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Zombie lookout post!

#thatisall #caturday

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Come down off there cat, you are not a door ornament
+Thomas Perry nope, my cat could have done that at one time but Jiggy is 16 years old now. She gets on top of counters and anything with running water...
Cats have great balance and like high places.
Top of the World.. Ma...Top of the World
Krystyn, did you get your heat fixed? How are you today?
A cat who thinks he's an owl?
With that, we have a new internet fad: perching
Oh to be a cat for a day :) 
How the HELL did the Cat get up there? That is some tough Skills.
that cat is goin to slipoff of that door someone should hold on the puss.
Airborne ranger waiting the green light to go
That is one freaking epic cat!!!!!!!
My cats run into walls and fall off chairs. I'm going to show this to them to shame them. 
How did the cat even get up there?
Cindy w
Thats amazing
what happens if you close the door?
 that is just creepy!
this picture is awesome also perfect balance
how does the cat do that
That is weird 
Now that's a balancing act!
stryper! what are you doing up there?!?
Doug M
Better and bigger surprIse than a water balloon....
What if someone closes the door without realising he was up there?
Someone will close the door one day
Didn't think a cat would be able to pull that off. It's making me really want to own a cat right about now. 
Ryan Ng
Didn't think that cats can jump that high, now I gotta watch my cat really closely.
does that cat have legs or arms
That's not a cat. That's an assassin 
My moms cat does this all the time on the railing at the top of the stairs. It's not even a flat surface, it's beveled...

She has fallen from upstairs but it's when she got into a spat fighting over a bed with my brothers cat. They were in a corner and like when cats fight they look like a rolling ball. she slipped through an opening in mid-fight - it was all outside a bedroom I was in upstairs. I heard them up against the wall and then silence. Poor thing - her leg kept popping out or something but it lasted only two days before it was back to normal.

It didn't keep her from doing anything and I moved that cat bed away from the railing. She still tries to scare us by jumping up on the hand railing and perching like a bird. 
Hot dam!! He looks very comfortable 
grt.. vat r u dng thr.. mr. cat??
That cat must really know how to balance! cute :)
The judge panel awards a score of 15.0 for poise, balance, and form.

Now on to the next event, death defying leaps.
jump on your heads when you walk past.... arrrgh
cute though
ur just gonna walk in, and  the cat'll be like, hi, and ull turn round, and it'll eat ur face. and u will die
looks like mine, but mine dumb enough to try it. too spoiled...
i have no idea how that cat is on that door
lol..... dwl..... how the hell the cat reach up there!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute, but CREEPY. and so calm. too calm


It would be funny if the door slammed shut. Haha
NO ARMS !!! (at least it looks that way)
Why and how,...what  cat wants?but very cute.
good balance for one little cat he looks so cute
Oh one active kitty! Better view of ... outdoors?
Looks my cat except not that active
Omg...scary...likee im watching youuu
that is cool that is the kind of thing my dogs would do
This is that part of life where we figure out that cats fly to get to high places
Next up in the balance portion of our competition is the Acrobatic Cat! 
i wish i was that tactful!=D and cats never bother to surprise me!
cats like to sit on top....this way they get the best view of their potential ..................... bacon.....hehe
How the heck!? :) .... Cats are hilarious. 
I had a cat that could do this, had to take the stuff off the back of my door cus I slammed the door one time not knowing he was up there and one of his claws got caught. Ripped my poor kitties claw out and cost me $300 to have the vet codorize the toe, so he lost one of his claws. Still even after all that he still tried jumping up to the top of the door. He would look at me and stretch himself up the side of the door and "meeeeoow" at me to put him up there. Cats are great.
What a cute cat and an amazing acrobat! 
its cute but cats cant do that
hahalol, my cat is a climber too!
aww how cute that is hilarious i would call it ninja look out lol
haha, for a second i thought that was my cat and then i realized... my cat is way to fat to be able to jump half of that height.
awesome but how did it get up dere? lol it must've jumped on several things btw it dont look too comfortable lol i wouldm't do dat lol
How the hell did he get up there?
It doesn't even look like the cat has legs but it looks funny :)
Evey A
hahahaha! omg! 
after i saw this pic i turned to the door to make sure it wasn't there. |:|
Lol. That's funny. Thanks for being the first to make me laugh today
vy lee
zombie cool
ag khin
skilful cat.i luv u pussy.
does'nt it have that feeling you get when on a height?
awwe hi im charity and new to youtube im 15 yrs old and need some friends
Ok, What did you knock over now, Silly
Looks like monorail cat.
Oh that cat is planking! Why didn't I think of that spot 
Wendy W
I had a cat that did this. He also walked along the top of the window trim. 
if only my cat would do that the whole world woould be a great place
 Cats are just getting better and better at things! haha
What are you talking about I do that all the time! Haha, :) 
My old cat, no longer living :( used to take this type of defense training to the next level and would head-pounce from the door and reverse face-hug, wrapping legs around your skull in a playful claws-retracted way, as you walked past would really wake you up in the morning :-)

He was very cool and loved to rough-house...a feral adoption -- had some straight-up bobcat in him I suspect.
Yeah, I use one of those too to keep the door from slamming and making a noise.
+James Gender, let's see what your great dane does when that cat jumps off the door onto his back, :-) Cats clearly rule. 
Alina J
what the..............
I wonder if that is your cat?? If it is, you have about a five minute head start to evade the walking dead: )
Damn cat looks like a zombie. Those eyes.
dont you wonder how and why and where it went from there
Amber K
There balance is outstanding i have 4, things like this go on a lot XD
Shae C
haha :) something my cat would do!
ha never seen that ever before
hey, you remembered me college days again.once a friend kept two eggs on same position on the door,i just entered in the room,pushed the door and the eggs were on my feet,whole yellow yolk splited there & room was full of bad odour,i was very annoyed but surprised,all the friends were laughing at me.
That's pretty amazing. So is watching a huge rag doll cat sitting on the tiny ledge of the litter box, and peeing like he is on a toilet. I thought at first he didn't want to get his feet dirty, then he turned around , got in and covered it up. Can't quite get over that one either. This cat in the picture does look like he on the watch out for something, maybe it is zombies. Haaaaaah  cute  cat..........preparing  fr  an  attack
cool and very sporty ;-)
my dog seems to think hes a cat...he keeps doin cat stuff.WHAT?!?!?
pretty scary luk huh???????????!!!!!!!!!?!?!???????????!!!!!!1111
looks exactly like my Tabby  Cat named Pepper
S. Roy
Rick needs one :)
my son said he would kick the door  awe
Thanks for the lol comments, everybody!

And to those who would comment here but can't bc the limit has been met...thank you. :) 
Tina Wo
Wow, I got one that is a jumper, but never seen one like
Cool spot....until someone shuts the door.
Looks funny.
500 comment yea first time :) B-) lol
sHE OR HE SAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!never-mind!!!!!!!!!!!
that cat has something that most of us don't have that is  BALANCE!
こんにちは✋野良猫ですね( ̄∇ ̄)Σ(Д゚;/)/忍者猫ですか?Σ(Д゚;/)/
my cat looks the same and by the same I mean same
.il veux se suicides 😢😵😭 ou quoi😥😥😥😥
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