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Everybody dance now! #AndroidKITKAT
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Have a break.....have a 4.4!!!!!!!!!
I get it now...!!!
Sent from my Nexus 5 with Android Kit Kat 4.4
They post every day exactly at noon (in Europe). :)
you guys are such a tease...  first i buy a multipack of kitkats to only get one competition code.

now all the announcement date rumours appear to be wrong meaning probably at least a 2 week wait for the next nexus.

we are dieing from suspense here!
Masson Liang
Not cool. You're playing with a man's life here
The store still open. If today is the day, I'll buy many KitKat and dancing 🙋
+KIT KAT .... Come on guys.... I am in Australia and considering the Time Zone... I deserve a heads up ...
really can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
its a fake, the link on the bottom still links to jelly bean :( but i'm hoping for it, aswell !
kitkat....kitkat...kitkat.....kitkat.....       Tictac....Tictac....Titac....Tictac....
14:44 (German time) give me a break, stop the tease and gives us some.
It's 23:20 in Australia... And am off to bed... Hope I wake up to some sweetness...
Stop the teasing release that shit already!!! 
+KIT KAT why in every android 4.4 teaser pic there's the icon for search?
When could I get Nexus 5??
Have a break guys, lets have some kitkats and keep calm until 4.4 is announce.. Sooner than you tought.. :)
Don't tease us like this!
I've been dancing since 6am now, I'm in pain.
It'd be pretty sweet for AT&T to bring 4.4 to their HTC One X.  Still only have 4.1.1 and Sense 4. 
OK.....I can live with october 18th....but it would be cooler today :/
Please explain
Yes,but Google has just released a new nexus 7 commercial where the date says October 23rd....who knows ;)
I just want a kit KitKat Chunky now.
Where is the Nexus 5?
It's 3 pm already - where is my Kit Kat? The break-time is almost over!
October 18 must be the day then. (Day the song was released)
I have to go to school tomorrow, it's already 21:30 in France and I have some homework to do. Hurry up! :D
Comes Android 4.4 at October 18. ?
Everybody dance now came out October 18, 1990. The length of the song is 4:04.Should we expect some 4.4 news this Friday, Oct. 18?
This whole forced marketing synergy thing just bugs me...
Hmmm. Combining the "Gonna Make You Sweat" theory with the October 23rd displayed on the time and date widget in the new Nexus 7 commercial, I predict that the official Nexus/KitKat announcement will be on Friday, with the device available for sale and the KitKat update rolling out next Wednesday.

Or, the more likely scenario, they're trolling hard.
hmmm heard of new release Tuesday Now there's Roll Out Wednesday..
The KitKat code thing was such a scam.  First one was a winner for just about everyone, and then any repeat code tied to that same Google account was an automatic loser.  I'm glad I only wasted money on 3 of them.
That song is 4:04 minutes long and was released 18th October 1990...
Theres no release date just wait the end of october everybody knows that new nexus phones announcing in octobers
Google why you troll us soooooo bad. Don't you love us? :)
I just want to nibble on those cute little chocolate covered feet ;)
Gimme magical chocolatey KitKat bytes plz now
I hope it's out today! I'm so excited! ^^
This song came out a bunch of years ago on october 18. Song lasts exactly 4:40 (4.4) 
"everybody dance now"- released on oct 18, 1990. hence maybe kitkat will release on 18th oct?? possible.
waiting for it a lot
come on give us the update all of us as you promised
I don't think that 4.4is a major makeover for Android 5.0 is
Everybody dance? October 18th 1990, old song that was exactly 4 minutes and 4 seconds long. Could be the date. Also in the new nexus 7 commercial, the boys nexus home screen has a date of October 23?? Maybe two different dates for nexus 5 and kitkat? Who knows, so many potential easter eggs. :-) 
Sing is 4.6 seconds long. Not released October 18. 
October 18th ... coming soon!
Has anybody noticed that "Everybody dance now! " has 18 characters too.
The song and album were released in December. The song is 4 minutes 6 second long. For being Google fans, it appears no one uses it to search. 
sewo SB
hope 18 is the real date.. 
Have been dancing for the last 1 month. Hope this ends on the 18th.!!!!!! 
looks like the release is friday!!
去你妈逼--来自Google™ NE❎US 雷哥碉堡!你值得拥有…
What about C+C Music Factory previous name? The 28th Street Crew
Another theory: Android 4.4 will be released on 4/4/2014.
Posiblemente viernes 18?? Por favor que así sea! 
'Everybody Dance Now' was released on the 18th of October 1990. And the song has a lenght of 4 minutes and 4 seconds. 4 and 4, 4.4.
The letters KITKAT are in Numbers: 11/9 20:11:01 20.... (also nur so eine dumme Idee von mir...)
They are laughing at us all. It will appear on 31 Dec. There are too much hype!!!
It comes soon,it does not matter when,otherwise I bet for 18th this month.
Could it be clearance to release it now? Maybe?
谷歌这个公司很酷,其下安卓系统的发布时间经常在时钟或者软件截图等不容易发现的地方做暗示,而今天呢,其官方G+发了一个很奇怪的G+,见上图。“ Everybody dance now! #AndroidKITKAT ”然后跟着一个做挥舞状的kitkat机器人的萌图,这咋一看没什么,可是敏感的美国科技博客作者就发现了其中的隐含信息,让我们大家一起来检阅一下看推理是否合理。
首先,"Everybody Dance Now"是一首由C&C Music Factory 在1990年10月18号发布的歌曲(好吧,这恐怕只有美国人懂),这是其一,而更独特的是,这首歌的长度正好4分4秒,这是赤裸的暗示4.4吗?于是我们将10月18,4.4串联起来联想,就可以轻易的得出谷歌将于美国时间10月18号发布安卓4.4 kitkat了的暗示推理。小编觉得这个推理有些靠谱,那么是否谷歌将在10月18号同时发布nexus 5和安卓4.4呢,还是那句话,交给时间来验证吧。
I took a day off work yesterday to await the announcent........ :( 
Cómo se divierten en Google con nosotros!!! Ahora especulemos con el precio. How to have fun with us in Google! Now speculate with the price.
"Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" - C&C Music Factory.  A song that's approx 4.4 minutes long.  Released: October 18, 1990.
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it will be the 18th :) C+C Music Factory. 1990 october 18th. 4.4 min :)
+Carlos de la Orden But the band for that song was originally called "28th Street Crew" and the This Is It photo can also be a reference to Michael Jackson's album which was also released on October 28
Hope they release the SDK soon!
Whether 28th, or 18th, its going to be super sweet ;)
Let the +KIT KAT take control!
Now that song is in my head for the rest of the day! haha
haha,it is a nice song that gives something special.
ya casi,y creo que viene bonita esta chocolatina.
Oh I think I get it now!!!!!!! :-)
The song is 4:4 second long and was released October 18
Awesome mountain view people!!!
Espero que esté disponible para todos los equipos y operadoras. Que por fin pueda unificarse la experiencia Android.
Both of them sumsung and nestle they the big winner
Google Google Google! Could you just fucking release it?
Teasing, rumors, speculation. I am over it.
It is today the launch of Anroid 4.4 and Nexus 5  ? 
My wallet is on fire!  You hear me Google?  Take my money, take it, take it, take it!!!
Neviem čo na takej debiline vidíte veď takú fotku spraví aj škôlkár na počítači ,a vôbec netancuje ale kýva je tak ?
I love Android Kitkat! Delicious!
They think that the release date on the 18th of October was l, because the song everybody dance now a releas of the 18th of October has an the duration o the song is 4 minutes and 4 seconds.
Con tanta espera estoy pensando el comprar otro, que se decidan yaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhh google
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