Hey Everyone.. this is +ketan raval  nurturing +letsnurture  .. I love blogging.. if you are blogger please share your blog url also.. and lets help each other to grow business with social media
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Love the look of your blog, Ketan. I just happen to be an Android gal myself. :) Have a few blogs out there but because of Google Plus and my affinity for Google, started a new one, however, being a relative newbie to G+, how did you link with your +? http://publishingdashboard.blogspot.com/
Remember to categorize your posts +ketan raval - this belongs in Blog Suggestions, perhaps.
sure Ryan .... was thinking to do that could not find appropriate one.. ll do that for sure
Ah, I guess blog suggestions is kind of misnamed. I meant it more as a place people can suggest topics or questions for a blogger or Social Media professional could answer through a blog post.

I want to try and avoid simple link sharing, as we see in all communities, it starts out as a great idea, but ends up being horrifically abused.
Hi, I agree on abuse of link sharing.. but nowadays great knowledge are usually found on personal blogs.. so I always try to keep that list.. previously we used to visit only few websites for programming related problem but now we bookmark blogs of authors & programmers to consume more  domain specific knowledge... .. 
I understand. The problem is when you have 4000 people in a community, and 3000 of them have blogs, you can see where I'm going. 
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