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Multi-purposeful furniture. 
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but I'm not sure abt the green...
Lol don't like awesome apple green? :)

It is bright...
Don't they move around on the wood floor?
lol, depends on how awsome the naked chick is that on the apple green
It's not that i don't like green just this might clash with... well... EVERYTHING... at least it's not orange...;-S
Probably would depending on movement. You plan on dancing on it? :)
neither are batteries... ;-O

well um, of course no batteries with a blow up. 
It looks like a fun playful room....
that is so amazing i dont know how to complament without it being a understatement
Ed K
Love the flexibility!
get this, lazy to rearrange, buy a table, a sofa, some napping mat and 4 beds instead. *joking* I love it.
where can one buy this at? this pretty cool, beige/tan color would rock.
and its green so that makes it even better lol
I really like this concept. Color aside I could immediately see some great applications for furniture like this, then again, I really like modular, multi-purpose things. Very nice ^^.
kelline------- ya maybe limgreen is still so much better lol ar maybe black lol
+Ashly Copeland lime green IS hot...and black is shiny...oo oo oo what about lime green with patent black leather stripes? This is fantabulous
ABSOLUTEY LOVE GREEN! I would definitely buy this furniture. Seems like it would solve space problems.
but is it this we do not know lol
It looks good now but realistically after 5 minutes the pieces would be all over the place
hm, what does that mean? That's a good point. Need skid pads under them.
Isha R
Nice man!!! Srry I mean nice!!! ( its a habit)😃
memory foam wld almost make that the best thing to exist lol
This might be an economic answer to the problem of wasteful spending - but It might also prove the majority of production, marketing and sales is a costlt an inefficient redundancy.
This looks great as a concept, and the versatility is so handsome; one may only hope that it will stand the test of durability for the average family, that would be about 10 years.
I'm not sure about the green either, but the idea is so cool! Do you have a link for this furniture????
I look at this and I think... Man you can come up with a lot of position with this lol
cool , nice style
one thing and many use
amazing. it's just like legos
Quite possibly the most hipster furniture that I have ever seen in my life.
Love it , It would be ideal for a quest room , actually any room .Thank You 
Have you found out where you can get them yet
plz send me dis coooooooollllll
Zach howell, do you like it and where can you get it
awesome!! can you actually buy this?? i want one..
yes but is it comfy?
i wanna buy that,where can i buy it?i would buy it at any cost.
Would be more cooler if it's orange :)
new way to make your bed !
Take money and buy furnitures...Lazy lady.
Freakin awesome where can I get that?
Looks awesome where can I get that?
Looking nice ... But wall paint should be of natural touch...
andi a
I want it
man you could save so much money on that!
its like a rubix-cube for modern homeowners
looks hip, don't get wrong but the only people who can properly put this staff to use appears to be Japanese
Green hoga to pariwesh swachh rahega.correct choice.
ditto, this is very much a "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" situation.
Erin Hu
OMG i wanna get one...
although it is so good to see then how comfortable it will be to use,?......
The color needs to change, but over all it is an awsome Idea.
that's pretty cool. i wish i had one.... :p
Why do people post cool things like this, and not provide a link to where they can be purchased?!
wish i had it
great furniture and great design
Nice looking and effective for kids! :D
Looks like a workable DIY project. Anybody on dimensions/sizes etc. Can be moded in many ways.
cool !!!!! awesome!!!!!
I am first time to see like this....
Hazel W
Wow! this is great!
Lol I'm too lazy i would just set it as one and leave it there. I mean sure I would use it at first but I def would for sure get tired of switching it
Nav H.
for poor people.
I don't understand the top-right configuration. What can that possibly be good for? Curling up in a fetal position and pretending you are an infant once again in a giant-sized playpen with teeny-tiny walls that neither keep you in nor keep anything out?!
the coolest furniture i have seen so far
ajith m
this one is cool
thats so cool i want one
I LOVE it Minus the Colors.......1970's Green/Yellow=YUCK lol.

My FAVE Colors are Lavedar/Purple & Hot Pink/Bubble Gum Pink/Powder Pink

For Furniture though prob best in a Plum Family?!?!
great technology nd when u will sell dis
Not practical.
Not comfortable.
Like wax fruit.
Maybe should be marketed to preschool market.
Kids love to climb around on things like this.
I like the simple concept and the color too
i like how it changes into different things!=D
That's good!!!
very nice.... very useful too
i need very badly my frend...its enough for 1 room...
Innovative solution.....I was thinking about to best utilise space in my spare room....I might give this a go...!
Can you give us address where we can get this type of furniture and whats it cost?
bueatyful.......... i wanna stay in dat
Nice, but if I come over for dinner I am not sitting on a balloon!
I live with someone who would LOVE this.
Really nice. Teach how to do that...
Convenient, smart, economical, but is it as comfy as my spring bed? I reckon it isn't.
Looks awesome!! :):) and comfy
Umesh L
coooooooooooooool ;):):)
Very nice concept , quite an interesting product I must say. Do you have any product representation in the UK?
I want it to be blue :)
Wow great idea, were can i find more infos?
I love the idea as it would add variety to your living space as well as the illusion of volume.
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