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i'll try yo keep them all ..........& thank u 
As much I can agree, I also think honesty is important, too.
perfect you are the blessed .thank 
Mahatma Gandhi, was the man! :)
Where did you get the poster because I'd like one for my home,and other places that need to be remind how to live with life . Mamawind
Thank you, I may post this at work.
So true. But it doesn't always happens.
Good Guy Gandhi = All wisdom all the time.
How can I share this on fb and instagram
Gandhi hated blacks and volunteered into British army while he was in South Africa. I would not pay much attention to corrupt politicos like Gandhi.
You Rock, don't ever listen to negative comments. We need to stand together and send positive energy into the universe. 
My teacher has that on the board in her classroom
You know the people how they react whenever a girl came in with a problem to share 
Happy Fathers day to all daddy around the globe.
Moses benjamin. All nigeria leaders don't have that. That s why we are sufrain.
Nikki G
My mom would always tell me that and its sooo true
Hello Krystyn you are right every one should adop these valuable thoughts in his life. Love you
Very wise words. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend. 
Thats true, if its every one follow up then everyone reach the destiney......, Nice philasaby
jam chu
so many steps to follow
If you don't see your shadow, you're not walking in the light.
Truly inspirational. Too bad that so many people have wicked thoughts.
I like this updated thank you Krystyn Chong.......
Beautiful I will keep it mind
Beautiful I will keep it mind
This all means SIMPLE "Keep your mouth shut" :)
:D ha ha ha ha pretty good huh! :D
Hui Li
YES, indeed
needs strong willpower to live that wise thought...
Soo i will need a step latter to get my mind up to the gutter were I belong 
Cool, I'm sure I have seen at least two more sources for this saying. Gandhi makes the third!
wow ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wt words of fallen from heaven .........................
We can learn a lot from these words
Exccelant! Keep on posting the knowledge of all this wisdom you have ( it is of such GREAT benefit to more people than you can ever imagine.) sincirely, yours truely " CHADDER-BOX "    THANKS!
An excellent way to shape a your life!

There are problems these days with the consequences of inflating values
Keep your destiny positive as that becomes your legacy 
that is the truth any anyone to accept.
if any body liks to communicate ,i apperciate him
 sorry i'm being immature oops :) 
ter nea
Are you positive about all this?
100%TRUE dats de way 2 keep our lyf positive lol
Actually,Gandhi got these words from none other than the prophet muhammad (saw). The ultimate role model for the whole of humanity.
That's my motto but I say character instead of values
Excellent FOOD for the souls and minds. 
Good words if want to be Mahatma Gandhi
I choose to be the creative being that i was born to be FreedomwarriorforProphetCEOof mybiz Captainof mylife and this vessel of clay
WOW. never read this before cant get any more truthful right  here..
Ok culture and how the talk and act

This is definately true.  It says it right in the Bible.
True..... Lots of knowledge and rightly said
Great stuff shared it on my other social networks "thank you"!!! 
When we speak of others, it is ourselves we show.
sri bab
Thats right wisdom
nika B
I like this its so true...
the power of positive thoughts
Beautiful n very powerful lines.....
even though he was a racist and didn't care for people of his race he had good words.
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