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The future of confectionery has arrived… #AndroidKITKAT
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Okay, please start baking some APK's and OTA updates now! :)
Calm down people, this has been on their site for ages. They are just winding people up 
Worked it out.

3 days ago - 007 post.

2 days ago - 'Everybody dance now' 6 KitKat bars

1 day ago - 'This Is It' the 'S' looked like a '5'.

Today - 4.

Something is coming on Monday. Calling it.
i think it's the real deal...
I suppose that my Nexus 7 will get upgraded to Kit Kat as soon as it is released. Really pleased to have the Nexus because my Galaxy S3 is still at 4.1.2
So we´re gone have some kind of 3 tomorrow...
US Google play store is still clear. Nothing happen.
They are reading these and will just troll us tomorrow saying something like 2 nite. Btw I came down this morning and my room mate had eaten half my kitkat bar, I shall go eat that other half now.
Someone Quick! What day was the song "the future of confectionery has arrived" released? Oh wait, that's not a song? :-P 
Could you just stop teasing and release it already?
Points to +Chris Radtke .. ;)

And I'm hoping my Nexus 7 arrived by Monday too.. For more than this reason.. 
I'm amazed at the amount of people who think that Nestle have any control over when Android KitKat is released. 
I was cooking 3 eggs for breakfast this morning... Does it mean that three days left for rolling kitkat 4.4 out?
P. Sz.
So tomorrow Half Life 3 confirmed.
Still not feeling like eating kitkat. 
It could still be the 23rd, maybe they don't count weekends ;-) that would put it right after the Apple event stealing the spotlight.
Will I get this update? I'm using an i9250 Google Galaxy Nexus with 4.3. Thanks
Mo Lunat
The worst thing about this is that I know there's someone sat behind that computer screen enjoying himself/herself as they get paid to troll millions of people. 
Hey guys, do you realize that you are asking for a new phone or for an upgrade for your phone in a confectionery page? Google will release nexus 5 and android 4.4 not Nestlè!!!
Now they are just being mean
+Danny Holyoake I'm searching for a Countdown aswell, but that aren't 6 Kitkat bars (what about the legs?) the "S" from "This is it" doesn't look like a 5. It's more a "Z" mirrored.

Really? People still believe to will be released today,tomorrow or the 21st?
It's free advertising. We will be so for a long time.
Have a break guys, have some kitkats.. Lets us keep calm and play the waiting game.. :P
+Danny Holyoake might have got this right. My only concern as other people have said is that the 'S' isn't a perfect '5' but it's close. The only way we'll know is to see what Nestlé post tomorrow.

Notice how they are always at around the same time as well.
I am tired of checking blogs all day for a company that doesn't seem to want my money!
Just like someone pointed we will see invites on Monday and the event/release on 28th
I love it when Kit Kat does this teasing stuff. :)
damn it, +KIT KAT .
stop trying to trick us and launch your new 4.4 update.
People. They are talking about the candy, not the actual OS. 
I don't like the s looking like a 5 but this is it is a Michael Jackson reference who was in the Jackson 5 :) 
i hope it has cool new features 4.4 and it worth the wait...'cause this troll shit is gettin lame!
+Jonathan Giordano that must be the connection to '5' then. I'm convinced it's a countdown. +Melvin Garcia since KitKat bars have been around for decades I doubt it is in reference to the chocolate lol. Worth noting that Google has been posting the same images and captions.
Any chance sprint galaxy 3's will see this?
Tc Y
who tells the new features
Tc Y
why some system apps can't work with the jelly beams 4.3, such as video and quick office
7, 6, 5, now today is 4! Monday it is!
+Yun Chen the countdown theory seems good.... but what was the purpose of givin referrence to music c&c and micheal jackson.... somethinz fishy ...
and look for the sign thingi.... 
+Robert Beck if you want the best of Android. Get a Nexus. Otherwise don't expect the latest update quickly.
yo folks plzz, stop talkin about the nexus 5... kitkat has nothin to do with it... maybe the nexus 5 will come up with a major update like 5.0
 Following their twitter.Few days ago, they posted a picture 007, next day, they posted a picture which had six Kitkat bars, then they posted thi5 i5 it. Today they posted a picture of 4 bars. Simple countdown. October 21 Is the date !!!
+hussain shah everything we know so far points to the Nexus 5 coming with Android 4.4 KitKat. In regards to the posts, ignore the captions as they are worthless the clues are in the images and that is what everyone is focusing on. 
Wow, you are SO ANNOYING Kit Kat!!!  I never realized how obnoxious you were until you started trolling us with your posts about nonsense.  
+Thomas Robinson i agree with u ... dude but look, there is nothing official about the nexus 5 so far, no announcement, and why would they call a 4.95 inches nexus as nexus 5... in my imagination/opinion, 5 is for 5.0 .. may be keylimepie.... xD and the kitkat is just a minor update just for the mutual promotion n all......
My address is 913, 41st street, Apt 1F, brooklyn, NY, 11219
We must see the next post, if tomorrow they will publish a post with the number 3 OK... This is a countdown, in the other case... I don't know but THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME!
+Thomas Robinson and the guys at the launchpad event were offered both the deserts , keylimepie and kitkats too.... so keylimepie is still there to come folkss
Just to add to the conspiracy of it all! -

I'm not thinking that as Halloween falls on the same date every year, it would be a bad example to use in the above post. Also, who has heard of Mole Day? Those who have will know it is on 23rd October but is also in the the example in the above post.

I'm saying; announcement on 23rd October, release on 31st October.
the future of trolling has arrived... look at us being trolled by a candy... lol
I am imagining this to an elaborate hoax and in the end it would turn out to be just a bar of chocolate.
no its gonna be on 1st april and then they r gonna say April fool folks.... there is no kitkat
Google has gone "full Wonka". I am pretty sure the only way to get a Nexus 5 is to find a golden ticket in one of these KitKat's and then be the only kid that doesn't act like a total douche during the tour of Larry Page's eccentric mansion.
lol... charlie and the chocolate factory.... 
Marc E
It looks like the site is revealing some details on KitKat and the Nexus 5. 
Okay you guys are seriously driving us Crazy.....
I am sitting in a meeting with 10 people and reading these comments makes it really hard not to laugh out loud. Android 4.4 anticipation with Kit Kat's tease will probably go down in history as the most epic corporate trolling. Google/Android and Kit Kat scored big.
I think the lauch is 21. As this is a count down, 007 image (seven days left), Gonna Make You Sweat music has 4:06  minutes in wikipedia ( days left), This is it stands for Jackon's 5 ( 5 days left), today is a KitKat with 4 bars (4 days left). This is fun...
So 'has arrived' means 'hasn't arrived, yet'. Got it.
Awesome. Send the update to my motorola droid. It's slowed down in the last 5 years or so.
Jamie T
Read previous posts. Its a countdown. 4 days left till android 4.4
When's this coming to my Nexus 7?
Heh heh. The 4.4 looks like a funny face. Not unlike >.> or o.O or .
Ed Boik
Please breathe some life into my toroplus Galaxy Nexus. 4.2.1 is killing it.
This is great but where the heck are these specially marked packages?   I haven't found any in the upstate NY suburbs.
Yay, Nexus 4 (2013) on the 21st!  My gnex died a month ago.. can't wait to have a real phone again!
"As soon as you discard scientific rigor, you're no longer a mathematician... You're a numerologist!"
Release it 4.4...
We are now exhausted while reading rumours and bloody imagination of tipsters....
Nexus 5 should come with one "free" Android Kitkat
Google is supporting LG! So, I do hope that my LG Optimus G Pro could move up fast from the outdated 4.1.2, man! 
Thats quite easy to find out if tomorrow there will be something with 3 in it there you got the answer (half life 3 confirmed :-)
Tomorrow Kit Kat will post an image where there will be written: Half Life 3: confirmed !!!
I'm gonna guess it's a new kitkat bar that weights 4.4 pounds.
+Danny Holyoake I highly doubt it. 6 is just every single fucking android kit kat figure. 5 is WOAH THEY HAVE AN S??? THIS IS OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING DEEPER. 4 is strange as they normally don't just show the kit kat without the android face but i doubt that means shit. 
please google, can you make android 4.4 for my htc desire c? HTC dont want android 4.3 in my cellphone :-/
Its a count down. 4 days still Google sends out invites to event on oct 28. Nestle is just trolling even the event invite date
Argh, they took it down.  I'm sure, in no way was this an accident.  I'm hoping they'll send invitations out tomorrow for their release event.
Sean S
The Nexus 5 just appeared briefly in the Play Store.  
Wonder if the announcement could come tommorrow (Friday).
So If the countdown is right (7-6-5-4-...) Why all the "everybody dance now" "Is this it"? just to play with us??

This corporate games are really clever, funny... google is just amazing, I am really enjoying this, though I NEED my nexus 5, I just lost my nexus 4 :(
What does this mean?
"KITKAT 4.4 is the perfect second screen companion, compatible with all liquid accessories. - Coffee, Tea, Water."
maybe it refers to some feature like miracast....who knows......
+KIT KAT listen, u kitkat folks, there shouldnt be any teaser in ur next picture, just the release date, its just our love for +Android , that we r givin u so much importance..... so show some respect to the android fans, instead of playin with us.... 
Not long now til we get another clue!
Sean S
Maybe today is the day and there's nothing to post.
Omar R
Where is the next clue? Hurry up google! 
Ребят уже 13-00 по Украине в это время вы каждый день выкладываете новый пост с kit kat!!!
Где новый пост ??????
I have to make a correction. I can't stand reading "The S looks like a 5 anymore." Only 5 of the letters in THIS IS IT have bites taken out of them. The S does not look like a 5 lol.
It is today the launch of Anroid 4.4 and Nexus 5  ?  
we dont need a break we need android 4.4 and nexus 5(4-2013)!!!
Real deal or not, I still like it!
Just release 4.4 for our sanitary cause I am going bloody bald
Kitkat has six letters. In each pack there are a four bars (?). Six times four equals 24! This is the big day !!!
Have a break have a kitkat our sanity gona break 
48 on this morning post lol. Too full to fit.
I have a question, will does the Android kitkat (4.4) be released for ths Nexus 4 also?
Pay attention, +KIT KAT is coming April 4th! 4.4 is the most blatant clue ever! Trollololol! 
Any chance my galaxy s4 active will ever get this? I still cant get 4.3 jellybean until December 24th ? Sucks why does my phone get the update after every other devices? Not sure id go with samsung ever again if they dont start making updates come much faster than they do now not fair makes a so called new/uptodate phone seem much older. might have to pick up the nexus 5 when it comes out November 24th
come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey kit kat if you send me 4.4kitkat for my s4 active ill promise to eat a kit kat every day for the rest of my life deal.?
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