can't afford to be stupid in real life
I have always wondered why ppl always choose to be idjits on the internet. It's just insane...
Just typing...Yes, people can do stupid things any OLD way.
There are some seriously dangerous, F'd up, evil, malicious, perverted, stupid, mean... I could write this for days. Shame those types of folks abuse what could be a great thing. You're safer walking in a mine field blind folded than you are on the internet.
But the internet would be so boring without the stupid people.....
i tootally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i meant totally (people make mistakes)!!!!!
that is the truest thing i have heard in a long time.
LOL that is soooooooo true but I don't choose to be stupid
that's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd say its more genetics ,inbreeding and poor education systems rather than a choice .....generally speaking of course :)
This is due to, know the meaning of stupidity
hahaha thats so true its amazeing how some peope wil post any thing and every thing.
Anything you want includes stupidity don't wonder. Pardon my stupidity.
Haha, I also wonder why are there so many crazy people who are addicted to social network life. But count me in sometimes :)
maybe it's not that strange after all it could be that they're being themselves
Nice one, Krystyn. Let's just hope, because we're human, that we don't fall into that trap, everyone. Let's not be numbered among the stupid ones.
Yes, hon. Strange it is.
Haha. I like that
And its funny how's its true 
this is so nice but i am not stupied
hi dear krystyn chong
how r u ? 
u r looking so cute dear
any one lady wanna friendship with me?
maybe some peoples looks stupid but I'm not the one .........
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