After an embarrassing absence I'm finally getting around to queueing up a bunch more pictures & art for the Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor tumblog. Life busy-ness plus a period of momentary disgruntlement with sexism-in-entertainment discussions put me off it for a while, sorry.

I'm very interested in hearing feedback on its focus, but I'd like to request it over here where people aren't quite random strange usernames and the discussion is (hopefully) less likely to devolve.

Just a couple of questions if you enjoy the blog: What do you like about it? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?
Ladies that kick ass and dress for kicking ass.
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have you had any screenshots from Skyrim?
I just went toe to toe with this aggressive Nord woman who was quite fond of her heavy armor.
Game screenshots tend not to do much for me in terms of "ooh look at this awesome". Playing it is a different experience, definitely, but I think we've got a little ways to go to get stills lookin' as good as the concept art.

If you can find a cool youtube video of a SkyRim fight, I might consider it!
I've been reading this for months now, had no idea this was yours
I've been pretty impressed with the screenshots Skyrim produces, and I think a larger problem is that either the UI gets in the way of too many shots, or the player taking them doesn't go for a very artful angle. But here, you want a shot of my male Nord and his female Nord companion in heavy armor? There's a very subtle difference that took me awhile to notice.

And then two men and a woman in the Nightingale leather armor set, leather armor tending to be where some fantasy art really gets outlandish when dealing with women warriors.

However, yes, there is skimpy armor, but in their defense it looks almost as skimpy on the males when they wear it, too.
I like it for gaming inspiration. Gets me thinking about things and that's good. What's the process for submitting pictures? I remember doing it once and none of them came through.
That's my fault, the submission queue is massive (over 400 by my last count) and frankly a lot of stuff gets submitted that doesn't do anything for me, so I usually have to have exhausted my own findings and then I go through looking for good stuff and I fully own up to the fact that good stuff sometimes "falls through the cracks" and I'm sorry about that, my process could be a lot better.
In reply to the questions, its a good source of that inspiration stream I'm constantly on the look for. One thing I noticed is that overly impossible heavy armor tends to look just as unreasonable as the combat bikinis to me. And that's on male or female characters
To answer the question, stuff that gets submitted through the tumblr does get skimmed through repeatedly, it just may not have caught my eye quite yet.

I guess you can ping me directly too. I hope I'm not sounding off-putting, I do appreciate people submitting stuff, because wide breadth of variety is important and establishes good context for what I do post.
Why not have more than one moderator then?
I just love checking it out for the artwork and armor styles, so keep it up!
I like the theme. But also, I like the believability that pervades the pieces. Believable clothing trumping sex appeal would appear to be a bellwether for art with a commitment to honesty and detail.
I check your blog everyday and love it. I loved the recent pearl harbour image, more like that, even though they are technically off topic, would be great.
Hi Kirin, I just wanted to ask if you'd read this article:

and what your opinion is of breast-molded chest plates (boob plates). You see the odd one on Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor, though not usually showing much skin / exposing vital organs. I suppose you answered this on your blog already:

"Mostly it’s simply a believability thing. ... Believability being within the context of totally fantastical heroic adventure, so there’s actually a lot of elbow room for impracticality and I’m not always looking for paragons of combat efficiency or anything."

I don't know anything about armor, so I find myself wondering: Are boob plates "believable"?
Hey, just found your blog via a friend, thanks man. I appreciate what you did there.
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