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James Bond actor Roger Moore is 86 today! Sometimes even Bond needs a break! Click +1 if he was your favourite Bond.
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He is mine, love Bond from the 70s. Live and let die is my fave Bond film of all time :-) 
My favorite James Bond movie with Roger Moore is "For Your Eyes Only".
What's the release date for kitkat?? I have been waiting anxiously
Wait, so the next Nexus running 4.4 will be in the next Bond film? ;)
Roger Moore is 1,85 meters tall. 18th October confirmed! :D
It looks like a count down.
Roger Moore nació el 14 de Octubre, así que ya paso la fecha también
realizo 7 películas de 007 y su estrella en el boulevard de la fama es la 7007
Android 4.4 coming November 7?
ThIS IS it -> IS IS = 15-15
So Kit-Kat will be released in 2015
 Le 28 octobre, il est fait Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres
18 octobre sortie mondiale de sa bibiographie (livre)
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