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Ever feel like a monkey could do your job?

Just to be clear, this is NOT my photo.

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If a monkey could do some of the tasks I have, I could get a lot more work done! :)
Hired! Now I'll retire and let him take over.
LOL DEFINITELY!!! my work has become so boring and repetitive that a trained monkey could do it so well. Everything is entirely defined as procedures and can't be fine tuned to a particular case...
aww but i love talking pictures, if monkeys took over id be home all day doing nothin, now that is boring
Very cute. Wonder if he does child care and house cleaning. ;)
Oh excellent!

BTW you know that in the old Fleet Street days that's exactly the name they used?

Hardened liver-sozzled journo: "Got to go to Liverpool tomorrow to do a story about some stupid pop group called the Beatles"

Colleague: "Got a monkey?"

Journo: "Yeah, the more photos he takes, the less I'll have to write!"
some times whe say"even a monkey vould do this job."
To be clear, I did not take this photo, just sharing it. Wish I knew who to credit!
Ha! Hmm...won't comment, I prefer to be employed....
that is funny and cool
Awesome feeling, that would be.....
I guess this means there will always be work as a monkey's assistant, though. :-)
I saw this shot on.... le Container months ago...that's you? Love this shot.
this needs to be a video.. a ton of clips that the monkey took mashed up :D
is the monkey going to be paid in bannas lol .....
ha ha ha that is really funny but cute at the same time!!!!:D
He's thinking, "Damn! If I'd had one of these, cousin BoBo wouldn't have been eaten by that lion last week..."
+Ken Kaminesky ... I'm just jealous that the monkey can afford better equipment than me. He probably has a gallery on Lincoln Road.
i didnt no dat baby monkey cn grow owt of guys eyes
Alice S
I just love this picture, the monkey is becoming man's best friend:)
aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwe its soooo cute! my bf calls me a monkey!!!! :)
David H
But does the monkey get a banana?
You known what they say: if you pay peanuts, you'll get monkeys :-)
If I'm not mistaken, photographs are considered the intellectual property of the photographer. Which means that, if you printed the picture that monkey is taking without his permission, the monkey could theoretically sue you.
That's a great picture. Monkeys are smart.. look out. I'd be afraid to let a monkey near my blog. Probably do better than me :)
Well,c'mon - it is a Canon after all!
An attractive monkey could do my job.
Jin Luo
love this lol
I wish one would come and do one at least three days a week. :-)
What a great picture and cute of course...
This has brought the term chimping to it's knees! Thanks a lot Ken! I wish I made this photo myself. It's terrific!
Un Lavalois te dit Salut!
who was taking a picture of someone taking a picture lol
hey i see my tree from here lol
Thank goodness there's never a monkey around when my boss needs one!
Does the Monkey have a tripod mount too??
A great moment! Does the monkey have a Google+ page?
No - the monkey wanted too much money
Stop monkeying around a press the shutter button already! :)
what are his best angles...and kind of photo's does he best?
ick. just got an image of 'paparazzi' that hurl their own feces at celebrities.
This really shows that they have mental abilities at the level of a human child.... so cute!
best photo I've seen on this thing
Cute photo!
Yeah and sometimes I feel like a monkey could do better!
Teasing Mr Crocodile ....You can't catch meeee........snap.
aw the monkeys so cute and tiny i love monkeys
Monkeys freaks me out, but it would be funny as shit to watch it do my job.. Working at a hair store.. It can put hair on African American women.. Sight to b seen.
Guo Pei
lol, lovely monkey
ha.ha.ha men could be bound for reborts not that intellegent monkey.... good job....
Then,the monkey says:"NG"...
Bil Buc
Are you sure? Isn't that you looking in the viewfinder? Sorry man, couldn't resist. Bill
soooooooooo cuteee!!
who's the photographer
Lin Lin
= 。=。。。。。。。。。。
I think he is getting professional training to click some intresting pics of his friends or brothers.......keep going....!
This photo proves my thoughts about Canon... And that's why I prefer other cameras. :-P
Isn't that such a wonderful photo. I love it.
what a nice pic yar............
"a little to the left please... Yes... Great... Now hold it there for me.... Oh, and do get me a banana while you are at it... "
My job can be done by monkeys.
A whole tribe of monkeys marketing to surrounding tribes of monkeys about tax and accounting for MONKEYS. 
HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this!
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