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Sometimes you have to look for the signs…
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C'mon Google! Just release it already!
16 KitKat bars, today is the 16th

Half life 3 confirmed
4.4 announced today
Waiting.... Waiting ...and waiting...this month is going to be long month
This is getting ridiculous.....
From Wiki: "The film was given a worldwide release and a limited two-week theatrical run from 28 October"..... 
They must be crying from laughing so much with us. With all the dates and theories. It´s very funny.
WOW... I can't believe you guys are trolling so hard.  It's actually very funny.
28th October it is, in my opinion
i have to say...this is really funny!:)))) 
Those who are saying it's the 28th, why do you say so?
Amine K
michael jackson--> October 28, 2009
Gino B.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
yesterday was 18,now is
+víctor fantoba  why Michael jackson ???

edit : i think you are right , Michael jackson this is it , 28/October
Yesterday was 18 and now they say "this is it"...the right date (28 is to confuse us). You have to look to the sign as they said :)
Ya, thtz the date MJ waz supposed to perform "This is It" or it waz released that day... (Oct. 28 I think...) Very sad.... :-(
this 'teaser', it's about kitkat this time, not android kitkat.. 
Amine K
(28+18)/2=23 :p someone said 23th?
Amine K
16 kitkat bars and 4x4=16 ? :D lol
On the other side, this picture is actually related to Android in no way (unlike the "everybody dance"). ;-)
TH15 15 IT -> 15+15=30 October 30th ....
On the 18th(last pic) at 12:12. Now we need the time zone.
Count the number of bars ,It might release today , as there are 16 bars which is today's date
16 bars = 16th and Google has been doing updates on Wednesdays lately...
possible it's a time/ hour,not a date...just sayin'...
I got it! See how close the letters " ISIT" are to eachother? This signifies 4 letters "THIS" . 4 letters "ISIT" also 4x4=16 also 4.4 Kitkat, also 16 KitKat bars as someone said...Also 44/10 = 4.4 I see it everywhere!!!  It is VERY likely that it will be announced today!!!!
Hey, I scanned the picture with my qr code scanner, but nothing loaded. Android KitKat must be canceled
It May Be ON 28.Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie Release date=28 October . Song=17 October
If this continues, I will need to be checked into an insane asylum. Thanks, Kit Kat for ruining my life. 
jay ckb
Google trolling! 
yeah...trollin clues google edition!:))
Cristi D
KitKat has been tweeting with reference to Android's latest OS update and a pattern has emerged pointing to a 28 October release date.

First we got the tweet yesterday: "Everybody dance now!" - referencing the song Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) which was by a band called C+C Music Factory, but they were originally named The 28th Street Crew. So far so tenuous.

Then today KitKat tweeted: "Sometimes you have to look at the signs" with a picture of KitKats piled up to say: "This Is It" - the Michael Jackson song released on, you guessed it, 28 October. 
Everybody Dance now is also 4:04 minutes in duration... Why is noone taking about this.. 
Omar R
16 oct, 18 oct or 28 oct. Release it already! 
we also want the Nexus 5!
i highly think it would be 28th october..but i hope im wrong and they release it on 16th lolol
this (day) is it. rofl
Come on Kitkat, Give us a break!!!! ;)
+OLIVER W .. awesome guess.. :P
It might even be '2+8'+'1+0'+'2+0+0+9' i.e. 22 October..
But 28th October is more probable.
I have no doubt now. First dancing subject then this is it. 28th is the release date.
Dammit Kit Kat.... Stop playing with us...
Im near to heart attack and i dont know why! And i think just kitkat would help to feel better!
A number on google's cover photo indicates 31st.......which is halloween can be launched at that date tooo..
16 kitkat bar, for Android 4.4, or 4x4...= 16 !!!
1- it's today 16 kitkats and it says this is it
2- it's 17 when the single was out 
3- 28 as the movie were out 
4- 18 the dance every one was
they were talking about a song the last post so i think it will be 17
it's dec. 6th, the deadline of the contest, cos there would be less product attention if kitkat was released earlier. ^_^ 
Yesterday 18, today 17, countdown?
Киткат, можете не постить эту хрень, вам смешно, а люди верят
I did some digging, I might have found the link. This is it was a song by Kenny loggins featured on the Keep the fire album. Interestingly, Michael Jackson featured in the song, and the albums total play time is 40:38 seconds, which is pretty close to 40:40 which could be 4.4. Released in October 1979, but can't find an exact date.

Any chance of a free nexus 5 if I'm right +KIT KAT ?
There's no #AndroidKitKat hashtag so don't hype this! It's not the 18th October at 8 o'clock (8 letters) and not at this date at 12:30 (12,5 KitKat bars), and also not the 28th October at 8, 12:30, or 18 o'clock! :)
I think rhey will release it on 18. And nexus 5 will launch on 28.
I love this teasing... I'm laughing so hard! 
'This is it' may be a reference to a popular reddit topic, on /r/Android, yesterday where they came up with the date of announcement being the 18th because "Everybody dance now" was released on Oct. 18th.  It being on the 16th wouldn't really line up with the tease from yesterday.
Give us 4.4 so we can all quit coming to this page.
Hello consumer , i want to play a game :-)
One thing I know for sure, it well be in the next two weeks! If I'm wrong I will give out 100 kit Kat bars to random people +KIT KAT 
dammit google, you better have something more than bluetooth drivers and openGLES this time - the hype fuels my expectations for a major revamp.
Everybody dance now=18 October
This is it=17 October
Today=16 October
16 kit kat bars... Today is the big day!
+Ninǝ Dekay What if its the in between the two? October 23rd showed up out of place in the "best friends" Nexus 7 commerical and its in between the two dates kit kat has hinted at...
It should be 21st, Oct.
I like your thinking +Ryan Jackson. That would put it at Nov 1. A day off of what I have suspected all along. I guess we can confirm your idea tomorrow morning.
Why does this make me want to go out and buy a KitKat? :( STOP WASHING MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!
+Raúl Colón So, we solved the puzzle! It's gonne be Oct 28th 2013 at 12:30 p.m. (PDT). ;-)

+Paweł Kwieciński Hahaha.. That's exactly  what they wanted and why no money was exchanged for this deal.
Micahel Jackson's "This is it" album released posthumously on October 26, 2009
Radu Ad
It will launch today (16 kitkat bars), or it will launch on 18(bcuz it's friday :> ) or 28 (that song with "this is it"). Anyway, nice trolling, Google.
My birthday is October 19th, hope to have some Kit Kat soon in Brasil!
Well, there is 12 1/2 bars so this could mean
Android 4.4               4 x 4 = 16, October
12 1/2 bars              12.5=  12:30 PM, Mountain View / San Francisco

Or I could just be wrong :-) 
It somehow feels like 15 + 15 = 30....
I'm sure they'll pull a blackberry today and say soon.... And release it next year ...maybe...
Between 16 th and 31st October, probably any number I pull outta my ass, someone will figure out a way to represent in Kit Kat posts. Just release it already, I'll deal with the beta but not this wait!
My friends, "This is it" (Michel Jackson's album) was released at 26 october. I think that the 4.4 will be release at 26th too. 
the bars aren't 16 cause 9 are complete and other 7 pieces are half bars so the right number is 12 and half that could be an hour and not a date that could be related to the previous post "everybody dance now" (18 oct 1990) so the full date and hour could be 18 oct at 12.30
They will say the date in the moment that they want. 
"This Is It" meaning today is the day & 16 bars. Today is the 16th. So Today? Fingers crossed!
I was going to buy one but im sick of googles games
Michael Jackson's This is it was released on 28th October.
4.4 = 2.2 x 2 -> 2+2+2 =6 -> 06/11/2013 lol lol lol xd 
The "This is it" movie is 4 hours and 4 minutes long
Assuming it is the 28th, let's try to guess what will be the next sign. October 28th is day number 301 of the year which can likely be used as a sign using for example:

* 301 = 7 × 43
* 301 is the sum of three consecutive primes (97 + 101 + 103)
* 301 is an HTTP status code, indicating the content has been moved and the change is permanent (permanent redirect)
* 301 is the number at which YouTube views most frequently freeze temporarily while validation is carried out

... the sky is the limit here.
Let's go Google!!  We arer completely crazy for this version , U don t abuse of our minds!!!pleaseeeeeee ahahahah
So announced on the 18th and out on the 28th?
what if they are just trying to tell us to have a break?
The "sign" at the end of this image just say to have a break...
22th, every thing is released on Tuesdays. /thread closed
Kit Kat= Chocolate = Cocoa + Sugar ...Sugar ~ Diabetes...WDD (World Diabetes Day= 14th Nov.... Uppps i forgot to take my medicine today..ignore me XD
the evidence so far are the two on 28th October
8 letters in "this is it" and 2 sentences meaning october 28
The Michael Jackson movie "This is it" was released on October 28th...(info from Android Central)...
16 kit kat bars is TONIGHT THE NIGHT as a friendly neighborhood psychopath would say. Probably Not
If it was released today, why haven't any android websites received  press event invites? I'm going with the 28th 
two images its clear link to 28 october
Lol people are going nuts! making a speculation for everything... so it has 8 letters 8/2=4.. 4+4=8.. (4.4) LMAo!! It's gonna be a loooong month
28th October
C+C music factory aka 28th Street Players
Michael Jacksons this is it released 28th
Anniversary for Nexus 4 is 28th
Maybe if I keep eating KitKat bars until I pass out, maybe then they will announce it...... 
Nah, it's October 28. The This Is It tour was going to be upheld on that date. Sad
Deny M
if you try to sign up for newslatter updates, it will fail,
Google Oops  
Internal server error – 500
Google, I just can't take this anymore. Will you please just take my money? : ( 
9 (chocolate bars) + 7 (half chocolate bars) = 16 october (and too many calories)
uhm, are u sure there is a Jackson's reference?

If you move the letters you could read even IT IS 21TH 
2013.10.23 Android 4.4. All numbers have their own companion, like a break and kit kat companion?
Have a break. And finalise the date first
Michael Jackson was born August 29th.....maybe they already released it!
+Ryan Gay right it's 21st, sorry for my fault so no hopes anymore about that date hahaha i'm not a native english speaker :/
so, i hope it's not IT IS 15TH (november), it sucks.
Michael Jackson song This is it was released on October 28 2009
  display: none;
  font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;
  font-weight: 400;
  font-size: 17px;
  color: #555555;
<div class="comingsoon-countdown" data-date="2013-10-28" data-time="12:30" style="display:none;">
But funny, release date of Gonna Make you sweat (Everybody Dance Now) from yesterday's post is 18. October. 
This is taking the biscuit - just take my money.
"This Is It" (edited orchestra version) – 4:40
It says Kit Kat back words. Sort of!
Go go kitkat, released the 28th october! 
Amine K
28th october at 12:30 !
+Gabriele Bosco ah don't have to say sorry learning other languages can be difficult (especially English)
"Eric Schmidt" approved  "28th october at 12:30" 
+Ryan Gay i lived in Finland 2 years ago for 9 months so.. the basics are supposed to be learnt but now i dont think so anymore :D
This confirms that KitKat will be released on the 28th of October. Look for the signs? It's just too obvious! Michael Jackson's movie "This is it" released on the 28th and C+C Music Factory who made the song, "Everybody Dance Now" was originally known as The 28th Street Crew.
Oct 28 announcement?
Oct 31 release?
The last time I saw similarly shaped two letters 's' next to each other... it was not a sign of anything good :-P
I suppose tomorrow there will be the last "enigma" from Kit Kat, friday (18th) a countdown from Google will start (finally) to sign the official announcement on monday 28th. 
First you screw us all with the US Kit Kat contest, and now these teases? 

Forget you guys! I'm skipping 4.4, waiting for 5.0 Lemonhead
You would think that because there are 16 individual kit-kat bars that it would be released today, on the 16th. Guess not, though.
I am guessing the 24th of oct cus this is it backwards is kind of "it is this" I am going to ignore the "th" so now it says " it is is " well the "is" of this looks like 51 so 51 days from when google confirmed they were going to name 4.4 after kitkat (the 3rd of sept) is the 24 of oct. Its unrealistic though )=
Ya just make it happen already!!!!!!
I found the puzzle Friends! Android Kitkat will be realesed on 28th October, because "every body dance now" was on 18th october, and "This is it" has 5+5. 18+10 results 28th october

28th october
My hopes are still up there that it could be released today. A lot of the 'puzzles' point to '16'.
It's going to be released on the 16th. No wait, the 18th. Wait, lets randomly add 5+5 to the 18th and says it's going to be released on 28th.

I'm going to add 1+6+1+8+2+8 and say that 26th is looking like a good day also. 
Michael Kecskes app hardware app brain 4 less than $300.00 app crunch 
This suspense is absolutely killing me! lol
At least we know once they announce it, it won't be months before it lands like iOS!
Usually the first guess is wrong. Perhaps it relates to Looney tunes or the bugs Bunny show (on with the show this is it).
There are 2 S's and 7 vertical kitkats

Kitkat confirm!
October 27th!
I just want google and other companies make a deal and become android into a new OS more compatible with low cost phones....cause not all are rich! I wanna a s4 but i just can pay a s2 and i want +KIT KAT but i must to wait to samsung or flash cyanogenmod's versión..... Please let me #HaveAbreak
Kit Kats, they melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Kit Kat?
I bet goggle signed away their spoiler privileges to kitkat. You're then fucking devil kitkat, your candy Sucks now also. 
 28 October  in China?
Now please dont postpone again from 28th to some other ;)
seems google has been succeed to trolling us...
hmmm...still waiting to get that 4.4 update :/
I'll wait until second week of December... 
First space is longer than the last one. 
Damn you! All i do these days is open my browser, Google 'Nexus 5',and close my browser:( Release it already
and we wait... we wait.
noooo not wait we want it today
I think they are telling what days won't be the release date of +KIT KAT , because the release date of android 4.4 version has to be special by itself, the unveiling.
October 14: Roger Moore
October: 18 Everybody dance now!!
October 28: This is it
MM-DD: The day of +KIT KAT 
21st?  mirror image of this.  also 007 from the 14th is 21st.
All the other pictures were posted at 11am and this one is 11.15 (bst) Maybe that has something to do with it :/
It was posted on Google+. That means it'll be released through Google+.

perhaps double break? because break we had with twix) 
I've looked for the signs and they're all saying #smartwatch!! The 007 looks like a digital watch, unlimited stand by time would be awesome on a watch, all the break stuff, the nexus on the droids arm, the clock in "when are you gonna take a break" , and "what are you gonna watch?" 
There's 16 Kit Kat sticks.. So maybe 16 days from when this picture was posted... November 1?
THIS is the best marketing campaign ever... "THIS" is it... 
Obviously, when you take the kitkat bars, rearrange them, take a bite from some of them, rearrange them some more, take another bite, replace the eaten kitkats with a new one so no one notices, except you lost count, so you're not sure how many to replace, you distinctly end up with "TO BLAVE" which we all know means "To bluff"
Too bad Google Plus does a terrible job with hashtags.  You search for #signs  and end up getting results with 50 other #hashtags . +Google+ 
18 pieces of kitkat writes this is it 
The next kit kat song should be PLEASE RELEASE ME by Tom Jones
Anyone yet compared the number of white pixels in the picture, the brown pixels and the red pixels? Their relation to each other will probably tell us about the date when 4.4 is being released :D </sarcasm>
Nexus4 sale price is $ 500 in Japan.
Nexus4 release date is 2013/8/30 in Japan.

It is only discrimination Japan!
Please treat equally the Japan!
"This Is It" is the Michael Jackson documentary that was released on October 28, 2009 which suggests that Android Kitkat 4.4 will be released on Monday, October 28th. Boom! #Signs   #androidkitkat  
28th october the release of michael jackson 'this is it' preping my phone as we speak tomorrows the day peeps woohooooooo
I thought I made it clear that kit kat is still in its last beta stage won't be released until Jan 14
So what was the "riddle" in the end? :/
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