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Have a relaxing break, with a cool ocean breeze. Have a KITKAT.
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Hmmm, no 3 in picture :) seems we are mistaken about monday :-D
The mountain is divided into 3 parts.. Monday here we come ;) 
Google, this is not funny, not funny at all to troll us like that :-D
There are 3 "e" in the slogen!!! :-D
3 small lands in the ocean........???????
Sean S
Maybe yesterday was the last clue.  
Also, the Nexus 5 did appear briefly in the Play Store last night.
Maybe they are announcing it today.
Or it could be Monday.  This picture could be saying it's the weekend, relax, have a break.
+Roi Losh On other pics, the number was made from Kit Kat... so Im guesing you are wrong :-)
@Vincenzo De Luca 
true... 21 letters... 21st is the date.
Yes, it is Monday for sure. But what exactly will we see? Source code? Nexus 5? Smartwatch? Nobody knows.
i already had a break, but where the Kit Kat  is 
it's coming today. lol
+KIT KAT Please reveal the secrets of these pictures after or during the announcement.  Thanks.  
I'm totally falling for the ads. Yesterday I bought 4 packs of KitKats. For some reason they were discounted as well :D
You know these don't have to be signs at all right?
This could just be some very good marketing/trolling by KitKat
* Breaking news... im out of Kit Kats *
Omar R
Oh god! Stop messing around google! Hurry up and tell us the release date.

My money is on Monday for the announcement. 
+Alireza Hosseini It is not a part of the game. There's no hint or tease here. It is just a kitkat picture, not connected with android at all.
The sign is the break for weekend. So 3 days to release!
i hate you kitkat more than  ever , god damn google give us this fucking 4.4 
Now count the bars... the number equals a days-left for release
Guys look for a 3 in the pic
Take a look at the writing on the nearest kit kat fingers forming the jetty. I'm sure they don't say "kit kat" on them...possibly numbers? I'm sure I can make out a 3 on the one. 
"Have a break, have a Kitkat" has 21 letters! 
if there are 27 kitkat fingers that would be 3 cubed (3x3x3)...
Jin Lin
Rule of THIRDS. This is a reference to a photography term...
Using image enhancement technology I can tell you the man at the end of the jetty is holding a nexus 5 and a kitkat. :-D 
That guy at the end of the jetty, I'm sure he's texting! It must be the new nexus!! 
Look carefully... There are 3 trees beside KitKat bars.
Omar R
Trolling at it's best. I'm loving this. 
KitKat posted picture just to G+ (3:10 their time) and Twitter (3:15). No photo on Facebook. Hum... weird.
The suspence is killing me! Give me my Nexus! 
Hee hee, nice boardwalk/wooden pier
I think we should focus more on figuring out what "Have a relaxing break, with a cool ocean breeze" means, because "have a break, have a kitkat" it's been kitkat slogan since a long time...
I think they are just playing with us!! and is so cool XD... they can do whatever we want and here we are refreshing 
The hell does an ocean breeze have to do with candy? OR ANDROID?! Cockteases.
Google it, then "Ocean breeze"  C what u get?
Guys, the message clearly is "Relax, KitKat will surely come. No need for conspiracies anymore. Monday is the day"
Break from all the teases for the weekend?
For sure, rule of thirds, Monday it is.
I just plugged my Samsung Galaxy S4 in and it is dl'ing "new software available..could it be???
Daayyyuuummmm!!! Were trolled.haha!
+Andrea Canevari Tutte le immagini quadrate postate da kitkat hanno risoluzione 403x403. Non solo questa... Quindi non regge...
Google ocean breeze, then you'll find a map of ocean breeze waterpark. In its website, it states that age 3 and above have to pay

3 days more..
Are there 21 kitkat bars? Monday 21. october?
Some guy in your marketing department is having a hell of a time messing with all of us! 
Someone at Google read the lengths we've been going to and this is actually in regards to the rumors to take a break
Where is the fucking date?
Isn't it obvious there are three landmarks on the kitkat bridge? Ie we are almost there...
There's 3 people at the end of the bridge or maybe I'm seeing things (don't have my glasses on lol)
+Vardan Nazaretyan 21 bars = 21 months later or 21 years later or 21 centuries later or maybe it's just 21 hours later. 
There's more to the 'cool ocean breeze' tease, surely? I cant figure it though! Dammit!!
Хватит искать закономерности - их нет ! 
3 elements. Earth, air and water??
Give me a brak already! Come on guys, stop trolling us...
Tom Muir
The song "Ocean Breeze" by Pablo Cruise is exactly 3.33 Minutes long (on the album "Its Good To Be Live" that is)
can`t you see that there are 27 starfish and 3 sharks swimming in the sea and 1 person is eating pizza ..what does that mean :) yeah..keep trolling,heheh
Soooo there are 6/5 boats on the photo

6 : 2 = 3

Half-life 3? Or...

Android 4.4 in 3 days!
Maybe is a "break" of the countdown...
This MUST be referencing Android since they posted "KITKAT" and not "KIT KAT". Don't stop sleuthing! 
when nexus 5 release 
when nexus 5 release 
With the amount of Kit Kat's used as the walk way I'm guessing they are saying its I'm guessing the 28th
I think people are trying to be over clever here.  Shared publicly at 21:10 may be the the only hint needed
Perhapps 3 ropes thrown from the central boat to the left???
It's today!  The catwalk and the KITKAT in the message are clear signs ...
It is today the launch of Anroid 4.4 and Nexus 5  ? 
23 characters in the picture (including the 'registered' character). Oct 23rd is the new Nexus day!
The trees by the bridge make out 21 if I'm not mistaken. Starting with the bent tree that makes out the 2
403 pixels... Android 4.0.3 droppend on 12/16, 12+16=28, pointing to the 28th again?
The jetty is made out of kit Kat :-) lol
it's gotta be on the 21st... the day before the Apple iPad event.

Marketing 101.
I think it's about the sea! The word "sea" has 3 letters :))
Have a break = 10 letters = 10 days = October 28th
Sea? It means the Nexus 5 phones are shipping across the sea...

... on canoes. Haha.
Hook, line, and sinker. We are the little fishes they are catching on their hooks!!!!
. mich
take a look at the bottom of the picture. kitkat-pier starts at 44th pixel and ends at 210th - coincidence? i don't think so! :D
Quick! Count the sand and divide it by the number or leaves! That has to be the message
Whats the name of the ocean on display. I guarantee they made this one hard on purpose
It's impossible to count the Kit Kat bars =) :|
the track " ocean breeze " by pablo cruize is 3;33 minutes long..... so its gonna release or announce on 21st... oo yeah....xP
If you have a break and break the KitKat pier, then the person the end would be stranded, which means that Google and KitKat are sick people. Dunno how that relates to N5/4.4 release though.
You can tell it's been photoshoped. Those are kit Kat bars going down the dock. Do maybe it means.... You're on the right path???? 3 more days?
Its a long stretch but when I downloaded the image and clicked on its detail. Both the height and width of the image were 403 O_o. The 40 could possibly be a reference to (4.0) and the 3 could represent our hidden countdown. Like I said, its a stretch but its the best thing I can think of
the song ocean breeze by pablo cruize is 3:33 minutes long. but therez a song ocean breaze by miley cyrus too... someone check that... anything "three" in that.... +pablo cruise ' +Miley Cyrus 
If the second Tree thing is supposed to be a 2 and the kit kat bars a 1 then you have 21 over 7 seas, 21 over 7 is 3 
. mich
google silvae/silvæ - it's the author of pic in properties
300 people +1'd this. I can see the 3.
No 3... OMG this page is run by Valve !
the photo is 403 x 403 ,its unnecessary to make it low resolution. i think thats the clue.
Deny M
I bet the person at the end of this pier is playing with my nexus 5..... come back.
Maybe they're suggesting a relaxing weekend, just to start the party on monday! :)
the pic means that the future of confectionary has arrived and now the shipping accross the seas is in progress...
It was posted 5 hours ago. 5 hours ago mountain view (pacific) time would've been the 3 o clock hour
It's not based on the resolution of the image because previous images have the same 403 x 403 res... V_V
who the hell makes these kitkat pics.... darn him... i cannot sleep at night.
the ocean has 3 range of colours ....
The letter K appears THREE times on this picture. Day 3 photo: confirmed!
Bora U
For all the other people saying it's the resolution... IT'S NOT. All the other posted pictures have at least one dimension of 403.
kitkat, make all of you go crazy... including me 😪
+KIT KAT yo kitkat people..... the android 4.4 has to be awesome.... make sure
3 Black Nexus 5's and 3 White Nexus 5's. Packaging leak just came out on Mobile Syrup.
+Borja González "Have a relaxing break with a cool ocean breeze" is 28 letters longer than the usual "Have a break, have a Kit Kat" slogan. My money is on the 28th! 
lets wait till tomorrow for somethin... "two-ish"... lol
see the water carefully in d middle
its 3 written..

monday is the day for sure!!!
Posted at 3:10am, Half-Life 3 confirmed.
Geeks! Just wait. It will all happen in good time.

6 boats, 2 words on kit kat, 6/2=3 countdown confirmed.
I'm so jealous of +KIT KAT's marketing team. Watching these comment threads has to be the funniest thing they've ever experienced.
Rule of thirds people? Really? That is way too far of a stretch for even this.
Now if you flip the picture upside down, convert the image to black and white and spin around in a circle 7 times I'm sure you're bound to see a 3 somewhere.
⛵️Android KIT KAT Will Be A REVOLUTION!⛵️
well if u take a print of this pic and then write E on it and then place the print infront of the mirror ull see a 3...? woohooo
Ocean is NOT Kit Kat... Ocean is something like cold beer...
No #AndroidKITKAT #Hashtag nor nothing related to android in here guys...
Just +KIT KAT  telling us to have a break (of all those clues) and get a kitkat,  which is not a bad idea at all
Have a break,(then) have a KitKat. First, you have a break (the weekend) then you get KitKat on Monday!
+KIT KAT look people, only the front 7 kitkat bars have kitkat written on them, so ... ???
There are 4 boats in the picture 
Google, stop teasing me and take my money
they are trying to confuse us, and then the announcement will come at any moment ... has nothing to do neither the countdown or 24 October ...
we have discovered the original pattern, which has been posted on several websites. of course nothing in this directly says 3. we can draw as many conclusions as we want, but thats just it. we want certain conclusions. so we will find them. the most obvious thing is rule of thirds. its possible, but we cannot draw a conclusion until tomorrow when the next picture is posted. if it has to do with the number two somehow, it means they are just trying to make it harder. if not, i think we will get closer to the pier. or some other picture which implies "closer"
It's a hint on the new app switcher, a stack of cards
cool ocean breeze =
"cold sea wind" =
"code, see Wednesday" =
Android 4.4 comes out Wednesday.

There are THREE days to go, BUSINESS days (not weekend: "a relaxing break").  Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

BOOM, right now an alarm sounds and it rains Nexus 5s from the sky for all of us.  ;]
haha That was supposed to be plural. But it's incorrect to say "Nexus 5's." :)
I got it!!!!!! 3rd time of "have a break, have a Kit Kat"
No 3 because were are taking a break from the countdown.
I love you Kit Kat!! Lol
Relaxing weekend brake, there's your 3 days. Friday , Saturday , sunday. Monday release? 21st
google has sent invites for 24th october to attend an night out at newyork city to discuss about improvements in play store......guess thts the launch date for kitkat 4.4 and nexus 5.....
+Arun Prasath is now saying there will be 'no hardware' at the event.
Guys...just saying. There are only 3 boats in the photo...
+Max Thomas then it can only be the 33rd of October XD
Don't hope so... :/ then we will have to wait some time.....
Maybe the countdown doesn't include weekends and we'll see the 3 on Monday :S
what if Have a break, have a kitkat means that they stopped the countdown for the weekend?
Where is today's update? ╚(•⌂•)╝
Most likely because it's the weekend, and after all, they did say to take a break xD
The comments about the have a break, there are some pics only a couple of days ago with have a break on it and the countdown didn't stop. 
If in friday, satday, and sunday the countdown has a break, the release date will be 3 days late from 21st. It'll be 24th october, which is the day play store event will take place
I would like to purchase a phone before my dies! And don't want to overpay or be on contract.
Different "reliable sources" say there would be no software or hardware launch at the event on 24th
The 28th of October for the Nexus 5. I'm in. Kit- Kat , soon. I'm ready.

Sent from a pod
But kitkat is a more reliable source than any other sources
@ Eric What does Kit Kat say about release dates?
It's the implicit countdown in their daily teasers.. if it's really a countdown like what many people guessed. Who knows whether the countdown theory is actually true or false.
It's been a fun, maddening exercise in marketing! I really need a phone but this will be my first up to date smart phone and I'm very picky.
This is the relax during the weekend! The countdown starts on monday 21st! ;) .. I hope!
If you guys knew anything about business which you should have learned in 6-7 grade is that Christmas is coming soon . They cannot release something this year because then they will have to lower their prices . Be patient and relax means don't expect it soon , it will get here either Jan 4 . January meaning a new start ( completely different operating system ) and 4 being the number of bars in the kit Kat bar . Also I wouldn't pay much attention to the leaks , they are not going to leak a completely new os just like that . They want to make sure your on your knees begging for the product so that when it does come out , they will sell faster then anything ever before leaving apple with a big grunt on their face . One all is set and done , apple will either join Google with their android development and leave the is completely dry with no further updates . Or they will create a hybrid . 
It's Androids 5th birthday on the 22nd October. The first commercially available phone to run Android was the HTC Dream, released on October 22, 2008 ;) So maybe 21st is misleading? 
Remember this everyone ( its OK to want something maybe fantasize about it too ) but don't want(desire) anything too much because you will not be satisfied . The smart person knows when to put the line and set a limit of expectation for anything of great value/desire . The fool will always want and expect the very best . Only one problem , you are in control of your life and everything that goes around you . Everything is the way it is right now because we choose to live like this . If android won't satisfy your needs which I'm sure it will with unimaginable updates , then create your own device optimize it to your liking and also consider others needs and I'll guarantee you will make money if you find the right investor . 
Maybe they will be show casing it , but the release date is sure to be next year 
It'll definitely be out in the USA, UK, and some parts of Europe before December. 
They will have to lower their already extremely low prices . Who knows they might even announce the release date being pushed to a later date . Too much good stuff , anything that is good needs a lot of testing . If I remember correctly the people who showed the release of the nexus 7 2 looked a little over confident and come on . They can't be releasing so much good stuff in a matter of months . Its unheard of , its like saying they are the best . They cannot show off that much because apple will start trying to do so irrational commercial or copy Kat their existing product and just make the outer design different . Plus they can't just throw like 7 new outstanding updates/products quick because next year they will have to work twice as hard to better their existing already amusing products . They need a break in between all this wonderful delightful development
Its not bad to be optimistic , just don't riot the streets when the update is being postponed till January 4 .
I promise not to riot if the Nexus 5 and Kitkat aren't released in 2013:)
Patrick Hobumski I'm not trying to argue , just stating the obvious . You tell me , when did they release android 2.0 ? After that how long did it take to go to 2.2 then how long did it take to release 4.0 and then 4.3 .You do the math and then tell me what you think . Android is good but not that good , they need time to make everything right . Don't know about you but I like it when they release something that needs no fixes . When the last time that happed . Google is steping up their game just look at the new nexus 7 which I'm on right now . Compare 2.2 to 4.0 . That's a big improvement to some but to others the app to SD functionality was taken off . I don't know about you but I'd like to see some crazy as is that has a little of everything . Oh and something tells me that the nexus 7 2013 will not receive an update until they figure out if its good or not for consumers .
I had all the updates within 3 weeks of them announcing it. So yeah for nexus owners. It will definitely be out before December. 
Lucas Rowicki Thanks for the insult , hadn't gotten one of those in a while .
22nd October is androids 5th birthday... You go by the date of the first phone with android. Which was 22nd. When the HTC Dream came out. Also knows as the G1.
Felipe. I speak of every update that's I've had on the Android platform. All updates that were new. Came to the Nexus brand within weeks. Right back from gingerbread when I first started using android
Yes, +Kevin Webb but the code was released on 21.10.2008 the birthday of Android. The 1st Smartphone was the G1 one day later. 
Never said that what I said was smart or insinuated that I have never been wrong . Its just where I come from , insults are kept to each other seeing as it does no good or bad . Its a way to try to hurt someone's feelings , a pathetic attempt to feel superior . My friend if you are even human , you should consider getting therapy because anyone who needs to insult someone over the internet for no apparent reason should be considered extremely dangerous . Everything I stated was my opinion I never said they were facts .
+Vincenzo De Luca I don't class the code as a product. The G1 is a product and so has a birthday. But funny thing is. If you do a Google search. The "birthday" has all sorts of dates on all different blogs lol. Ranging from September. To November. Lol. 
Oh OK that's good to hear , I'm new to the nexus scene . How money more updates did you get after that in the same operating system without update to a different candy ? I stated that they should be the guinea pigs for once . They sell us their products and expect us to verify everything running smoothly . For once I wish to have a new os update that has no fixes to be implemented after a day or two .
I gave no less than 3 fucks. Half life 3 Monday guys
Wait a second, why hasn't the KitKat melted yet? I mean, well there's blue skies, it's bound to be hot.
@ Adam Ahmed-Keyte : cuz kitkat is fake .. nestle is fake too / google just kidding us

Im still o for the 23rd. Like I saw in the nexus commercial. It'll pick up again on Monday at day two, day 1 Tuesday and release on Wednesday. Last time they had a Wednesday release so maybe 
Anyone saying KitKat or Nexus 5, or KitKat for nexus devices, won't be out before chrismas has a real problem reading the signals
Jesus guys... do something useful with your weekends.. ( was just checking email, I swear!).... anyway, Monday then?
Those ships are sailing 3 sheets to the wind...
The pier is made of kit Kats with two posts on the left. One post for Saturday (today) and one for Sunday with the end of the pier being Monday... 
If you look at the pic threw a 720x480 you can see that there is more then 2 posts . Look far enough and you'll see about 5 more down there
Reading all this interpretation-possibilities which try to get the connection to "3"  I no longer wonder myself why conspiracy theories are so successful :D

...just can't wait until tomorrow +KIT KAT !!!
Looks like a great big 1 to me........? 
This one is easier than you think, it's in their slogan. There's 3 'K's in their slogan representing 3 days until K release. They didn't have to do much this time and they could have chosen any picture they wanted.
They have a break (friday-sunday) so 24 is the day, at the Google Play Event
Maybe they don't count the weekend and it's really the 23.10. like in the Dashclockwidget in the Nexus7 ad.
It's still all leading to the 22nd.. The date in which Google first launched the G1 with Android. 
There are so many clues :D first... it was 27-28th because of the "007" (skyfall release date)... than "everybody dance now"- made by some Studio 28th...something.... than "THIS IS IT"- again, Michael Jackson´s song released in 28th... I don´t know what to think... :D now it seems that "007" was just number of days remaining.. -_-
Weekend doesn't count. They'll resume the countdown in Monday and it'll end in 24/10, which is the play store event.

Google also gave a hint by uploading a nexus 7 commercial video amid the nexus 5 leaks. In the video it says the date in the clock widget is 23/10/13, which doesn't make sense bcs it's not even 23/10 yet. It must be a clue.
It's Google, not the Illuminati...
If the weekend does not count....Monday is 2, Tuesday is 1 and Wednesday is the day...but i don't know...
Guys there have been rumors about it , saying it would come out on the 14 of Oct with the n 5 also . That was a bummer when it didn't . Plz stop trying to get people's hopes up and just sit back and ride it out . When it gets here you won't even like it I bet , just stick with your already amazing custom ROM .
It's like me saying , hmm there are only 8 kit Kat's with the kit kat logo clearly visible . So it will be released on the 8 of the 4 month of next year . Absolutely base less info . 
+Felipe Velasquez  please stop talking!!! we know that these are rumors and there are doubts (in fact there are many dates about the presentation) and we can't guess the right date but please stop writing this things .... ok you've told your opinion, but now shut up please!
Riccardo Marconi "I'm sorry your majesty , could you find it in your heart to forgive me . I don't know what third world country your from bro but this is a free country . When you tell someone to shut it , it's like getting slapped in the face . Please try not to tell me what to do as I am not yours to do as you wish . Presentation ???? What presentation man , I want a kit kat release not just a presentation . I laugh at the presentation date , if I wanted to get exited for nothing I'd go watch a porn flick in the theater . Either way no one knows what the hell to expect , regardless of our current situation I'm sorry to say this my friend but " You are " the weakest link ! Good bye !!
Hahahahaha you my friend are seriously in need of fresh air . When is the last time you went outside ? Think with your head , don't let pride fool you . Like the pic stated relax , take a brake and have a kit kat . Learn how to avoid the joke going up your azz . You need to wake up and realize how people interact in the real world . Back to kit kat though , you guys have to be patient . If you want it to much , your going to fudge it up .
My apologies to any one offended , maybe you should try living in the real world . Just a suggestion
Got to admit I was trying to fool around like the old high school days but I guess its not happening . I'm never sober so I play with mostly anyone that looks like they need a smile or a personality change . Sorry everyone , never meant to make you cry but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet 
Sean S
Is KitKat one word or two?  The name of this page is spelled with two words but in other graphics, it is spelled as one word.
3 MORE DAYS COME ON GOOGLE!!! So excited. :)
So what .....? We'll see today android 4.4 kitkat ....?
There is a "4" when the picture is turned upside down
Omar R
Next clue, please google! 
+KIT KAT I had a nice break during my weekend with KIT KAT, now it's time to know more about android 4.4 and nexus 5. :P
After all the hype with the count down we haven't seen any new posts since Friday :( 

Nothing like keeping us all in suspence
I guess Friday 26 Nexus 5 is coming out :)
Regarding the clue image's today with the green little android robots, you're missing the point. Kitkat is asking us "How many Android KITKAT toys can you count?", not "How many Android toys can you count?". So you must count only those toys who have the KITKAT marks. At the first you can count only 27 toys but if you'll zoom on the top right side you will notice that there're some small red pixel so, in the end, you can count 28 Android KITKAT toys in all. In conclusion, the today (10/21) clue from KitKat is that Android 4.4 KITKAT and Nexus 5 will be announced on 28th October :).
Omar R
The comments have been disabled on the latest pic! What does that mean? 😨
+Umar Rashid It means that Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5 will be revealed within the next few minutes. Or it means that 500 is the maximum of comments per post at Google+. Your guess.
PS: 47. Trust me, I've done some math.
Oh. Now I got it. The first ten guesses were correct. The challenge wasn't to count the correct amount of toys, but the correct amount of toys which you are able to count. Tricky KIT KAT...
+Alessandro Carlini yeah I see, and it also makes sense because the "Everybody Dance now" post was referring to the song by the 28th street crew, and the "This is it" post refers to Michael Jacksons movies that was released on the 28th, and the Nexus 4 was announced on the 29th, which is only a day after, so my bet is that it will be on the 28th too :P
Omar R
Release kit kat already! I want my new Nexus 5. 
Omar R
Also I want kit kat sat right away not after 6 months or more from Samsung. 
why the comments are the new pic,???, thats unfair..
our Nexus are hungry for the power of kitkat.. :)
I bought a halloween bag of kit-kat's yesterday. I have already ate them all. Should I feel guilty?
they'll announce it the 24th on the google play event, relax, IT'S COMING!
So this is what i got so far. Everyone else can have fun with the rest... Go through the pictures starting with #4, 4 days left. We'll leave 3 up in the air. 4. 4 Kit Kat bars and "4.4". 5. Only 5 letter have bites taken out of them. 6.Right arm raised to make it, and the head, look like a "6". 7. "007" self explanatory. 8. 8 apps on the screen. 9. posted on October 9. 10. What games are you going to be playing with #AndroidKITKAT? Candy Crush (10 letters). 11. Kit Kat legs look like "11". 12. 12% calories on Kit Kat wrapper in space. 13. Broken right arm and the negative space on feet look like "13". 14.…dot break. Have. A. break. Have. A. KITKAT. 14 little "dots" (.). The capitalized Dot, is a "big" dot. 15. What do you get when you combine a hashtag, an Android and a KITKAT? Well give it a go and see what you get. The hashtag in the post is made of two full length Kit Kats and one broken in half. Use the two full ones to make an "X" and the broken one to make a "V". Roman numeral 15. 16.This one i stretched for. WW2 lasted 6 years in a teen year. So creatively "16". 17. Which celebrity would you most like to have a #KITKAT break with? How about BREAKing Bad star Bryan Cranston. His Star, on the Walk of Fame, is located at 1717 Vine St. 18. The Android on the Kit Kat wrapper is eating (eighteen) the Kit Kat bar. 19. The Kit Kat, or the string, and the coffee mug handle together look like "19". 20. It's all about the specs when it comes to tech... Look at the tech specs like a math problem. In the first two pictures, the volume of the Kit Kat is 40 finger millimeters cubed. We'll just take 40. The fourth picture divides that in half. "20"! 21. Donkey Kong Country, obviously the generation DK in the picture, was first released in North America, on November 21, 1994. 22. The circumference,(the circle) of the peace sign, is made up of 11 Kit Kat pieces. In keeping with the peace theme, I couldn't think of a better way to accomplish peace, than to offer your enemy a piece of your Kit Kat, leaving 11 pieces to make the circle of never ending piece...s of Kit Kats. 23. Eleven o'clock. The Kit Kat hand 11, + the Kit Kat hand 12 = "23". 24. Find out more about the best accessories that go with the KITKAT 4.4! Following the link, clicking on the third square, shows you a drinking glass that is unlike the other two. It happens to be transparent with a red line going around it. Given that the level of the water is 3/4 of the way up, the red line is 2/4 ("24") of the way up. 25. The phone is on the screen for 2 seconds before the finger swipes it away for the Kit Kat to appear, where the finger crossing the Kit Kat bars resembles four tally marks with a diagonal slash (5). "25". 26. The CN Tower, Toronto, Canada, took 26 months to build. 27. The 2 Kit Kat bars symbolize the 20, or "2", and there are 7 triangles inside the "Play" triangle. "27". I'm sure the rest of the countdown is there, but this is what I'm posting. Seems like they've been counting down right under our noses. That sneaky Kit Kat. #AndroidKITKAT
Hussein shah, because fully 500 comment limit reached.
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