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Comic about an epic war in a world filled with dinosaurs
Comic about an epic war in a world filled with dinosaurs


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Krig RAWR's amazing artist Mirjam created a Patreon. I hope some of you show her some love by funding her!

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If you are interested in what me (Tomb) and Mirjam is working on that is putting Krig RAWR on hold, please like the Dinosaga Facebook page. : )

It will give you a behind the scenes look at a comic book aimed towards children age 6-9 that will be published some time after this summer. (We have a amazing publishing deal and everything. Wooo!)

The page is in Swedish, but google translate can solve that. Or you can just look at the pretty pictures!

(Only FB right now. It is a bit early to have anything else. But will make a website when times comes!)

Hey, btw. The second chapter "CLAWR" is now translated to swedish and will be features in the swedish comics magazine Utopi magasin #14. :)

I hope you will not be sad. But yesterdays news was a april fools joke. Shocking, we know!

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Why not prepare for the new year with a new page of Krig RAWR!

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Could you all handle this update schedule? 

14/12 One new page.
28/12 One new page
11/1 One new page.
25/1 One new page.

Mirjam is working on a comic for a anthology and needs time to finish it in time. After 25/1 it will be one page each week again!

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oops, I think you all just got a  preview of next weeks page, haha. Sorry for that. Now it's the correct page!
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