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like the last part... :P
... this facts from the perspective of females.... not all is true =)
HS Sidu
You dream with reationship but live with wife  permanentely
5 Real Facts of Life

Having 1 Child makes you a parent 
But Having 2 makes you proud

Marriage is a relationship in which 1 Person is always right 
and the other is always Wife

You Can't buy Love 
Because Nothing is rare 

Wife and Husband always compromise,
Husband admits that he's right and Wife too agree with him

Our language is called the Mother tongue
Because the Father never speak tooooooooo muchhhhhh
-------- too good and I am sharing...-----
hAAAhHHHAA sOoo truE. . . o.O
ya..ya...absolutely :P
because our father never gets the chance to speak... totally owned haha
Funny.. I Like it... Be happy and make everyone happy always in such a way.. Thanks for such facts.. ha ha ha ... lol...
Mike He
yeah...that's right..
because the male have many challenges to face but female haven't
Good & True lines
Males do have many challenges but unlike women they cant cope with more than one at a time!
So let me get this straight the woman is the better counter-part in the marriage.... riiight.
When i become a husband i'll prove the fact wrong.i will speak out.,.hehe.,.peace.;)
I was in that position but that doesn't make the woman better in the marriage how I see it is that both the man and woman work hard to keep things working going smooth. Not just the husband works and pays bills wife does all the rest.
ain't that the truth...right again!!!
hi, kirthika, can i add u into my list
I'm sure this is a joke because this kind of thinking is why divorce rates are so high in this country.
So Funny But true...........................................................
True..... :-D that's why I'm not married yet.
Funny, and somewhat true, but leaning a tad towards the male bashing arena.. 
This is very cute and the person did think about it and must have lived it.
This can make great books. the referee, i have to agree fully with you.And believe me this fact of life really make life worth living.
All point are right no objection
What about the Germans? Did they not call it the Fatherland? What about Islamic Law in Pakistan where kid goes to father as default procedure (mitigating circumstances apply), I say that man and woman are equal and what sets us all apart is our individual merits and actions!
really , a funny  facts? thanks kritika
No I feel she is 100% correct as
superb kirthika....... so funny......
Marriage is an agreement in which a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her masters.
Umm....Funny "Facts"?!......Havent you read "Men are from mars and Women are from who knows?". Men are empirically the more calculated and logical of the two species. We are always at fault because we think we can rationalize with irrational creatures.....that is, when they are angry and emotional :) For example...when women are angry they tend to always use the words "always" and "never", ie exaggeration becomes the name of the game, which is only used when they don't have a valid point to argue :)
1980s standup comedy called. They want their sexist jokes back.
I guess this is a good example of what Christopher Hitchens once said about women and humor.
marriage is a argument in which always ego wins not who is right or wrong.n in last time finished like sand 
It might be true or not but i gotta admit...Not bad thinking from a female.
Not sure if is should laugh or true
being a female u kno the fact of males life. Its good
Hahaha ... I'm not sure if I should forward this to my wife :D
*Money can't buy you happiness but it's more comfortable to cry in a BMW :-)*
It's pathetic that this is what society has come to expect of men...
That's not true in my house we work together.
the ten commend ments .tjnrcorr..spread rigts bil cool.
and women say they want equal rights..............
the ten commend ments tjnrcorr bil off rgts cool.
Funny but also true.
Lol! Im scared to get married now haha
I never said the woman is the better counter part just she can deal with more than one thing at a time. She is  a wife, a friend, a lover, a mother and sometimes a father, the banker, the teacher, the doctor the nurse, , the maid, she is a professional woman, she is the chef, the pshylogist the listener and advisor and more could be added.
Funny but very thoughtfull. I shared it ..
cool it take to god debait line kiqthika m .post sherd mankind cool.
Nic One !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't touch the 1st and 3rd ones yet
and didn't feel the other three, and don't think will ever do :)
What a deep thinking great....
This is wat makes d inhabitants of ds world go round and round
Your not married yet are you? Lol
Other quotes may be true but the Last one is absolutely true.
Its opposite in my house except the first 1...
3rd point kmal ka ha wow.
Funny.......but in too many cases men wont even listen !!!!!
Fact but not funny(for husband charector):-)
Not funny at all... marriage should be a compromise all the way around. In everything you do AND say, including raising children.
I guess its funny if you believe in divorce more than in marriage......
hahahaha....thts a great one!
Those poor men never saw it coming! :-)
Hey where is the -1 button?
Only in the civilized world. In the middle east the woman would be beaten or shot, probably both.
hhhh, that's why we need to have some last supper with strippers before we step into marriage. +amy campbell 
Not sure what to think about that :)
It's NOT funny. Too many books have been written how different men and women are. And there's no RIGHT and WRONG. Using these words just feeds the fire of opposition and distrust. Is it too shameful to encourage mutual respect instead?
And you wonder why men want to sleep around until their late 30's...
I always wondered what it says about women that they seem to always choose to be in relationships with people who they deem as stupider than they. What does that say about them?
Kay Eom
Sad but true.
That's what she thinks and has posted. If you think it isn't funny, don't refute it please. '' Individual opinion'' lol
This is really well said :)
Lol but very true. I'm a man and a dad to three kids that how I feel
People hate being told the truth!...that's the sad truth though.
Unfunny and untrue at least from my experience (or, I don't have a life?)
If it were someone else, it would be very funny! 
yes must  agree with that neededa good truthful laugh lol
Almost right, the last when you marriage you accept all term and condition above..LOL
because I'm a man, I'm going to agree to I'm gonna share...too cute
i think you all guys above knows what happens when you speak..
he he he i think you said wife is always right,i agree on that my wife always right becase i love her much.
i believe, this is so true........
marriage,when my wife and i got married, i have no idea what is the meaning of marriage,
TRUE!!!! Love it facts are stated like this.
to have a baby or responsibility, on that time i have no idea also, all i know i love to make baby he he he.
And girls wonder why I do not want to get married :o .
Its a good thing no one on here actually believes it. As a joke, its cute. As anything else... I'd rather not comment
It's just a matter if you ACCEPT wat you READ!,OR you ACCEPT wat you actually EXPERIENCE in your OWN LIFE!
mam ,u can say it b'coz ,u 'r a WOMAN[WOmb carrying Man],the way men needs women , they have to surrender their ego to get what they want , so men are always wrong,believe it? 
Well said, funny,,,,
As funny as this may seem, if the genders were reversed and it was posted by a guy like me... Would this be considered sexist?? Chauvinistic??
Careful! there's a lot of ignorant women out there who want that to be true at the mans expense. not bad for wee laugh tho. haha...
Sigh, gender stereotyping fail. It's not cool to denigrate one to raise up another.
Not sure why you would stay with someone who always thinks you're wrong. I definitely advocate fair arguments and understanding from both sides. But, to just say the wife is always right is very ignorant. Nothing worse than feeding the fire of someone who has to be right all the time. 
Life is little funny,to know....nice. runs with the combination man and woman.......does alone woman can born a child in this world.....accepts the real facts...its not jocking
Living proof, ain't that the truth!
Mother tongue coz dad's always  @ work.
LMAO - I guess you cant say knowing the truth always hurts.
Good one's. Funny but very factual. Life can be crazy...

The "Wife and husband always compromise" reminds me of this very "interesting" conversation:

A man was telling his friends: When my wife is infuriated, she starts shouting at me, the children and even at our dogs and nobody dares answer her.

One of his friends asked: And when you are angry, what do you do?

The man replied: I also shout angrily at the windows and doors of the house and none of them dare to answer back.
Yes this is ... so call ... a real to be a " Start up Family Life ''
Husband and Wife relationship is a puzzle which no one of the couple dares to solve.  The puzzle remains and makes the relationship beautiful and worth sharing.
there is no alternate except one should love the other.
yes it's very true all point are acceptable
HS Sidu
all is fair in war and love
Having 8 makes you a coach...
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