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OK - have been pursuaded to start using Google+...but this only works if everyone moves from twitter right???
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no, not really. did you feel everyone had to move from FB to twitter for it to work? but.....most of the conversation on G+ (in my experience) is about, errrm, G+. but i guess that will change with time.....
I use twitter and facebook very differently. twitter for C4 news and public chat, facebook for friends and family. am hoping G+ will enable me to do both
The difference is that Twitter can be read by everyone and FB is cluttered up with all sorts of junk, while Google+ allows you to post stuff to "circles" or just one person - much more control over privacy. Give it time.
Oh, and you can edit stuff on Google+, like typos.
I used to use Twitter quite a lot, but now just for updates on things I follow.
Facebook is used for generally arsing around with friends and posting holiday snaps
I'm using G+ more and more, as more people sign up for it.
Only one way to settle this.
Channel 4 nerd-off!
Loved your question to the foreign sec last night about further news from Venezuela - lovely stuff!
You can do a bit of both, Krish. I think it is a bit like having a Facebook for your Twitter followers instead of your normal 'Facebookers'. Still, it won't replace that instantaneous news sharing that twitter can provide.
Good morning. And hello. hands you official welcome pack and basket of fruit
I don't think G+ is going replace Twitter. It makes a much nicer version of Facebook, but I still use Twitter in the main.
I think it can be complementary to Twitter. But it's early days yet for Google+.
It does seem to be popular with Journalists and Bloggers.. and Dolly Parton.
Picasa integrates well +Heather Kavanagh and even amateurs get instant uploads from their 8MP phones like moi ;)
Yes, I can see the attraction for posting photos - could even replace Flickr, according to some. I haven't started yet but will soon import some favs from my Flickr. Watch this space.
Too early to call G+, but Twitter best for breaking news & nuggets, G+ great for conversation & visuals, but 'the family' still centred around Facebook. G+ need to throw more benefits at 'the family' to get them to join. These services need people to make them work.
+John Lamont of late I've seen breaking news hit G+ as quick as Twitter, especially out of America - California quake this morning reported on as soon as it was happening from many in my circles, before the USGS could update ;)
There's an iPhone app. Could definitely use integration with Twitter - I've a circle called Twitterers. Integration is the key I think - get it right and it could become the pre-eminent tool.
+Chiraag G Perhaps I still refer to my trusted Twitter list of news journalists for triggers and updates on events first. That is a stream of the latest and greatest because a high percentage of UK's journalists are on Twitter. Events that hit the public first, like quakes could be shared anywhere, like G+. In news terms 2011 has been unlike any other and its not 2/3'rds done yet.
+krishnan guru-murthy is there any chance that your Gurublog could make it to G+ or do C4 insist they manage it? There is great conversion here on G+, that would work well with your posts.
Have given up FB altogether, as socializing around content and shared interest is infinitely better than indiscriminate sharing with 'everyone'. No more babies/dogs/cats in my timeline, hurray!
+Andrew Heselwood Are you just adding your key twitter peeps who have added a G+ profile to this circle ? Or is there a magic loopthrough from Twitter into your G+ circle ?
I haven't seen any integration tools yet. School holidays project for a bright young programmer perhaps? I'm just using the boring method of adding people to e 'Twitterer' circle I created!
+John Lamont Indeed, news breaks first on Twitter. Users there are more avid and it's the quickest way to break news. Tonnes of users + 140 character limit and shedloads of posts in a timeline = great success in that area.

Top that up with loads of custom apps for phones and desktops means Twitter usage is rampant.

Google+ has one app per platform, less users and is not quite as savvy for the layman just yet.
But damn, is it intricate. Discovery is prime here; I wouldn't have met you or all those in my circles otherwise!

I have interesting random people circled who share bugger all, but provide useful, informative or just plain fun comments on others' posts, and I'm loving it.

Pleasure to make all your acquaintances.
+Chiraag G I give my first G+ bow to you. Ordered lines of code in a fuzzy cloud has brought us all together.
True. I'm following a lot of Channel 4 News people on Twitter but cannot find them on Google+. I like the Sparks on Google+ for following special interests, though Sparks are not updated very often. Would a news organisation such as yours be able to have a special feed into Sparks? Such a feed might give Google+ some added value.
+John Peter Maughan I agree; sparks is limited and needs work. UberSocial and Twidroyd use something very good for Twitter which works well - Channels!
I hope that G+ accelerates with real content. "In another place" a fellow gentleperson of the media commented that they hoped G+ would be the preserve of "more intelligent comment" than Twitter. Still news will break first on Twitter - it truly is now of the people.
Welcome to Twitter. It just needs the critical mass, right? Whatever the critical mass is for social networking...
Apparently 75,000 using it for more than 15 minutes a day. Is that right? 75,000 sounds quite low now I've said it.
I've moved from facebook, but keeping my twitter a/c @skinpup
Anyway, welcome... I think you'll like it here, and if you build/mould/evolve your circles to suit your needs then it'll become a breeze to use and much more flexible tool than the others.
I plan to have a C4News circle (give Jon Snow a kick and get him to join too) then when the news in on I'll switch my stream off and just select the C4News circle so I can focus on that and shout at you :)
As an aside re:Libya... I'm very concerned that particularly the USA will be 'advising' the NTC to put in place a political system where there is one single man in power.. a "president" as in their own system. This of course will make it easier for them to influence and control the emerging republic (only need to keep one man in their influence/pay/???) rather than a system where the power is fully in the hands of a government (albeit appointed at first, but elected later,) and have them elect a president as the figurehead executive later.
This is what the USA has done in Afghanistan and plainly it has failed the country as a whole.
What do you think?
I got rid of Facebook. Too plebian. Still using twitter as great for newsfeed.

Echoing the sentiment from +Declan Joel Delamere following the US system of "democracy" could be disastrous for Libya.

Afghanistan's model of democracy is clearly not working in anyone's favour except the USA.
I think G+ is a great hybrid between Twitter & Facebook. FB has become far too self indulgent and hence why I have now quit it. Twitter I find good but too restrictive for the way I wanted to use it. Still has its market but I will be sticking to G+. Welcome!
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