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Android KitKat 4.4 – one to enjoy whilst you’re waiting… #magicbreak.
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Oh this is going to be so funny. :D
Josh Peck
so Android 4.4 is going to disappear?
这是Android 4.4要发布的节奏吗?
No wonder they partnered with Nestle. They're doing more to promote Android than Google.
Today is the day at least? XD And, yeah, it's so ironic that Nestlé is doing waaay more to promoting Android than Google... =/
This has nothing to do with android right?:)
Enjoyed it... So where's android 4.4 now?
Nice animation, show us 4.4.
Basta attesa.......... Il filmato però è bellissimo..... Grandi..... 
nestle invented the word troll
I think that they are hinting at the awesome transition animations in kit kat
Will we transition (slide) like G+ app on KitKat's homescreen? 
1 :15 to go until the Google event 
Oooh... I've got this one! in Redhat Linux, was released on November 3, 1994.  That MUST BE IT!
+KIT KAT , tell us something about 4.4, please. Do not be evil.

Only a question: WHEN?

We love u so much x)
Still waiting for the next version of the beste mobile OS of world. (Nexus⁴)
+KIT KAT You are much more active today ... must be all that chocolate :)
Oh no! Trolls! Let's complain! Android has nothing to do with anything! Stop hypebeast!

The past few days have been some of the most annoying thanks to post including selections from above. 
its 31 st october due to the following reasons.
1.) the android dude splits the kitkat as 3 and 1 so 31
2.) theres a little haloween spooky sound in the background...... but one thing i can't understand.... the three kitkats he places on his side... dissapear...??? confusing .... 
did any one notice the watch the left android robot is having on its arms,.... 
There is no watch, they are French cuffs, like a magician would wear.
+Avi Kempler dude, in both of the posts today, watch-thingy is a common factor.... must be some sort of sign off a google watch releasing.....
+Carlos Zaldivar yeah they are cuffs... but still can be a sign off a wrist wearing thingy by google.... think about it...
I feel sorry for KitKat. Everyone is waiting for the N5 and everyone here is blaming KitKat for not releasing the N5. Unfortunately KitKat is not producing any phones. I am not sure if it is still all about teasing for the new phone and 4.4 or if we followers just think it is... 
That should be the bootloader animation in 4.4
Much better than the animation that the current Nexus /Google experience devices are using. I hope they won;t use that animation in KitKat...I don't like that one, still think the original on the N1 was the best so far.
"Whilst"?  I don't get it, since when are Android and Kit Kats British?
I'm simply tired of all this hype! All the excitement that I always had, is going away... ¬¬
What's with the 3 bars he kept in his right hand? Still funny though. 
+Mike Blow I stand corrected.  I still think that British people should avoid using 'Whilst' when directing communication at an international audience.  I forget what the linguistic concept is that is associated with it but the upshot is that saying "whilst" instead of "while" implies, "I'm British and I don't care if you aren't".   It's that linguistic principle of choosing words or phrases that show you're part of a certain population.  Like a shibboleth.
+Jeff Lavezzo What? We shouldn't use a word because you don't? It doesn't in any way say "I'm British and don't care if you aren't", it's a word in our language that many use without a second thought. It's not as if it's remotely difficult to understand even if you aren't familiar with the grammatical rules around its use.
中国有句古话叫,一鼓作气,再而衰,三而竭,拜托google要 发布的话吭声吧
no kitkat or nexus today....the wait continues
+Justin Shiloh Yes but they bought Kit Kat from someone else... just like most of their products.
3 kit kat bar. Three more days till we see android kitkat? November 1st here we come! 
+Callum Mellor-Reed  Nope, not kidding, but I think you're reading too much into what I said.  The Android Kit Kat campaign is international and operated by professional communicators.  I would have expected them to know that Americans find the word "whilst" very unpleasant to the ear.  If you put 'whilst' in a post, I don't care. I don't expect you to be a marketing professional.  I suppose the main problem here is venue. I should have brought this up in the +A Way with Words  forum, not here. 
Additionally, Android is very American. I thought this was a group for Android 4.4 "Kit-kat" not the international version of the candy bar, so the Britishism, 'whilst' seemed very out of place.  I see now that I'm unlikely to get information about Android 4.4 out of this channel and will expect in the future to get candy marketing directed at an international audience from here.
Thought he was going to pull a Nexus 5 out of the hat. Denied :/
i could be that for the N5 and 4.4 isn't a presentation?
3 bars still in his HAND !!!! 
= 3 days left :D
Nexus 5 for 1st November
We need a break from all these breaks ffs. . 
OMG... you just fishing kitkat..
Tyler K
Tick tock. We want it now
Android ate 1 piece of Kitkat so 3 pieces remained. And this means Kitkat's release date is 11/1 that looks like 3 pieces of Kitkat. Or they are saying only 3 days left = 11/1.
3 kitkats in his hand. Half life 3 confirmed!
I still think it will be October 31st, Halloween, KitKat is one of the most popular Halloween candies. Number 5 according to USA Today. 
Kit Kat really likes trolling...
I think that decived android look like us(All of Android user who waiting for kit-kat 4.4)
cause, lots of press comments kitkat can release at 'A Morning with Google+' event T.T
I was very excited anticipation
Why kitkat isn't melt?? 
where is kitkat update??? 
This video show "How to eat many people"......
Halloween music?? And kitkat breaking into 3 and 1??
where z the next troll photo...???
comeee onnn kitkat folks..., i m ready to face ur next troll.... bring it on... i m gonna make a 31 out of
We are making it too easy on them, and now they are bored with us.
we are waiting a too long time 
mmm an android trick followed by an android treat what can it mean ?
Trick.. Now waiting for the treat on Thursday
National magic day is 31 October guys look it up on google it's tomorrow !!!!!! Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cute!  both  android and kit kat. made me crave for one, heck why the  convenience  store need to be so far away from my home..
Does not mean it will be released tomorrow just means they want us to think it is but it won't be
Kinda have to agree with +Felipe Velasquez they keep trolling. But I thought they should make a press event. And make it about some thing besides android. Then randomly have Sundar take out the phone out of his pocket say, "oh, yeah have you seen this! This is the biggest leak yet!"
That would perfect and have kitkats for the the attendees.
But the thing is, they gotta send press invitations or else no one will show up :/
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