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A girl fell down from the 20th floor..

A boy caught her on 15th floor and asked her"Will u hug me?"

She replied,"ofcourse not"

The boy dropped her,

She was caught on the 10th floor by a boy

He asked her"will you kiss me?"

She replied"No way"

He dropped her too,

She prayed for a last chance

Boy held her on the 5th floor

She immediately said,

"Okay I will hug you and kiss you"

The boy dropped her saying,

"Bad Girl, you better Die"

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Of course, girls too, when she fell from the floor, she was sayin that she wont hug/kiss boys, why the heck she changed mind at the floor of 5th.... the same moral applies......
i think the boy is so bad . In Buddhism hleping man from the death, it's great.
Poor girl................but it would'nt happened to her..........
Is this real if yes Ohh no, If not Ha
Women most offen judge men quickly especially after bad experiences but who i'm I to blame them...interesting though^^
Lolx: ha ha ha , so nice !
whoa that was a nice story
She is not falling down people! She is flying :D
Woh, the photo is real! But, anyway, people jump every day, every where.
Lesson to learn.While free falling from a great height be sure to open the parachute in time .
She should have waited for the last boy to ask!!
dani bondha ammai ni nammadhu maha danger
UGLY TRUTH: the girl died because of boys :p
This photo appears to be of someone in great distress... suicide or escaping a fire? So the 'joke' is pretty sick IMHO
@Kevin Sheffield or maybe a movie shot IMHO.
nice story to corelate with the real life .......
im the 3rd boy! but thats only because im 9
U r right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how gay death is upon you lol jocks
well finally a Girl that knows how boys think
Sorry to say, but the last boy was me...
no when to say no is so important
Translate very funy....
thats just plain mean
that is mean.....most likley she died .....right? :) good post +1kirthika M
Interesting way to make a point! Good point though!
bad guy, he is gonna get jail time for murder......
i agree of ur point of view..not all the people are always the same..
hahaha girls are always girls :D
superman ka sapna dekha tha kya ?
HA shame, she should have said yes. (but I hope this isn't real, because otherwise I feel bad... :-/ )
good photo, but i am shock that a girl has posted this wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
OR, wait for the question before you answer!!!
making some sense ..................................... (without hugging how she can hold her). this shows how girls were
ALL IS WELL: the 3 boys have collectively reduced the speed of her fall (assuming there's enough time for Q&A means, she actually stopped falling, before being dropped again). So when she hit the ground from the fifth floor, she'll probably break a leg but her chance of survival would increase, compared to if she just falls straight down from the 20th floor.

MORAL OF THE STORY: not all bad things are bad afterall... but really you should try not to fall down from the 20th floor in the first place. Whenever you area, appreciate it, you're there for a reason.
tats good wen she cant realize wat is the need for her
Yet another reason women should never say "no"... because it may be too late to say "yes" in the future when and where it truly counts.
oh mere khuda is ko bacha lena
wat a pic and pose
true after 1 year the boy will jump from 15km floor because is d......
its really true EVERY BOY IS NOT THE SAME........
I think she may live, because she was finally dropped from fifth floor
"every boy is not the same"

I don't know; they all seem to be assholes. That the first two are opportunistic assholes and the last one a moralistic asshole seems basically irrelevant. Each one saved a girl, then voluntarily dropped her again to satisfy their own nonsense.
ใครช่วยเธอบ้าง ข้างล่าง
Lolllll nice pic i am enjoing
Nice story, but wonder what happen to the woman in the picture!
how can someone laugh at others misery..
hahahaha gud 1 n awesome thinking....
iam the groundth floor guy :D
just because she said that?
why was he holding her out the window anyway?
i dont undersand why he rejected her when he wanted a kiss and she said yes?
If they were 5 floors apart that is pretty far apart so wouldn't they A) Fall with her because of her momentum or B) Break or lose their arm also because of her momentum.
So Moral of the story: Logic trumps all, even moral sayings
man, I bet she hates Mondays even more now!!!! lol
Nadia the last boy didn't want a kiss that was the one before
atleast there is some who take care of boys
ดูไกลๆ นึกว่า ....
he can kick hi i wish i cood jumb that hi
hhhaaaaaaaaaa. so funny.... The real world story....
I really hope this girl didn't die, otherwise this joke is in extremely bad taste!
If u don't hug a boy, he drops you from 15th floor. If you don't kiss a boy, he drops you from 10th floor. Finally if you hug and kiss a boy, he drops you from 5th floor. So which one is better?! (ofcourse this is joke but the truth is all of them will drop you)
GOOD JOKE NEXT JOKE PLEASE.......................................................................................................................................................................................................
Very nice. 1st time I have seen a woman post something that wasn't utterly sexist and deprecating about men. Usually all we get is resentment stories from women.
the question is is that a guy or a women lol
Well she only fell five storeys. She might be okay.
I wonder if anybody will catch her on the rebound.
she is not a girl anymore, i will not ask her for hugging me
It is old incident, I know it already!
that is funny... where did you get that pic???? lol... =)
The boy on the fifth floor was a swish.
Joy Xu
I think that , this is her last living picture, a sad demise of another human, may her soul RIP xx
is that a new game,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
only one hug and one kiss na........ shit y dnt she dint given <3 <3 <3
try to made
More important is the story behind the picture. So what happened there?
She taught Ironman would rescue her.. TOO bad.. Ironman doesn't like her!! hehehehe!!! XD
air ball more like air ........................................................person?
she is going to die- lovely lovely
I'd just like to put it out there, that a 90-120 that has been freefalling for 5 floors, would be damn near impossible for most people to catch... just sayin'
Wow that was life saving just for a second or 2 :(
wth???ur randomly writing hiii -.-
+Eric Skillingstad The point of the story was that the last guy was not looking to exploit her, but when she immediately tried to put out to save her life, he wasn't interested in someone he perceived as being slutty.
Adam M
You'd think someone saving your life would be reason enough to at least hug them out of gratitude.
OK, so what your saying is that all men are assholes? Because even the last guy would drop her... where is the guy that catches her on the ground and did it only because it was the right thing to do...
the girl must be dead by now
Moral of the story is..Only live on the first floor
Good observation and analysis on the diversity of human kind. I don't think it was necessarily male specific or a slam on men as such. Having a bit of humour in it is a bonus. I sure hope that woman was caught without harm.
this is invalid because she was forced to due to circumstances.
its like the boy who cried wolf, just the opposite
Moral #2 : Don't fall for just any guy who happens to catch your eye.
How do we know that she died? It was five floors a person could live from being dropped from five floors. The third person could have very well just saved her life!
actually... life is funny that way, i can totally see that happening.
Hey Wat can I said she as her chance 
I agree its not what you expect to get in return it should be from the heart that you offer help. You bless someone and You will be blessed! 
By coincidence, that woman is falling five floors. The power lines helped break her fall, and she survived:
ha are correct adam.
Mike G
He caught her. The hug is implied; she was being sarcastic, which he realized three days later.
It funny but if i was dere i wil nt alw d guy 2 catch her bcus d boy as been eyein her dat y e wished
The probabilty is she will survive. She did the right thing and gambled right!
They are the same.
Each didn't respect human life unless their judgment was found, in their terms, "righteous" and satisfying.
Moral: You will dropped if you don't satisfy their deepest desire.
+kirthika M , stop watching Hunger Games.
wherevery this shot came from i hope someone did catch her
+Grace Otomo Kishirow Ya know this is just a story, meant to be told with a point to be made, a moral of the story told. You really need to tone down your man-hating, femi-natzi, rants of hatred. The point was that all men are not the same, maybe you,ve just been hurt too many times by sexist, fascist, jerks. But this story was posted so people like yourself wouldn't judge ALL men as such. I pray you find some healing and love in your heart so you may have peace in this manner. God Bless.
DJ Indy
Fucking Awesome.
Moral of this story, it was a joke that not all men think with their d**ks, and people are jumping on a bandwagon with crazy hidden meanings.

True moral of this story, people are idiots who can't understand a simple piece of humour.
wow ! thats funny but rude lol most boys are the same though ... :(

" perverts "
Funny, but it's really driving me crazy to know what happened to the girl in the actual pic. What's that story?
first i'l tell the condition to her before dropping her ........
At first I was a little disturbed by the image. However, this comment above me is even creepier.
Anil Das
Nice pic. Silly post.
why they crop out the trampoline?
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