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Great team of genius peoples who contributed to science and technology tremendously.
Thank you so much for this wonderful work you have done.Your're great girl.
I like the shot of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and John D. Rockefeller commemorating the cornerstone of the Henry Ford Museum.
I get to walk past the building they met in - in parc leopold, in brussels, on my way to work every morning. It's very humbling!
great, i have this pic framed in my study room.......
Almost all of the people who defined modern physics. Amazing...
Wow!hve super minds have come together again
One wonders what they did or talked about....bitches and football?
if some comet happened to hit the assembly there would have been a noticeable drop in the aggregate world IQ ;-)
Guys look after these any womens indeed these????
Why I am not surprised to see no Women in this pic.
The right group of people for a brainstorm party :-)
Fox 01
what makes them unique , that you think they're great
Yep missing Nikola goddam Tesla
A hopeful person would argue that there's a photo of more game-changers in one place take since then, even if we don't know why or who yet.
what I would do to have all of these men living and working in Spain right now... ... Global Brain Drain!
Superb photo!  I would love to have been a casual observer / fly on the wall.  Absolutely amazing.
Can you spot Schrodinger's cat in the photo?
Seventeen out of the 29 attendees apparently became Nobel laureates.
yeah but how many of them where free masons or illumanati supporters
I've heard of Planck, Piccard, Bragg, Curie, Herzen, Lorentz, Dirac, Einstein, Shrodinger, Pauli, Born, and Hesenberg! The others, I will wiki in-time. Great post, thanks.
yeah but how many on works for the illumanati or the free masons?
I know this is Physicists only, but we need to have Darwin, Hawking, Turing and Mendeleev in here :)
Lovely archival pic...I do recognize a lot of them... sadly not all though...
+Ingrid Zaulich yeah discrimination (for whatever reasons) is robbing us of tons of talents; we will never know how many potential curies  were sewing and cleaning ( not that these are bad things ) at the same time;
And all those year past, still in a bloody mess. 'It does not belong to man even to direct his own steps.'
Some Book smart men with very talented Minds.......But not a drop of Street Smarts ...... Life Always Evens out likw that
There was one woman !!! 
And of the famoust ones ...
Marie-Curie ... two Nobel prieces ..
Of course it is not yet the parity ...
but the most brlliant begining possible .. no ?!.
(She is between Planck and Lorentz) 
Wow....collection of great physicists in one place.
The people that made the world what it is today
Teja Vs
this is an great meating
this super minds are amezing...........
Er Vin
I'm the only one missing there!
Ro Sko
physics dream team
Wonder what the cumulative IQ of that photo is
I'm not sure if that's really Heisenberg.
Only if they knew what these technologies and Inventions would bring us and take from us, now and in the future.
Is sad  that in the current generation is no parallel to the pure geniuses in that picture, and even more sad it that in that time they were heroes for ppl, in this generation the "heroes" are bieber and company....  
Note how Heisenberg's hair is only half combed.
Nikola Tesla was not there :( Like Dream Team without Michael Jordan :)
Something.... new to generate if such things happen time and again for the welfare of mankind!!!
I'm pretty sure they all knew a lot. But how difficult we're the times back in them days? Other than war life was simple back then. And living , for the regular man, was hard!!!!
Sir Jadish Chandra Bose is missing. All brilliant men but He initiated so much of 80% of these guys work.
Wondering where Shrodinger's cat is at this time.
Heisenberg's hair is both combed and not combed.
Genius lvl 1x10^9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
What if all of these personalities started a Computer or a tech Company?
makes me wonder how many would be household names if they took a similar picture of todays greatest minds - not that 'Lorentz' is a household name
how could it be the meet of gr8est of minds i wasn't even born then:)
The only thing this group is missing is somebody with a common last name like Jackson or Williams
+Franck Shinka The creators of the Internet thought it will be used for supreme science and art. But look at your comment. But don't worry, It wont make them any less of their greatness. 
waoo............ thats great.......hope i was one of them
just pray to god that we have lots of scientists in todays world and make human life better and more comfortable
one of the best pic I have ever seen .!!!!!!!!
wow,so many big birds,i wanna get the high definition of it...
are dey identical bro's coz ican't distinguish
Paul Ed
It's a pity i could not make it that day i think i was @ work
hoo well done.....!!!!!!!
All of them are great people, who had survived against all odds of their life to reach great heights......... Here I give them my Bouquet of respect.........
Has anyone a link where I can buy a copy of this pic? It is so inspiring!
The cat below the chair is also a super mind!!
This is the conference where Einstein said of Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle 'God does not play dice'. Upon which Bohr said -'Einstein, Stop telling God what to do'.
Wow, all the knowledge of natural science in one picture, that´s great.
While they were having a meeting, Nikola Tesla was working on wireless energy transfer while trying to survive attacks coming from that bastard they call Edison! (not sure if this is historicly correct :D )
Wow! The worlds great geniuses in one photo. I feel smarter just looking at it! XD
I am quite sure Edison was born after his parents were married!
...NICOLA TESLA was GENIOUS...'partisanship', however, is not. How juvenile to state that my hero is better than your hero. Don't be SILLY!! It's just the SAME AS SAYING "you have no knowledge".
i see jean-luc there, but where's the cat?
Not enough Nobel medals for them!
I feel stupid since i only recognize two out of all these geniuses... :-/
What I wouldn't give to have been there ...
and not a one knew ctrl+alt+del
Then they left Europe and went to America, thus raising the average IQ of both continents.
This is really great picture with great people!
Zian Lu
do you like them
One of the best pictures ever taken
Thanks for sharing they are always great minds to be remembered!

It's funny to see how Einstein's position in photo changed during all Solvay conferences. At the first one he was in the last row standing and through all conferences, at last, in this one, he's in the first row in the middle :)
I think in those times women were not genius.
What is mind bubbling ,when you find out about what each person on this picture accomplished !!!
If after marveling about these people faces somebody is actually interested in what they were discussing, I have recently finished reading a beautiful book on this: "Quantum", by Manjit Kumar.
Women were genius, they were just anonymous, where do you think this saying came from; Behind every great man, is a greater woman ;-)=
what an amazing meeting that they might not know.
To the guy who said "QUOTE"In those days woman were not genius . WELL speaking of woman don't you have a mother. well I'm sure yo know when talking of one u talk of all. woman didn't become genius over night my friend. they were just uncomfortable or to shy to be all they are today because of the negative response they got. kept them behind. if only they spoke out then. wow what a place this world would be. 
+Naeem Ali - Women genius was embodied and represented by Madam Curie.  True that she was out numbered but that is more a sign of the stupidity of men to exclude women from "the club" rather than a lack of genius among women! 
+Jawad ul haq That's Marie Curie, if I can see correctly. What's with the sexist remark, anyway? is in the eye of the beholder!  
well done this is science &Science is life
Nikola Tesla! is a very, very great man. I can not believe how many people in North America dont know who Nicola Tesla is. every body in the world should know who he is. he should be one subject you learn in school, and in all levels of any kind of school.
+Vito Calia : Judging by your profile photo you're an absolute moron without a bit of sense in any respect, book-smart or street smart. Why you would need to try to insult some of the greatest minds of the 20th century is beyond me. If your definition of "street smarts" is looking like a tool on Google+ then I guess you're an expert, but in the mean-time, sod off and take your misplaced capitals with you.
Wow, 17 nobel prizes were there according the +Wikipedia :
"Perhaps the most famous conference was the October 1927 Fifth Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons, where the world's most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory. The leading figures were Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Einstein, disenchanted with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, remarked "God does not play dice". Bohr replied, "Einstein, stop telling God what to do". (See Bohr–Einstein debates.) 17 of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners, including Marie Curie, who alone among them, had won Nobel Prizes in two separate scientific disciplines."
And now we have no real superminds. Wnder if theres anything to do with the food industries right to put rubbish into human feed?
you can learn almost all the main term of nuclear phisics from the picture.
Is it just me or does Curie seem a bit brighter than the others?
The only reason I'm not in is someone had to take the picture
Not just one woman but instead there's a woman!! Amazing photo! Thanks for sharing. 
what do you think about current positions of these guys ? Does our huge interest make any help them ?
Are they happy and famous in their place ????
Sorry bro one is women...Madam Curie..They know what they r doing..It's not men or women..
Вопросы веса, как правило, особенно тревожат совсем юных девушек и молодых женщин. Однако результаты последнего исследования показывают, что проблема, коей является булимия, может наступить
Every time I read someone saying the name Tesla i realize how approximate, superficial and misinformed is the modern "internet culture" based on "conspiracy theories" and total ignorance about how science works. Dear conspiracy theorists, try to read also something about the men in this picture if you can. You will learn a lot.
All those great minds together ye think they'd come up with something memorial between them 
They are ever colourfull bright scientists.
Aha - all of them who made me burn the midnight oil during graduation, only to be told by some great minds today that this blokes might be slightly wrong :-( 
Its a bit old so it's not acurate but einstein  had an IQ of 154
(my IQ is 131) so still he is one of the great minds of the world
A photo with Tesla standing around 29 unknown people still would contain more genious than a photo of 29 known people and no Tesla.
okay, let's play count the nobels!  And then the world changing ideas!
and janati was there but nobody can recognize him
Doubt this will ever happen again.
Ahh the days when intelligence was admired, I can't imagine anyone in that watching "jersey shore"
Thanx for taking me and others down memory lane. Well preserved pix.
My work site has a street named after many of these.  And a whole research Division named after Bragg.
At this particular conference, 17 out of the group either went on to win or had already won the Nobel prize.
crap.. Einstein's the only one i know. i knew i should have attended that conference. 
Some of them helped me pass the exam, and some of them didn't......
oh... my favourite schrodinger hiding at the back!
this was the meeting where they decided that the banana is the funniest fruit and the chicken is the funniest animal. 
Yet anothet example of male white supremacy is it?
The reason Tesla wasn't here was quite simple; he was primarily an engineer, not a scientist, this being a science conference. I'm guessing many of the people making a big deal of Tesla are just trying to hide the fact they have no idea who any of these people are (maybe except Einstein, or Curie, if they weren't sleeping during middle school science). :p
This is the picture of greatest physicists ever without Fermi and Feynman (who was too young at that time :)). The picture is not really complete without the great mathematical minds of that time like Hilbert, von Neumann and Godel who helped a lot to shape the physics of 20th century.
Einstein, disenchanted with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, remarked "God does not play dice". Bohr replied, "Einstein, stop telling God what to do". 
Sorry, these were mostly physicists. And if I'm not mistaken, he was long gone by that time...
This is what I call, "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".
Kirthika, god is the greatest super mind which make all of this.
Wow... Something like 80% of the entire world's intelligence all assembled at a single place.
Ever wonder how with all these amazing minds, we still couldn't get world peace? 
Great pic .... but a couple r missing
is this the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
don't ask Heisenberg i'm sure he's Uncertain! as always...
Is it sad that all I recognize is Einstein 
I wonder what their verdict would be on the RIO meeting
sweet picture! ..but I must admit I don't know that many on the picture 
No blacks...hmmm I know they were around...what were they thinking building and doing...PRINCE HALL...not that color has to be the issue here, I'm simply looking at this from the side of those not in attendance and wondering what would or could have been had they been allowed to openly participate? I'm just thinking...judging from where we as a people are now as opposed to could have's like we spent more time on technology than human relations; but you have to have technology to relate so there is the issue of shoulds woulds and coulds...I am thankful for where we are and are heading as a people though :-) OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA GO !!!!!!!!
Their IQ...It's over 9000!
The world would benefit greatly if the super minds met every year instead of the super rich. Super minds meeting regularly would benefit us more, then the yearly meetings of the super rich which has brought the world greater chaos. Great photo!
hmm I suspect they are from the same school same textbooks teachers themselves :I
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