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Everything you need to know about living in Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France!
Everything you need to know about living in Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France!
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Understanding Hypnotherapy with Jennie Chen Volet : could it help you?

Jennie Chen Volet is a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, who has recently opened an office in the Geneva Plainpalais area. Keen to spread the word about her new business, she offered a session to Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman last November. Lisa was suffering from unrestful sleep due to clenching and grinding her teeth. Would hypnotherapy help?

Before she went, Lisa asked those around her if they had ever tried hypnotherapy and what impression they had of it. Most had preconceptions involving losing control and being under the power of someone else... how wrong they were!

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Replenish your energy on a Snowshoe and Yoga retreat in the beautiful Alpine village of Bellevaux in France

After a busy period of end-of year activities, and even busier start-of-year preparations, many people often feel lacking in energy at this time of the year, unable to spring into life as the warmer weather arrives.

It’s at this point that you need to consider taking some time out for yourself, leaving your busy life and “to do” list behind. So what better idea than to head on a local mountain retreat where you can literally “drop into your body”, move, stretch, explore nature and the natural environment, and most importantly relax and unwind?

Tanya Perret is a mountain guide and Yoga teacher with her own small business called Live Breath Hike, which offers just that: weekend retreats for anyone living within a few hours of the Vallée Brevon in France. Since Geneva is only an hour’s drive from this region, her retreats are ideally located for anyone here wishing to recharge their batteries and experience some time out.

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Win free tickets to see Lausanne Hockey Club play last home game before playoffs!

Lausanne HC vs HC Lugano, Friday 24 February, 2017 at 19h45

On Friday 24 February, ice hockey fans in Lausanne will have the chance to see their favorite club play its last game of the regular season before "the playoffs" commence. Currently in 4th position in the NLA (National League A), Lausanne HC is clearly hoping for a big win so "the boys in red" can begin the playoff season in the best possible position.

So, whether you are new to the game and miss being a part of “live” sports action, or you are a long-time supporter of this iconic team, this is a wonderful opportunity to spend a great night out with friends, colleagues or family.

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Geneva English School announces location of new secondary campus in Versoix

Geneva English School has just announced the location of its new international secondary campus to be opened in September 2017.

Taking over a significant portion of the ground floor of the newly-built Modulis Business Park in Versoix, the campus will benefit from an ultra-modern, open-plan design that will inspire progressive learning within a state-of-the art environment.

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Travel: Port de Pollença, Mallorca

By Rachel Beacher, Journalist

Flight bookings have just opened for this autumn and winter 2017/18. For people planning how to spend the colder months, where better than a picturesque Mallorcan port?

'Everyone – the English, the Americans – they all came to Mallorca in the winter.'

So observed the thriller writer Agatha Christie in 1935 in her short story 'Problem at Pollensa Bay'. Indeed, at the time, the major towns of Mallorca were so busy that the author's hero sought refuge towards the less popular north east coast of the island and by chance came across a pretty and bohemian bolthole – Port de Pollença.

I visited Port de Pollença during those pesky school holidays in October, when the weather is usually failing in Vaud and it is still many months until ski season.

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The Entrepreneur's Wife: A Survival Guide

Sunita Sehmi meets author, Aradhna Sethi

In her late 20s, Ms Aradhna Sethi moved out of her protected maternal home and into her new life as a wife in a country far, far away. Little did she grasp that she had, indeed, stepped into the tumultuous life of an expat spouse. Her whole existence changed and she experienced the flavours of life that she never had imagined. She is the author of "The Entrepreneur's Wife: A Survival Guide". The book will make you laugh, cry and help you manage your fears. She uncovers it all and whether you are the spouse, fiancée or girlfriend of an entrepreneur, a business owner yourself or simply a curious sit back you will thoroughly enjoy this book. I was lucky enough to interview Aradhna I really hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did.

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Discover "skills for living" with Hiba Giacoletto at Wiser Humans

Hiba Giacoletto, an experienced psychologist and coach - and long-time guest blogger – has just launched a new business in Geneva and Lausanne aimed at teaching clients “skills for living”.

Called Wiser Humans, Hiba’s new business is targeted at all those people who sometimes find that life seems a little too crazy, either because they are feeling out of control, or stuck, or lost … or any number of other adjectives that describe that hopeless feeling you get when things are just not going right!

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Letting Go - How to make forgiveness a habit to give your life a boost

by Milena McRae,

According to Mayo Clinic research, embracing forgiveness and relieving yourself of past pains plays a vital role in our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health.

On the Physical level, letting go of the past boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure improving heart health, relieves acute and chronic pain, improves digestion and balances your hormones. Emotionally, forgiveness reduces stress, anxiety and hostility, enhances self-esteem, increases compassion and opens us to better relationships. On the Spiritual level, we feel re-connected with our closer and wider environment, our world expands and we are open to hear the innate guidance on how to proceed every day in alignment with our greater purpose.

Yet for many, forgiving and letting go doesn't come spontaneously. I would like to share with you the practice I have developed and find really easy to follow.

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English-speaking building company guarantees quality, communication and accountability

If you’re considering embarking on a home or garden renovation project this year, then you should take a look at what the Swiss-registered English-speaking building company, PURE BUILD, can offer you.

Working since 2006 and rebranded as 'PURE BUILD' in 2012, Greg Brown will manage the entire project for you, from initial concept and sourcing architects, through to interior design and/or planting trees.

The branding PURE BUILD reflects the aim to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible, using sustainable materials, responsible waste management and efficient transport and work ethics.

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Ville de Genève publishes handy guide on local exhibitions

If you're stuck for something to do on a cold or rainy day, the Ville de Genève has just published an 80-page online, downloadable color brochure outlining, in English, each of the main exhibitions taking place in Geneva from January to June 2017.

Covering all the major museums and cultural centers in Geneva, the guide is divided into 6 main categories of interest including: Art and History; World Arts and Cultures; International Geneva; Literature; Nature, Science and Technology; and Art Centres and Exhibition Spaces.
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