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Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion on technology in education today.

We enjoyed meeting you (via hangout) and answering your questions. If you weren't able to watch the office hours live, please find the recording on YouTube:

Hope you all enjoyed the conversation and questions as much as we did!
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I missed it, too. Will be watching it later. It would be great to get a little more notice before they happen so I can schedule it.
Thank you, this was a very informative nd useful hangout
R Alda
I use Khan Academy for its math exercises. The only missing feature is notifications, a good reference to how this can be implemented effectively is Astrid task manager (Android). Astrid task manager motivates its users to complete tasks, while making tasks easier to create and manage. (I use the free version, btw)

+Nathan Hayes They do have a site where you can send in your cover letter and resume, but the url slipped my mind.

P.S. I love you (khanacademy)!
I cannot see the video, it is not public.
Brilliant hangout, the best I've seen so far. Hope +Khan Academy can be innovative on G+. Big fan of your philosophy +1
PLEASE do this again! Maybe make sure people have real questions before joining the hangout too
Can you start another hangout? It will be really nice to ask Sal some questions and offer suggestions face to face. There are so many suggested features on the site itself that I doubt Sal can read all of them. But actually hearing them from a person ought to register...
Missed the hangout but was able to catch the recording.  Thank you for posting it.  I am enjoying implementing Khan into my math courses. 
hi i use your website all the time at school '_'
R Alda
+Paritosh Gupta I think those are done my 3rd parties... they download the entire project and use networked computers to teach kids.
Will we ever see an in depth educational set on the American University System, Student Debt, Student Lending Practices, and Brick and Mortar University Endowments, Private College Business Models, Corporate Human Resource Systems and Hiring of College Graduates, and other related topics. I ask because being that there are a litany of videos of the mortgage crisis, and the Yuan-US Dollar debt cycle, it seems only prudent that Kahn Academy offer basic educational videos on this burgeoning 1 trillion dollar debt bubble as well.
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